Ideograms and their Nuances

Introduction This course is actually designed for the student who has taken at least the Basic course in Controlled Remote Viewing, but I included some introductory information that will be helpful to the person who is interested in the military system of Remote Viewing, but has no clue how to begin. For my students (and students of other CRV instructors) there is some good information here that will take you beyond the Basics so that you can begin using ideograms in ways that can protect you, increase your accuracy with precognition, and improve your decision-making! What is an Ideogram? Ideograms…

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15 Steps to Win the Lotto!

Fifteen Steps to Success! ARV for the Lotto (c) Lori Williams   All rights reserved. The idea of winning the lottery is fascinating to many people.   Can it be done? The answer is yes. It can be and it has been, using the method described in this article. The keys to winning are practice and patience. If you can excel at both of these, you are on your way to becoming a winner! Start simply by practicing with just one number: the first number of the Pick 3 lottery. Once you correctly name the first number on the Pick 3…

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Consciousness: The New Frontier

When Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre, discovered radium and polonium, their discoveries defied the current science of the day… things that had been believed for centuries. As a result, many of the scientists at that time met their discoveries with tremendous reserve. Chemists ridiculed them! Nobody got excited. People were reluctant to believe it. In the same way, many of the discoveries of today are defying some of the laws of physics, as they are currently known. Studies involving time, space, matter and consciousness are beginning to demonstrate that consciousness can affect matter. These investigations are opening a door…

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Psychic Slumps:

When You Can’t Pick Up Your Pen to View… In a recent online meeting with my students, we began talking about slumps. You know what I mean: those horrible times when you lack energy and enthusiasm – those times when you feel too weak to pick up the pen to view! Hitting The Wall Recently, my husband and I spent a delightful afternoon with Lyn Buchanan at his home in New Mexico. As I work with a lot of my students very closely, I’ve noticed that occasionally, some students — who began their study of remote viewing with an amazing…

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Do You Have to Sketch Like DaVinci to Be a Good Remote Viewer?

Sketch by Viewer J. Bendix New Remote Viewers often ask me, “Do I need to take an art course in order to be a good remote viewer?” That’s a great question! And my answer is: No. Although there are artists and graphic artists among the many students I have taught, most of us can barely draw stick figures. In the past, the ability to draw the target was essential, especially when remote viewing was being used as an intelligence-gathering tool. “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards was required reading. And while the ability to draw…

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Viewing Difficult Targets Creates Resilient, Tough Viewers

(c) Lori Williams 2014 – All Rights Reserved Recently in our Basic Online Mentoring Club meeting, we went over the students’ session assignments and looked at the feedback from Target 140917 — a prizefighter enjoying his victory! The results from the sessions gave rise to discussions about how we react to targets that are disagreeable to us on some level. Safety First First, let me say that I am a strong proponent of keeping my student viewers SAFE.  I don’t believe in giving them highly emotional, potentially damaging targets like the blowing up of the Hindenburg or the sinking of…

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Six Tips to Help You Avoid Psychic Displacement

Many of my new students ask about displacement. I want to address it in a blog, because displacement can be a problem, regardless of whether you are remote viewing or doing another type of psychic work. What is “Psychic Displacement”? A few years ago, I attended a workshop led by a well-known medium. She divided us into 10 groups; seven people in each group were blindfolded and instructed to read for each other. No one was allowed to speak, other than the person doing the reading. Instantly, a woman in our group protested: “I can’t do this! You see, I…

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The Zen of Remote Viewing

The Less You Stress, the More You Score “What is so Zen about Remote Viewing?” you ask.  “Sometimes, remote viewing stresses me out!” I can relate.  There are those times you want so badly to be right…   those times that you fear being wrong for SO many reasons…   those times that someone is paying you to be right…    and those times that someone’s life may depend on your accuracy.  Any one of these scenarios can create stress. And you may also wonder, “If I can’t be right all the time, what’s the sense of remote viewing at all???” That is just…

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When You Feel Like Quitting, Read This

The Dark Night of the Soul You’ve been a remote viewer for several years… or perhaps only months. But you’ve really been working hard at it, sacrificing time at the office or with family, to practice. Up until now, your enthusiasm and fascination with remote viewing seemed boundless. Then suddenly, you hit a wall. It now feels pointless. “What was this, an expensive hobby? Am I just going to throw it all away?” you wonder. The very thought of doing another practice session throws you into a tailspin. Believe it or not, this pivotal moment is when you finally start…

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Do You Need Any Special Skills to Learn CRV?

After teaching hundreds of students, I’ve come to the conclusion that learning to read and write is the only essential skill that a controlled remote viewer must have.  Other than that, anyone can learn it.  A few of my students who have experienced a closed-head injury in the past find that the written structure can be challenging to remember, as they have trouble with memory in general.  However, I have created templates for my students so that those who have difficulty in remembering the structure can simply fill out the template as the perceptions come in to their minds.  This has become a very successful strategy.  With practice, every part of the Controlled Remote Viewing protocol becomes second nature.   Read More

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