Have you -- like so many on the planet these days -- been feeling a little lost, scared, uncertain?

If so, you are not alone. The events that have occurred so far in 2020 have been life-changing, to say the least.

What is happening to our world?

Just when we thought things couldn't get worse than the fires in the Amazon and Australia, COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench in the best-laid plans, upending the reality of every soul on the planet in ways the no one ever imagined.

Then George Floyd was killed, and the entire world was shaken to the core with realizations, guilt, anger, and myriad other emotions.


beautiful flower
Cactus Flower in the desert

Where are You Stuck?

Many years before any of this happened, while discussing the events in our lives as human beings and our reactions to those events, Pema Chodron said,

"(These events) are like Messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we're stuck."

You are here to learn. Every day is your teacher. Every occurrence in your life is an opportunity for growth. Take a moment to step back. Breathe... What have you been learning these past 4 months?

Perhaps it is patience. Or compassion. Or learning to be alone with yourself and to be comfortable with that. Or maybe you are learning to take pleasure in the little things. Or to appreciate your family more. Perhaps you are learning to like yourself, or to explore new places within yourself. You may be learning a new skill (like remote viewing) or learning how to slow down and "smell the roses"...

If you have been questioning your sanity or feeling ashamed of your reactions, know this:

You are a Normal Person, Reacting Normally, to an Abnormal Situation...

Even though everything that's happening can sure feel terrifying and some may be scrambling to make sense of it all, at the same time it is actually normal to feel lost in the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It is normal to look for solace and peace amid our floundering... It isn't odd to feel guilty, questioning whether we have the right to any peace at all when so many are suffering.

Are You an Empath?

Like you, there are those days when I struggle with a variety of emotions, too, wanting to be sure I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am meant to be doing, right here, right now -- fulfilling my destiny.


As an empathic person (as many of you are) the emotions of the world can become overwhelming. And there are times when I look around, making sure I am not missing something I should be doing that would be more important than what I am doing.

Then that still, small, inner voice that guides me - reminds me that I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. And - at least for this moment - you are, too.

Be Comforted...

All of that to say that I was comforted when I read Pema's words this morning:

This very moment is the perfect teacher, and -- lucky for us -- it's with us wherever we are.

Yup. That's right! You can't get away from this moment. It is here. It is NOW. And it is the perfect teacher. You couldn't ask for a better Master Instructor than this moment. The Universe has got you covered!

If You Feel Lost, Alone, Scared, Overwhelmed, Confused...

Take comfort in knowing that you are not really alone at all. The entire world feels off-center right now. Now, you may say, "No, Lori, I am doing great. I love all this extra time I have now. I love the solitude. I am not worried." If that's you, great! You don't need these words, and I am thrilled for you.

But if this IS you, read on. If you are feeling lost, alone, scared overwhelmed, confused, etc...

What is the answer? What IS your answer?

Ok, here it is:

Grab an anchor

The answer lies in grabbing an anchor. Hold on to something solid, unmoving, strong and supportive. Take comfort in knowing that there is a power that is stronger than all the confusion, hatred, anger, and uncertainty.

That anchor is Love.



Love is a Power!


Me and my loving mom
Love is a Power - a force - like gravity. Remember when Jesus said, "God is Love"?

Love is never absent. Even when all you see is violence, know that love is ever-present amid the chaos.

How can I say that? How do I know that?

Love is the 'One Constant'

My observations from my 24 years as a remote viewer have been eye-opening for me. My journeys have taken me all over the Universe -- and into other dimensions. I was surprised to learn that Love is the One Constant -- meaning it exists through all dimensions and all Universes.

The experiences I have had have shown me what no human could ever teach me.

You and I are here -- in this reality, in these bodies -- for a reason. Each one of us has a purpose here. Now the question is...

What is YOUR Purpose Here? And How Can You Find It?

Again, if you already know the answer, don't read any further! This isn't for those who feel they are solid in their path. This is for you only if you think it is for you.

Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, count backwards from 10. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Do it a couple of times. Then, think to yourself:

I am here, now, for a purpose.

I have chosen to be here for a reason that may not be clear to me right now.

I am ready to be of service -- in whatever capacity I am able to be of service -- even if that means holding the peace and well-being of this planet and all of its parts in my thoughts and prayers.

Then, be still and allow energy from above to flow through the top of your head.

Feel this energy and allow it to fill every cell of your body.

Let the warmth of this energy transform into a sensation of Love.

Love is Everywhere... In your cells. In your heart. In your mind.

Start seeing Love in common places where you may not have noticed it before.

Listen for Love in ways you may not have perceived it before.

This is a great remote viewing exercise to increase your powers of perception! Notice:

Love in the sound of the breeze blowing through your curtains.

Love in song of the meadow lark outside your window.

Love in the laughter of children across the street.

Love while you clean your kitchen with your favorite music playing.

Love while you call someone who needs your encouragement.

Love while you stretch your consciousness across the bounds of Time and Space to practice your remote viewing skills.

There is Love everywhere. Just avail yourself of it, and Love will speak to you, teach you, and empower you to be all you can be. And sometimes, just being is all you need to do.


Greenhouse finally completed.
Sending you oodles of love,


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