About Us

Intuitive Specialists is a subsidiary of Lambert Williams Enterprises, LLC.

Lambert Williams Enterprises, LLC is owned and operated by Lori and Jim Williams.

We recently moved our training center from Amarillo, Texas to the mountains of New Mexico!  Our love for the planet led us to a piece of land containing Earthships, self-sustaining housing that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and completely independent of public systems.  We are able to conserve our most precious resource– water– and grow our own food.  This is a huge change for us, as our training center was the focus of our efforts since early 2013, and we spent a great deal of our resources on turning that into a masterpiece!  Now, for the sake of our children’s children’s children, we want to learn to live with less, and be an example of living gently upon the Earth.

If you are interested in learning more about Earthships, we encourage you to visit the website www.earthship.com.  You can also watch many videos about Earthships on YouTube.

Many people have been writing and asking about face-to-face classes.  We are continuing to teach live classes online for now, and once we are settled in to our new location, we intend to resume face-to-face courses.  Thank you for your patience.

Our Mission

To provide the best professional intuitive services and the highest quality CRV instruction available anywhere.

Jim Williams

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Jim Williams

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