Cloud formations in the desert symbolizing the way premonitions drift in like daydreams

Let’s talk about premonitions.   Maybe you know what I am talking about.  Those moments of just knowing.  You know what is going to happen.  And then it does.

But what about premonitions that happen in such a way that we have no idea we are foreseeing the future?

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GRATITUDE: The Most Powerful Force of Manifestation

Jim Williams

Lately I have come to realize that emotions are more than just emotions. Everything has an energy to it. Love, for example, is not just an emotion. Jesus said, "God is Love." Think about what that means. If you think about God as being a big man up in the clouds, he cannot be Love. But if you turn that statement around and think about Love first, then the Mystery appears... What is Love? Love is a Force, like gravity. It is the one constant that exists throughout Time and Space and all dimensions and universes. Compassion is another force....

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Are You Being "TARGETED"?

Over the past 20+ years, I have heard many people tell me that they are being “targeted.” Depending on who you are talking to, this word can mean different things. But most of the people who come to me with this complaint are usually referring to a sense or a belief that he or she is being controlled or affected in some way, either by an individual or a group, utilizing some form of mind control. While that may sound crazy to you, I have found that a lot of the people who call me actually sound pretty rational. Sure,...

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The Timing of Predictions

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.                                                                                                                                                                   ...

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Ghostly Visitations

The relationship I had with my father was a complex one, and I always had a feeling of dissatisfaction, as though I was being kept from truly getting to know him as a person, rather than just as an authority figure. When he died in 2004, he began visiting me in my dreams, and I began feeling as though I was getting to know him better after death than I had in life. One night, I dreamt that I was sleeping in a friend's apartment when I was awakened by the distinctive sound of my dad playing jazz piano. "That's...

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GASP! SHRIEK! The Role of SOUND in Remote Viewing

(The next in our series of blogs on how our senses play an important role in remote viewing.) I once did a practice remote viewing session in which I heard a sound that to me sounded like flip flip flip flip flip in rapid succession, and I immediately thought of the sound a helicopter rotor makes. The target turned out to be a flock of large geese taking flight. These sounds are very similar when perceived from a remote viewing perspective. But what made me think of a helicopter instead of a flock of birds? The sound triggered a memory within me....

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3 Easy Steps to Better Remote Viewing

You've heard it before: Describe, don't identify. As a remote viewing instructor, I hear my own voice repeating that mantra frequently. And every now and then, I will come across a student for whom that mantra is frustrating. If you have ever wondered, "Why can't I use nouns and just say what the target is??!!" -- keep reading... "Mommy, where do movies come from?" I still remember when my boys dragged me to see The Matrix. "Mom! You gotta see this movie!!!! It is AMAZING!!! You will LOVE it!!!" And in spite of my initial reluctance, I sat on the...

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The Six Senses: A Magical Key to Better Remote Viewing

Just all of us have strengths and weaknesses in life, remote viewers tend to exhibit a variety of strengths and weaknesses in their viewing.  For example, one viewer might excel at sketching but "totally suck" at describing objects or events. Another viewer might be terrific at perceiving smells at the target, but is terrible accurately describing colors. Super Heroes... Who, Me? The good news is... Everyone's strengths can combine to make us a formidable "super hero" when we work together as a group (as we do in the Intuitive Specialists' Online Mentoring Clubs). By studying the results of your practice sessions...

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Are You Trying to be Perfect?

What is Perfection? In the Buddhist tradition, "Samsara" equates to the suffering we experience as our ego strives for a state of permanent perfection. We suffer because we want to be perfect, but in spite of our best efforts, we cannot attain perfection. And what is this elusive "perfection" we seek? Is it never making another mistake? Is it never offending another person as long as we live? Is it always making the "right" choices, being "successful," and/or living up to a standard of behaviors we create in our minds? Just reading that last paragraph makes me laugh at the...

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California, Here We Come!

ONLY THREE  SPOTS LEFT!  SIGN UP FAST! We are looking for 3 very enthusiastic people who would like to be a part of something very exciting! I will be teaching my three core remote viewing classes -- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing -- at The Waking Universe in Upland, California during the month of October.  These classes will be part of a bigger project that will be announced when you arrive, but I can tell you that our goal and our mission is to help you and others like you to explore the frontiers of consciousness. Be part...

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