Hello and welcome! I am so thrilled to have you here. This letter is for you if you recently purchased one of my courses and If you're wondering why you should join Club PRV.

What’s in it for ME?

It is normal to wonder, “I mean really, what am I going to get out of it?”

To answer that question, I want to give you a little sneak peek into what you're going to be getting out of Club PRV.

First of all, I want to encourage you: As you're continuing your remote viewing journey, don't do it alone. It's so lonely to do it all by yourself.

What is my TIME worth?

TIME… it is the one thing that, when it's gone, it's gone, right? So don't waste your own time. As you are exploring the limitless possibilities of your own mind, things can sometimes feel uncertain… uncomfortable.  So take advantage of this opportunity to get mentored along the way!

The Juicy Details

Let's get into the details of exactly what you are going to be gaining from participating in Club PRV:


Each week, you're going to get an email containing a tip, a video or a pdf that you can use to study and to improve your practice.  We call these tips Your PRV Moment. So keep an eye out for an email with the subject line: Your PRV Moment.

The material you're receiving is designed to help improve your viewing. Many of you want to be more accurate, get more detail, be more in touch with the target and all that sort of thing, and that's what this is designed to help you with.


Every month, you'll be receiving a viewing assignment, and we'll go over those. Everybody tells me how much watching me reviewing other people's work has helped them; how they learn about structure; and they learn about lots of little lessons that just come out while I'm teaching  – by seeing Pawel or me going over someone's else’s work. And we will be going over your work, too!   In Club PRV, you'll be working with other remote viewers. You'll be receiving regular viewing assignments to keep you motivated to practice. We're building a community, so you'll be able to mix with other like-minded people who will be cheering you on and wanting you to succeed.

Improving Your Viewing Skills Every Month!

You're going to be learning to strengthen your accuracy. You're going to be finding new ways to get in touch with the target and how to dive deeper. You'll be improving your ability to move through obstacles in your viewing. You'll be learning how to discern the relationships between your descriptors and your gestalts. 

Time Travel, Anyone?

You're going to discover how TIME and Time Loops affect your viewing. 

That's right, time travel, folks! CRV is a Time Machine! And then you're going to learn how to put everything together in a cohesive report for those times when you want to work in a professional capacity. 

Now, do you want to see some of the activities, themes, and viewing goals awaiting you in Club PRV? 


Everybody knows that when you're viewing, there are a lot of obstacles. It's hard to know how to separate true psychic perceptions from just garbage going on in your head. So, we're really going to be working on how to get around your obstacles to success.

Those Pesky NOUNS!

We're going to take a deep dive into Stray Cats, AOLs, Castle Building, the set-asides, declaring your emotions that you're having when you're having your Aesthetic Impacts and what they might mean. 

We're going to be examining stray cats and castles to find the nuggets of wisdom or truth in them. You'll be learning some tips on how to do that, and more!

Genre-Viewing Practice

Then there's another wonderful thing that I love doing with my students: Learning how to view in genres. What does that mean? We want to strengthen your psychic muscles, so we'll be actually having modules in which every week you're working on viewing a certain genre within the remote viewing categories.

“Man-made” is one example. You’ll be learning how to isolate a man-made object at the target and view it in great detail. Then we'll move on to something like activities. You'll learn how to describe the activities taking place at a target location. Then you'll learn how to describe an event, learning how to move around at an event in order to really understand what's happening and why.

Next, we move on to people. For some viewers, people targets are the hardest targets to view. We'll help you move past that discomfort and learn how to describe a person thoroughly. If you're worried about the ethics of viewing someone; there are ethics involved, and we'll cover that as well.

What about esoteric targets? Esoteric targets are targets for which there may be very little provable feedback. You know what I mean… UFO targets.  Ghosts.  Unsolved mysteries. We all want to view them, everybody does. So we're going to talk about how to view esoteric targets safely. You’ll learn how to know whether you can truly depend on your results, when you should view an esoteric target and when to avoid them, and what are the best types of esoteric targets on which to begin.

You're going to get better at understanding and using tools to improve your viewing and your ability to function in your day-to-day life. 

The Aesthetic Impact

We'll do some exercises surrounding the aesthetic impact: What is the Aesthetic Impact, really, and how can you get better at recognizing it? And you'll learn how to decode the AI so that you can really utilize it to dive deep into a target.

Learn how to get in touch with your emotions! Learn how to describe your own reactions to things. Discover some of your own previously-uncovered phobias and insecurities and how to overcome them.

Ambience, Sketching and more!

Many of you have told me how the Ambiance exercise has totally changed your life, so I'm going to be teaching you how to use the Ambiance exercise when you're viewing a target and how it can totally open up a target for you. Then we're going to dive deep into sketching. I'm going to give you some exercises to do that will really help you with your sketching, and you'll learn how to improve your sketching. You'll learn ideographic sketching. We're going to practice that to help you understand how one thing, for example, one Gestalt relates to another at the target.

You'll learn some doorknob sketching, focusing on one thing at the target and learning how to sketch just that. And then you're going to learn to feel around the page to uncover information that's hidden in the page. Michelangelo said that the statue of David was just waiting for him in the granite. All he had to do was chip away the granite that wasn't David, and there was David hiding underneath. And that's exactly kind of what we do when we're working on a blank sheet of paper. We're feeling around to get information about the target because it's hidden there in that blank sheet.

Getting Better and Better…

We're going to continue learning how to build our vocabulary so you'll have more and more ways to describe the target, and we're going to work on increasing your sensory abilities so that you can be more sensitive to the colors, tastes, smells, and sounds, all the different things at the target. We'll also help you with your tactile sense, which is going to improve your ability to notice the feelings of the ideograms that we've talked so much about. We'll do some exercises to help you notice the variances of things that are very much alike at the target.

You're going to learn a plethora of action commands and movement commands to help you explore a target in tremendous detail. As you continue to move through your progress, you're going to learn both how to monitor yourself and how to monitor other people. Monitoring a remote viewing session makes you a better viewer, and it provides just so much better sessions. So the key to monitoring is something that everybody needs, and I'll be teaching that to you as well.

And then one of the keys to great remote viewing – to having tremendous results – is learning how to tie it all together. And by tying it all together (I'm talking about when you're in the session) you're getting all this information, but sometimes, it just sort of seems like it's just scattered all over the place.

How do you tie it together, bring it together, and learn how one thing relates to another? How do you do that? I'll be sharing that with you as well. We're going to be diving deeper and deeper into viewing. You're going to learn the secrets and the tips of the best professional viewers. Then, we're going to jump into… tasking.

Tasking - Knowing How to Ask the Right Question(s).

Tasking is such an important ability for every viewer to have, and it's the ability to know how to frame a question. That will allow you to be able to even run your own business as a remote viewer, to sell yourself in your portfolio to people and to get paid for remote viewing. Project managers and people who run remote viewing services have to know how to frame a question when a customer calls with a situation they want remote viewed. If you can't do that, you're not really going to be able to use CRV in the way that it was designed to be used… in a way that will really move the needle for you in your life.

So what I've started doing is teaching my students – even my basic students – how to frame a question for a project for yourself. And what we all find is that there are layers and layers of information that we have to dig into to get to the “question behind the question.” 

For example, often, things aren't just as simple as a simple question. Sometimes, what we think we want is not what we really want, and we need to take a harder look into why we think we want something.

So when we're looking at “How do we frame a question for a CRV project?” we have to go a little deeper than just what's on the surface or what people are bringing to us – and really get to the heart

of the matter.

I'll be teaching you how to task remote viewing questions for yourself, for other people, and for various projects, themes, and operational tasks.

Phases 4 and 5?

Are you ready for phases four and five? Well, maybe not today, but down the road, you will be as we're working through our progress in Club PRV.

So I'll be preparing you for Phases 4 and 5. One way we do that is by teaching you how to speed things up. So when we're down the road a piece, I'm going to be working with you on various ways that you're going to be able to move through Phases 1 through 3 much, much faster in preparation for moving on into Phase 4. Then we'll be getting into preparing you for professional and operational work.

Now you might say, “Well, wait a minute, I just know Phases 1, 2 and 3. How am I getting prepared for operational or professional work?”

I work with each of my students as if every single one will someday be a professional remote viewer.  You learn the professional way to do things right from the start.

Again, I am so excited for you, and I'm personally thrilled to be able to continue working with you through Club PRV. Thanks so much for being here, and I'll see you again soon.

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