Someone on my Remote Viewing with Lori Williams Facebook group recently asked this excellent question, so I thought it might be a good idea to write about it more fully.

With regard to fear vs intuition: When scary precognitive information comes to us, it can create fear, but fear and intuition are never the same thing.

Fear is a Reaction.

Intuition is somehow accurately knowing, sensing, psychically hearing or seeing something that you are not encountering through "normal" means.

Note that I say “accurately” – because often, people are looking at their fears rather than their intuition and then mistakenly thinking that the fears are a “psychic knowing.”

So, only by having a firm track record of accurate precognition where you know that when you are seeing something -whether it is a scary thing or a good thing – that it always comes to pass, can you be sure that you are not just allowing your fears to get the best of you. That is why we keep a data base for remote viewers, so they can learn about their own track record.

Accurate Predictions of Scary Things Ahead

You can have a fearful reaction to something you intuit. Depending on what it is, that might be a normal reaction.

Unfortunately, people sometimes look at their hidden fears and then convince themselves that a certain fear is coming from a psychic source... when it is not. I see that a lot.

We all have fears, and just like children, those fears can grow and grow in our minds until they are big monsters, trying to eat us.

The world seems pretty scary! So that is natural. It takes a lot of inner work to build faith. Faith in the Universe, God, the great "I AM" - to just have faith that we are all One and connected in a grand Cosmic design, and whatever occurs, we will be ok. There is no death. This experience we are having is very temporary and all is well.

CRV versus Spontaneous Intuition

To me, this is why CRV is important, and why I have dedicated most of my adult life to teaching it. Spontaneous bursts of intuition or precognition, foretelling something dangerous, has saved my life numerous times. It is a sense instilled in many creatures, not just humans. Fear is part of our biology because without it, we wouldn’t know to run away from the saber-toothed tiger who is stalking us as his next meal, right?

But we are not always that “in tune” and not everyone anticipates danger before it hits. So CRV training allows us to calmly remote view something and get information without having to experience fear. In fact, in our training, we learn that strong emotions like fear tend to shut down psychic ability.

In general, if we allow our emotions to get the best of us, we won’t be open to guidance.

Let me give you an example of something that happened to me.

Hitchhiking with Murderers?

When I was 17, I was living in Houston, Texas. Two teenaged friends of mine and I were hitchhiking across the city, trying to get home. It was 1974, and lots of young hippies hitchhiked as a way to survive without a car or money for public transportation.

We got picked up by two young guys in a tiny two-door car. The three of us squeezed into the back seat. We were soon sailing down a five-lane highway. I sat in the middle and, cuddled between my two friends, was becoming a bit drowsy.

Suddenly, loud and clear in my mind, I heard a strong female voice say, “There is going to be an accident.”

I instantly felt a stab of fear!

But just as quickly, a sense of calm came over me as I heard the voice say, “No one will be hurt. But as soon as the accident happens, you and the boys must get out of the car and get away quickly! Don’t stay. Run.”

The voice was calm and reassuring, but also authoritative and quite strong. I felt it was an angel.

Just then, the driver cursed and became angry with a car that had cut in front of him on the highway. He floored the gas pedal and rammed that car! Losing control, the tiny car careened back and forth across the five lanes of one way traffic on the interstate, hitting one car after another before coming to a stop against the guardrail.

As the other vehicles that had been struck made their way to the guardrail, the driver and his friend got out of the car.

“We need to get out fast and get out of here,” I said in a commanding way. Thankfully, my two companions didn’t question me. We all ran down the embankment and got away as quickly as we could.

Integrating What Just Happened

When we arrived home, we told everyone in the house what had happened. We all sat to pray and ask why that had occurred. All of us got the same answer: We were in danger, and the accident happened to save us from a worse fate.

One of my friends had seen a sawed-off shot gun under the driver’s seat. It scared him, and he had a sense that we were being driven somewhere with an intention to kill all three of us.

I am sharing this story with you for the first time because it has an importance to the question here.

When I heard the warning, I felt an initial rush of fear, as anyone would. But it was quickly followed by a complete calm. I sensed a safety that engulfed us in spite of the danger, and I knew we were being taken care of by a power much stronger than any evil intent.

Fear Versus Faith

Ultimately, it is normal to experience fear as a reaction when you intuit something scary. So in CRV, we learn how to set aside strong emotions like fear in order to get more information. If I had been engulfed in terror, I may not have been able to hear the all-important guidance that followed the warning that scared me.

Faith is the key. Faith will carry you through the most frightening storms of life. Life is full of good experiences and bad experiences. There is no avoiding that. So why should we practice with balls and chains when nothing is happening yet? Why suffer needlessly? In an upcoming blog, I am going to be talking about suffering and how we can avoid it. When I feel fear, I suffer. We all do. So let’s learn some tools for turning suffering into peace.

Start by building your faith. Remote Viewing has taught me that we live in a reality that has many aspects to it. All is not as it seems. We are here to experience myriad emotions and situations – and we learn from everything. We grow.

Know that this life is very short for all of us, and anything that seems dire and serious right now is just temporary. There is a grand design, and you are here for a reason. Focus on who you are here to help and that alone helps to reduce fears and negativity.

You’re doing great! I’ll see you soon.

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