It feels so great to be writing to you again!  The days fly by, and I suddenly realize it has been a while since I last wrote to you.

As you might imagine, I receive a lot of emails.  And I love them!  I like to take a look at the questions I get asked most often and address those in my letters to you – just in case you wonder the same things.


Some people are asking me about protection. They want to know, How do I teach protection?  Often, I sense fear behind those questions...

Then, this morning, I woke up thinking about protection.  I'll be 64 this year, and I have been remote viewing for 25 of those years. How have I stayed protected?  Some may even wonder if I believe in protection.

First, let’s talk about Beliefs

Beliefs are just that -- Belief.  “Belief” is not the same as “Fact”.  Some beliefs are based on fact, but that doesn’t make them factual.  Where do our beliefs come from? They often come from many years of teaching we have been subject to all of our lives from our parents, friends and those who instructed us in our early years. Some beliefs may be based on fears or superstitions. And some beliefs come about due to our experiences in life.

Intuition and Faith

Experiences...That is where many of my beliefs come from. And they are based on a strong faith that I hold.  I don't consider this faith a religious thing at all. The faith that I hold is based on my experience in life.

Faith is not a one-time thing. I walk down the street -- confident that I can safely reach the end of the block without being attacked.  Yet... Faith and common sense walk hand-in-hand.  I keep my eyes open and stay attentive. If I pick up a negative or warning vibe, I get out of the way.

Intuition and faith can be excellent partners. Combining the two can allow you to be warned of danger in order to take appropriate action.

First – let me say that I do believe in protection.  Every night, I say a prayer and ask for protection for my children, their spouses, and their children and the new great-grand baby.

Once I say that prayer, I can confidently go to sleep because I believe it is done. In fact, I know that it is done.  That's called faith. I don't have to ask and ask and ask. I know it's done as soon as I asked the first time.

Several of you saw the video that was posted on Facebook of the massive pileup that my son so narrowly escaped on February 11th.

Do I believe he was protected because of my prayer? I do. I know it. Yes, he was lucky. Yes he was nimble. Yes he is intelligent and acted quickly. All of those things played a role in his survival. But, I do believe he was protected.

But what about those who died in that accident? Were they left without protection? Is that why they died? I don't think so.

I believe we are all here for a certain amount of time. This existence, in these bodies, at this particular time, is a school we have chosen. We are here to learn certain things, and to help others learn certain things.

Perhaps those who died in that accident on February 11 had completed their mission on this planet for right now.  Or they may have fulfilled a pre-existing agreement to allow their deaths to create growth for others in their sphere of influence.

Protection and Remote Viewing

Getting back to the question of protection with regard to remote viewing:

I always feel protected. When I sense the need, I ask for protection. I close my eyes and envision huge warrior angels surrounding me and protecting me. My life experience leads me to believe that I have had protection all along.  The stories I could tell you of the miraculous protection I have benefitted from!!!  Suffice it to say that there is a reason my faith in constant protection is so strong.   What?  You want to hear a story?  Ok... just one...

Scary Attacker...

In 1989, my family and I were living in Santiago, Chile.  We lived on a street made up of row houses, which are sometimes called town houses here in the USA.  The houses were connected, like a solid wall of windows, for several blocks.  Our bedroom had windows that looked out on to the main street.

One night, I was unable to sleep.  I felt anxious and nervous, but I didn’t know why.  Then I heard glass breaking and shouting.  More glass breaking.  More shouting.  Garbled, angry mumbling and shouting as more glass shattered.  The sounds were getting louder.  Someone was coming down our street, breaking windows with a baseball bat!

As I realized that this person would soon reach the windows of our bedroom, I knew there was no time to call for help.  I stood in the middle of the room and called out for protection.  Specifically, I asked for huge warrior angels to stand in front of our home and protect us.

In my mind’s eye, I could see these massive Beings, huge and strong, lined up in front of the house.  At the same time, I could hear the deranged shouting and glass breaking in front of the house to the leftof ours.  Then, this angry baseball-bat-wielding man was in front of our house.

He came to the first window of our bedroom.  He began to shout – and then stopped.  He mumbled confusedly.  Walking to the next window of our bedroom, again he stopped, mumbled, and walked to the next window.  He did this with each of our windows, until he had reached the first window of the house on the other side of ours.  The shouting began anew and he smashed that first window belonging to the neighbors on the right.

I ran to the phone and called the police to report what was happening.  The next morning, I walked outside.  Every single window along the entire block on our side of the street was smashed – except the windows of our home.  My warriors had done their job.

Was I afraid?  You bet I was!  But because I was afraid, I became authoritative.  I literally commanded protection.  And I was specific about what was needed.

What About Fear?

You may say, "That is why I am fearful! I have had BAD experiences that have created my fears."  I get it.  I hear you.

Many years ago, I was also very fearful. I was always afraid the other shoe would drop -- that God would somehow be displeased with me and hurt someone I love to punish me. Thankfully-- my experiences with controlled remote viewing have led me to change those beliefs.

My concept of God is very different now.  God has no desire to punish or castigate me or you.  In the Christian Bible, Jesus is quoted as saying "God is Love."  All of my experiences in life lead me to believe that is true. And yet, I've come to understand it so much more deeply through my remote viewing experiences.

Love is a powerful Force and is the only constant throughout all dimensions and Universes.  That is why Love... is God.

This whole universe - perhaps even surrounding universes, dimensions and parallel realities – may function via a complex system of frequencies and vibrations.  Fear has a vibration.  So does Faith.  And Love's vibration is the strongest and most powerful of all.

Fear, faith and love all have the ability to shape and mold our reality.

Many of you have heard of the law of attraction. I believe that we do tend to bring into our lives the things and events on which we focus.  Have you ever heard of the saying "He feared a fear ... and it came upon him."?

So if you constantly fear being attacked, for example -- or possessed, or influenced, or spied upon -- that fear is like a beacon in the night.  Much like a moth to a flame, that fear you project could be attracting the very thing you don’t want.

Without realizing it, you may have been holding on to these fears for so long that they may be your constant companion - like a comforting friend that you hug very close to your heart.  Yes it is true... you may be holding onto your fears as though your fears alone can somehow protect you.


The antidote to combat fear and gain protection is to:

  • simply ask for help and protection
  • imagine that help and protection in your mind
  • and then trust that it is done.

I won't say that my beliefs or methods are easy to adopt, because - if you have been living with fear for many years - it might not be that easy for you to let them go.

Sometimes, we indulge our fears, mulling over them for hours on end. Here is my advice: Don't dwell on your fear. The more you dwell on it, the more real it becomes in your own mind. We are very possibly creating our own reality, minute to minute.

By dwelling on fearful thoughts, you may be actually creating the very thing you fear -- practically inviting it to come into your life as a reality that you do not want!

Simple Protection


As you can see, I do not have a complex set of rituals to teach you about how to protect yourself from evil. My method is actually quite simple: fill your life with love and light. Keep your thoughts on all the things you want in life. Imagine life as you want it to be. And when a fearful thought tries to break in, replace it with FAITH.

And if your belief system allows, remind yourself that you are surrounded by spiritual helpers who exist to protect and help you.  You need only ask.  Remember to ASK!

Don't allow thoughts and fears that "someone or something is out to get you" to have ANY space in your thought.  Evil cannot touch you.

Once you have asked for the protection, trust that it is there and boldly march forward, knowing you are safe.

There you have it:  My thoughts and beliefs regarding protection.  I hope they help you immensely.

Big hug,

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