Retake Policy

CRV Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

After completion of an Intuitive Specialists controlled remote viewing Basic, Intermediate, and/or Advanced course, you have the option to audit that specific course within the next 24 months with no additional tuition required. Permission must be obtained prior to the class due to classroom space and potential scheduling conflicts. Please note: If a class is cancelled for any reason, Intuitive Specialists is not liable for reimbursement of costs relating to travel or accommodations.

Medical Applications, Beyond Advanced, and ARV Courses

Medical Applications, Beyond Advanced: CRV for Professional Viewers, and Associative Remote Viewing courses may be retaken at a 50% tuition discount for up to 24 months from the date of the original course, providing that there is space in the classroom and that the course is held as scheduled. Please note: If a class is cancelled for any reason, Intuitive Specialists is not liable for reimbursement of costs relating to travel or accommodations.

Note to Members of the Online Mentoring Club(s)

Active Mentoring Club members in good standing benefit from an UNLIMITED FREE retake policy on all classes ! No time limit! And no 50% costs on any courses!

Note to Lyn Buchanan’s Students

If you took a course from Lyn Buchanan under Lyn Buchanan’s unlimited retake policy, please note that Intuitive Specialists is not able to honor another company’s policy. (A student recently likened that idea to taking Burger King’s “unlimited refills” cup over to McDonald’s and expecting them to refill it for free.) However, if you are actively involved with remote viewing and would like to discuss possible alternative finance options, please contact us at the email below.

Note to Students of Other CRV Instructors:

If you have taken a Basic and other CRV courses from Lyn Buchanan, Teresa Frisch, or Paul Smith, you may re-take my Basic for $500 when you sign up for my Intermediate.  If you have taken both Basic and Intermediate, you can re-take both of those courses from me for $500 each when you sign up for my Advanced.


At the time of this writing, Lori Williams is currently teaching at least once a month, so your chances of a free retake in the next 2 years are very good! However, life happens, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Therefore, Intuitive Specialists cannot guarantee that the particular course you would like to retake will always be offered at a time that fits your schedule or within the 2-year time limit. If you see a class you would like to retake, always check in with us, even if the 2 year limit has passed. (We are pretty nice folks...)

Additional Information

Our goal at Intuitive Specialists is to provide the best Remote Viewing education and experience available. We are totally dedicated to our students. If you have taken a course from either Lyn Buchanan or Lori Williams at any time in the past and are interested in re-taking that course, please contact us at: . We will do our very best to meet your specific needs.

Contact Info

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