Retake Policy - Controlled Remote Viewing Training

CRV Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Live Online and In Person Workshops:

After completion of an Intuitive Specialists' Controlled Remote Viewing Basic, Intermediate, and/or Advanced Live Workshop, you have the option to audit that specific course (space permitting) within the next 24 months for only $300.

After 24 months, the course is 50% off for those who are retaking.

Please be sure to check in prior to the class due to classroom space and potential scheduling conflicts.

See below for our policies regarding Medical Applications, Beyond Advanced, and ARV Courses.

CANCELLATION NOTICE: If a class is cancelled for any reason, Intuitive Specialists is not liable for reimbursement of costs relating to travel or accommodations.

NOTE TO NON-CLUB MEMBERS: If you took a Basic course from me more than 2 years ago and would like to retake Basic so you can move on to Intermediate and Advanced, you can retake Basic at 50% off with an Intermediate registration. 

Policy regarding Medical Applications, Beyond Advanced, and ARV Live Online and in-Person Workshops:

Medical Applications, Beyond Advanced: CRV for Professional Viewers, and Associative Remote Viewing Live Workshops may be retaken at a 50% tuition discount for up to 24 months from the date of when you took the original course, providing that there is space in the classroom and that the course is held as scheduled.

Current Mentoring Club and CLUB PRV members in good standing can retake ALL of our courses at no additional charge during ongoing membership.  See BONUS below:

BONUS for Members of CLUB PRV

Active Mentoring Club members in good standing benefit from an UNLIMITED retake policy on all classes for only a $50 sitting fee! No time limits! And no 50% costs on any courses!.

Note to Lyn Buchanan’s Students

If you took a course from Lyn Buchanan under Lyn Buchanan’s unlimited retake policy, please note that Intuitive Specialists is not able to honor another company’s policy. (A student recently likened that idea to taking Burger King’s “unlimited refills” cup over to McDonald’s and expecting them to refill it for free.)

However, if you are actively involved with remote viewing and would like to discuss possible alternative finance options and/or special discounts, please contact us here:

Note to Students of Other CRV Instructors:

If you have taken a Basic and other CRV courses from Lyn Buchanan, Teresa Frisch, or Paul Smith, you may re-take my Basic at a 50% discount when you sign up for my Intermediate.  If you have taken both Basic and Intermediate from another instructor, you can re-take both of those courses from me at a 50% discount each when you sign up for my Advanced. Written verification from your instructor will be required.


At the time of this writing, Lori Williams is currently teaching at least once a month, so your chances of being able to retake one of her courses in the next 2 years are very good!

However, life happens, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Therefore, Intuitive Specialists cannot guarantee that the particular course you would like to retake will always be offered at a time that fits your schedule or within the 2-year time limit.

If you see a class you would like to retake, always check in with us, even if the 2-year limit has passed. (We are pretty nice folks...)

TAX NOTE: Due to our move to New Mexico, tax must now be charged to New Mexico residents.  The State legislators are preparing to vote on a bill that will also charge tax on internet sales.  If and when that bill passes, sadly we will be forced to charge tax to all students.

Additional Information

Our goal at Intuitive Specialists is to provide the best Remote Viewing education and experience available. We are totally dedicated to our students. If you have taken a course from either Lyn Buchanan or Lori Williams at any
time in the past and are interested in re-taking that course, please contact us at: . We will do our very best to meet your specific needs.

Contact Info

Lori Williams
Lambert Williams Enterprises, LLC
HC 66 BOX 503
Mountainair, NM 87036
Phone: (806) 678-8582

Guidelines for Course Retakers

As my student, you get a great perk of being able to retake certain classes as often as you like for two whole years. And if you are an active member of one of my mentoring clubs, you have unlimited retakes on ALL classes! And now, here are the guidelines for retakers…

Hello, Remote Viewers!

As you know, a huge bonus that I offer to my students is the ability to retake my courses as often as you like for the first 2 years after taking it for the first time for a greatly reduced fee.

Mentoring Club and CLUB PRV members get to retake any course that they have taken -- for an unlimited time as long as they are members! And they only pay a sitting fee of $50.

I love having my students review and retake all of my various CRV courses! In fact, I encourage it because it’s a great benefit in your development as a Remove Viewer. I applaud your dedication!

When you took your first course, you may have noticed that, as a new student taking the course for the first time, your needs were and are a priority. In order to allow students to retake courses and still keep the courses on time and flowing smoothly, here are the rules, guidelines and suggestions that I request you follow when you are retaking a course you have already taken:


  • When you ask a question, please make sure it’s appropriate to what is being shared.
  • Please don’t get ahead of me in the class or ask questions about things we haven’t covered yet.
  • It’s fine if you need to pop in and out. However, if you are unable to attend the full 3 days, you are an observer or auditor to the course, rather than an attendee. As you will not be participating in the viewing or exercises that take place during class, targets and feedback will not be provided for you.
  • If you do attend class all three days, you will be assigned a target, and you will be expected to participate, though I may not have the opportunity to go over it during the class. But you will get your feedback so that you can score your own session and do post-session analysis.
  • And lastly, please don’t share personal anecdotes or stories. They take up precious class time that is needed to cover all the course materials and information that I’m teaching.

You can download and check our Guidelines for Course Retakers here.

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