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Imagine...what if you had the ability to travel anywhere, in all of Space and Time?  Where would you go?  What would you do?

My name is Lori Lambert Williams, Founder and CEO of Intuitive Specialists.

I help individuals and companies harness and control their own intuitive abilities so that they can resolve and improve personal and professional issues through a technique called Controlled Remote Viewing.

What IS “CRV” or Controlled Remote Viewing?

CRV is a structured, step-by-step set of protocols that teach you to separate imagination from true intuitive perceptions. This process allows anyone to obtain information using only the mind. It was developed by the U.S. military to use for military intelligence-gathering during the Cold War. Yes, the United States military had a psychic spying program.

Here’s the Challenge:

We all have those odd “flashes” that come to us periodically, sporadically, occasionally – guiding us to go here or there, or not to do this or that.

We all know the curious joy that comes from following an instinct that turns out to be right!

We also know the horrible regret that comes when we don’t follow those instincts and end up making sometimes tragic mistakes.

What If…

What if you could control those sporadic bursts of knowing? What if you could access the information when you need it most?

How would that affect

  • Your financial status?
  • Your business?
  • Your career?
  • Your relationships?
  • Your health?
  • Your LIFE?

Maybe you’ve had an opportunity to do something and you didn’t follow through – and you regret it to this day.

I’ve Been There, Too!

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced those inexplicable “knowings,” strange bursts of intuition, even warnings that literally saved my life.

Precognitive dreams and other forms of unexplained phenomena were scary for me, but there was no one I could go to for advice. We all tend to fear that which we do not understand. And I didn’t understand any of this!

The Tail Wagging the Dog

You may feel like that about your intuition: It is a case of “the tail wagging the dog.” You can’t control it, and sometimes, you may even feel afraid of it – like I did. So, I went on a search to get to know myself and to learn more about this weird thing called intuition.

A Top-Secret Military Psychic Spying Program

Thankfully for me, in 1996 I met a man who had been part of a top-secret government program – a program developed for the U.S. Military by Stanford Research Institute. The program had just recently been declassified, and this man, Lyn Buchanan, took me under his wing and taught me intensely for many years.

In 2001, I taught my first CRV workshop, and for many years now, I’ve been teaching monthly – and sometimes more often.

I’ve had the privilege of working with CEO’s of major corporations, celebrities, #1 NY Times best-selling authors, parents, teachers, engineers, attorneys, law enforcement officers, scientists, artists, and many others.

I’m passionate about this method, called Controlled Remote Viewing (or CRV), because it helped me harness my intuition, and use it on demand, as needed, and in a variety of ways – with great detail!

The tail is no longer wagging the dog.

And because I’ve learned to trust it and know it, I no longer fear it.

It’s taken me nearly 20 years to hone these skills and 18 years perfecting my teaching techniques to make this course the most accessible, easy-to-learn, step-by-step process available today!

And I want to share it with you.

Maybe You’ve Taken Other “Intuitive Development” Courses…

Maybe you’ve taken other “Intuitive Learning” programs, but they weren’t what you expected. I’ve taught a lot of students who studied what they thought was remote viewing under other programs, and they told me things like, “I didn’t understand it.” Or “It didn’t work for me.”

There are several “remote viewing courses” being offered on the Internet that are really nothing more than creative visualization and/or hypnosis recordings.

You Know You Have Intuitive Ability, But…

Maybe you know you have intuitive ability, but you’ve put off training because of the cost or the time.

Or maybe you are like some of my students who originally came to me saying, “I don’t have a psychic bone in my body!”

I am Writing This for You If…

I am writing this for you, if you are someone who is super-intrigued about the idea that you could become a Remote Viewer. And I am writing this for you if you are the person who maybe feels a little bit unworthy of getting remote viewing training.

Do You Ever Wonder if YOU Could Learn Remote Viewing?

A lot of us feel unworthy or insecure about ourselves. Maybe it was something from your childhood that planted that little seed in your mind.

Regardless of why, if you have a subconscious fear or a belief that you are unworthy, or you think, “What if I can’t do it?” or “What if I can’t learn to remote view?” -- this blog is for you!
(You can find a lot more remote viewing blogs and more on my website at )

“What if I Can’t Do It?”

Some people may wonder, “What if I am incapable of becoming a skilled remote viewer and it turns out I totally suck at remote viewing? Will my spouse be mad that I have spent this money?”

I am here to tell you that you have a power within yourself that has always been there! It may be a power you have yet to realize, but it is there, within you, and you’ve got it!

You CAN do this! Anyone can learn the skill of Controlled Remote Viewing!
My program works. It is easy and I am here to guide you, step-by-step.

What Does the Program Include?

The foundational Controlled Remote Viewing Course includes the first 3 Phases of the CRV process. In this course, I will help you harness your intuition, enabling you to describe and sketch locations, objects, activities and events that are normally hidden from you by space and time.

You’ll learn to open that door to your Subconscious Mind and retrieve the information to which your Subconscious mind has access!

A Drawer Organizer for Your Brain…

Think of the CRV structure like an organizer for that crazy drawer we all have in our houses. You know the one I am talking about: the one filled with paper clips, rubber bands, half-used tubes of superglue, etc. Our brains are often like those messy drawers – we have thoughts rumbling all over the place!

The structure of CRV gives you a place to put those thoughts on paper!

The President of Your Company

Think of your conscious mind like the President of your company. One day, the CEO walks in and says, “We’d like you to take a vacation for a few weeks while we have someone else run the company.” Immediately, the President feels threatened. This company is HIS BABY!

But then the CEO comes in and says, “Don’t worry! We are going to have your own son run the company in your absence!”

Oh boy. That’s a conflict, isn’t it? You want your own son to do well… but not too well, right? And you wouldn’t want him to screw anything up!

So you head off to Hawaii for the vacation, but you keep checking in, “Son, how is it going?”
The poor kid can’t do anything! You keep interfering!

That is what happens when you want to do anything intuitive. The Subconscious mind (the son) wants to help, wants to give information, but the Conscious mind (the President) keeps interfering.

Ok… What is the Solution?

Send the President down to the docks and get him busy stacking boxes! Keep him SO busy that he doesn’t have a chance to interfere!

The Purpose of CRV

That, my friend, is the purpose of the CRV structure: To keep your Conscious mind busy – give it a job to do! Keep it busy so the Subconscious mind can give you information.

“What is CRV Like? What Can I Expect?”

With CRV, you won’t be going into a trance. You won’t be closing your eyes. In fact, we encourage you to keep your eyes open and to say every thought that comes in to your head out loud!

CRV is a physical discipline. It is very much a martial art for the brain.

Interview and Report

CRV is also known as an “Interview and Report” methodology. Your Conscious mind acts as the interviewer. Your Subconscious is being interviewed.

What is CRV Used For?

With CRV, you can get information about anything in all of time or space! Where you left your keys… Who will win the next election…. How to increase your sales… How to enhance your business.

CRV is used by entrepreneurs, CEO’s of major corporations, physicians, scientists, teachers, realtors, parents, psychologists, archeologists, engineers, authors… Remote Viewers come from all walks of life.

My Advanced students are now working operational remote viewing projects, using CRV to

  • Help archeologists with archeological searches
  • Assist physicians with elusive medical diagnosis
  • Provide information to help police in finding missing people
  • Provide clues in cold cases and/or the cause of mysterious deaths
  • Give authors understanding of historical figures’ actions and descriptions of events
  • Describe the function and composition of technologies

As you can see, the list goes on and on. The applications for CRV are unlimited.

Actress Anzu Lawson shares how CRV has added more tools to her toolbox.

Why Learn Remote Viewing? Should I Take Formalized Training?

Learning anything new is SO much easier when you have a trainer, an instructor, a guide or a mentor. Teachers truly are a short-cut to learning!

Why struggle trying to re-create the wheel when someone has already done the ground work for you?

Imagine trying to learn Karate from a book. How good can you get if you never get a chance to practice sparring with anyone?

What about the Cost?

Think about it: A man who wants to learn to play golf will spend a fortune on the right clothing, the best golf clubs, a caddy, a golf club membership – and for most people, it is simply a game – a hobby.

My nephew is a violin virtuoso and his bow alone cost over a thousand dollars, not to mention the cost of his violin! Why would he spend that? Because he is worth it.

The same goes for martial artists. If you want to become a ninja, you do what you need to do! You find the best martial art instructor or school, you pay for your uniform, you pay to travel to tournaments, and you practice every day.

Controlled Remote Viewing is no different. If you have been feeling a desire to learn remote viewing, and/or if you have been on the fence about whether or not you should get official remote viewing training, or if you have been struggling on your own, trying to learn from what you are able to glean in books and on the Internet, consider giving yourself a gift this year. You are worth it. Now is your time.

Free Remote Viewing Training - You Get What You Pay For

Always remember that you get what you pay for. Most of my students tell me I don’t charge enough for what I do. They feel they have gained so much from the classes, mentoring clubs and their own self-development through the practice of CRV that the class has more than paid for itself.

If you aren't sure yet if you will enjoy Remote Viewing or want to experience my teaching style then I invite you to register for my Free Masterclass Series: Introduction to Practical Remote Viewing. In this 4-day hands-on event you will learn how to view your first target. Available for a limited time, my Masterclass Series is complete with instructional videos, handouts and recordings from coaching insights I've provided my students.

The Best Remote Viewing Training Course

The best remote viewing course is the one that resonates most strongly for you and meets your needs.

Trying to learn to remote view on your own is a lonely road to walk down. I feel so blessed because I have now taught close to 1,000 students since 2001, many of whom have taken several of my workshops and some who have developed their skills to become truly world-class remote viewers. We meet regularly, and the students are excited! The assignments are many and varied, designed to build a well-rounded set of skills. My Mentoring Club members often work together as monitor-viewer teams to keep themselves inspired and growing. They’ve formed lifelong friendships with each other.

So, if you have been considering taking official Remote Viewing Training, now is your time. Look over all the free material on my website and see if my training is the right one for you.

What Makes Lori Lambert Williams’ Courses Stand Out?

Intuitive Specialists, my company, is the only school offering monthly classes, continual post-class education, bonuses, and mentoring clubs. Almost all of our workshops are offered online and in person, so we can meet everyone’s learning needs.

Learn the Secrets of the Experts in Intuition!

In this course, I’ve taken the best of the best, and included all the tips and best-kept secrets I myself have learned over the 22 years I’ve spent remote viewing for individuals, corporations, archeologists, law enforcement and research scientists.


Graduates of my LIVE Basic CRV course receive:

  • Four free months’ membership in my Online CRV Mentoring Club, where you’ll have regular remote viewing assignments, personalized feedback on your work from me, and two hours of online mentoring every month!  But note:  You must sign up for this free bonus within 72 hours after graduating from the Basic CRV course!  We provide the secret link for you in your bonus letter, sent right after class ends.
  • My written class, “Castle-Building Mania” which helps you learn how to decipher some of the imaginary scenes that build in your mind while remote viewing.
  • A set of three Structural Templates to refer to while you are learning the protocols.
  • One year of free membership in the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA).
  • My written course “Post-Session Analysis” that teaches you how to go on an amazing voyage of self-discovery and learn the secrets each remote viewing session has to teach you!
  • A Free copy of my book, Monitoring: A Guide for Remote Viewing and Professional Intuitive Teams. This is the ONLY book that teaches you how to monitor and be monitored as a remote viewer and teaches you all the essentials so you can form your own Remote Viewing team!

If 2020 is your year to learn Remote Viewing, drop me a line and let me know how I can help:

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