What Can CRV do for professional psychics?

Many intuitives, psychics and mediums are taking my CRV course these days.  Pam Coronado, a well-known psychic detective who has been on several television specials, documentaries, and consultant for the TV series "Sensing Murder" has this to say about my course:  "CRV has quadrupled my psychic abilities.  I used to think conditions had to be perfect before I could "get" information.  CRV taught me to use my abilities anywhere, under any conditions.  I used to think I had to meditate and prepare myself before I worked.  Now I am able to do my work anytime, and on the spur of the moment.  It has also helped me to have written documentation of the information I get, and to get much greater detail."   Hearing this from a professional psychic and medium is helpful for those in the same line of work who wonder "What will CRV do for me professionally?"  CRV helps you to understand what is going on in the subconscious mind.  It breaks down barriers between conscious and subconscious, allowing them to communicate with each other.   If you are willing to practice regularly, you can develop your skills to an amazing level, and get detail that "ordinary psychics" (is there such a thing? LOL!) can't come close to achieving.  I recently submitted some work to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation.  His response was:  "The level of detail is amazing.  I've worked with psychics before.  None of them have come close to this."

Again, if you are willing to database your results, you can hone your strengths to amazing levels and strengthen your weaknesses.  I overcame a terrible fear of heights through CRV.  I now go parasailing, riding extreme roller coasters, etc.

If you want a good idea of what CRV can do, read Lyn Buchanan's "The Seventh Sense."  It gives a great synopsis of true CRV.   It is a great read, yet provides a candid and truthful account of CRV.  Other CRV books are either to dry to read, or are so full of fiction and drama they are not believable.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if I can help in any way.  CRV isn't for everyone.  It requires dedication and a true desire to hone your abilities to a level that goes far beyond what you ever thought you could do.  But if you are in a profession that uses intuition professionally to provide information to your customers, I truly believe there is no better training than this.

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