Controlled Remote Viewing

Intermediate Practical Remote Viewing

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The Intermediate PRV 6-week course course takes everything you have learned thus far in Basic to a whole new level. Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll be learning:


Phase 4 teaches you how to get incredible detail about any Target.

Time Travel, anyone? You’ll learn new methods to move backward and forward through Time at the Target.

Phase 5 presents you with a set of tools for dealing with pesky Stray Cats and Castles!

A new tool called The SI Column provides you with the means to connect mentally with other people, animals and … well, you get the idea!

Learn a wonderful technique called In-Session Detox to keep you safe while viewing.

Crack open the kernel of truth within the Stray Cats and AOL’s that come to you.

You’ll learn a new technique called Threading to help you get around obstacles!

Simple homework Exercises that will help you master the structure with ease.

… and much more!

FREE Masterclass Series: Intuition and Remote Viewing as the Ultimate Survival Skill in Life and Business

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