Remote Viewing Training - Testimonials

Nathalie Bentolila, Writer and Theater Director
Nina Smith
Anzu Lawson, Actress

Michael Totaro, Jr.

Andy Raum, Retired Attorney
Patsy Posey
Steve, Aerospace Engineer
Mateo Turner, Healer

About Lori's Classes


Pam Coronado

CRV has quadrupled my psychic abilities.  I used to think conditions had to be perfect before I could “get” information.  CRV taught me to use my abilities anywhere, under any conditions.  I used to think I had to meditate and prepare myself before I worked.  Now I am able to do my work anytime, and on the spur of the moment.  It has also helped me to have written documentation of the information I get, and to get much greater detail.”
- Pam Coronado, Psychic Detective  Star of the popular television series, "Sensing Murder."

My name is Heather H. I am a physician specializing in sports medicine. My undergraduate degree and training is in physical therapy, and I worked as a physical therapist for years. I have been working in healthcare for about 32 years, the last 20 or so years as a physician.

Before signing up to learn remote viewing with Lori Williams, I didn’t know if remote viewing was real. If it was real, I doubted someone “un-psychic” could learn a skill like remote viewing. I do not consider myself a natural psychic and I worried I could not learn remote viewing. But after I enrolled, that perception changed: CRV really works and I think anyone who wants to learn, can learn! Additionally, the CRV process works independently of whether I understand how it works, or whether I think it seems impossible.

Lori has over 20 years of CRV experience, and has taught hundreds of students. She has the experience to help people with every background, every ability. Because of her years of remote viewing and teaching, I was able to trust her when she said anyone who wants to learn, can learn with practice. I also found it astounding that despite not necessarily believing it was real, nor understanding how it worked, and feeling very un-psychic, it still worked! The process plus practice gets results, no matter what my brain is telling me can or can’t be done.

The scientist in me loves the reproducibility, the measurability. The curious “we-live-in-an-astounding-universe” side of me loves the wonder of it. For me, functioning most of the day in my left-brain, it is eye-opening and life expanding to see proof of things reductionist materialism cannot explain. How can a person access knowledge from a distance, from the future, any question, anytime, anywhere as long as the question has an answer? I have no idea how it works, but it does!

How have Lori’s CRV courses affected my life? After my initial CRV classes, I came home convinced of the interconnectedness of all of us, which directly impacted my first visit with my first patient on my first day back to work. I was much more in the moment, more mindful, more loving – essentially more connected.

This was an unanticipated, but wonderful side effect. In those medical visits, I was a better physician. In one weekend of CRV training, I improved the way I practice medicine because it changed my level of connection with others.

Because of the re-take policy, I can really dig in and learn the material by re-taking classes at no cost for a couple years, so I took a second basic CRV class. After attending my second basic CRV class, I experienced another wave of feelings of interconnectedness with everyone and everything.

As I was watching a TV show depicting racism and police brutality, I seemed to become one with a group and people I knew nothing about. It felt like I was them, I felt their pain and injustices, and I understood again that there is no separation between any of us. Causing harm or benefit to another felt the same as causing harm or benefit to me. Again, an unanticipated, but eye-opening side effect.

The oft-quoted phrase seems appropriate here: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. To me, it seems the worlds’ problems cannot be solved using the same processes and solutions. Those processes have failed. Somehow we need to come up with novel solutions and approaches to longstanding problems – think outside the box. Outside the box thinking could be helped by an outside the box process.

Tesla, Edison, and others have used mental states similar to CRV to discover novel answers to scientific questions. What if by learning CRV, I could learn something that helped a family member, a friend, the world? What if putting the time in to learn and practice CRV saved or helped one life? More than one life? What if one or a group of remote viewers could improve cancer treatments, help the environment, bring future beneficial technologies or discoveries to the present? The possibilities are endlessly hopeful and exciting.

What if learning CRV helps improve overall human consciousness, helps improve the human race in some beneficial way as yet unimagined? Could CRV make us limitless, could it make our solutions and options limitless? And what if most of humanity could find solutions important to them, find the truth, help others and the earth thru a tool like CRV?

These are grand, overwhelming ideas, which seem impossible. However, CRV seemed impossible, yet, it works, so, I need adjust, I need to re-define what I think is possible. For a start, I hope to use it to make me a better physician, a more helpful friend, and hopefully, an improved world citizen.

Heather H. - Physician, Sports Medicine, Hawaii

Jed J Bendix

Occupation: Nursing Service Technician and Staffing Clerk for a regional hospital.

When I started my biggest concern was not being able to travel and having to learn over controlled remote viewing entirely over the internet. Thankfully Lori with her decades of teaching CRV exceeded my expectations of learning CRV via her online courses.

Even though Lori is by no doubt the best controlled remote viewing instructor what is just as important is the ethical high ground by which she teaches. Remote viewing is a tool but like any tool it can be applied for good or evil. Lori has chosen to instill in her students to examine themselves inwardly as to their motives for the use of CRV. The end result for me has become applying remote viewing to live a more loving, harmonious and productive life.

For those who are interested in taking controlled remote viewing please do not consider just taking one course. Each additional level of CRV gives the student additional tools to apply in life’s journey; short changing oneself can lead to lost opportunities.

Only regret I have is not taking CRV sooner in life.

Jed Bendix - Nursing Service Tech, Minnesota

I am a retired attorney and a Fellow of the American Academy of Science. I have been, and still am, a member of the Bar of Maryland since 1970. I first met Lori Williams in the spring of 2015 in Chicago. For three days I attended her Basic CRV course that she conducted there. At that time I was researching and writing an historical novel about the development of religions.

My purpose for taking her course was to allow me to use CRV for the research of ancient religions in their context.   The course was professionally presented by Lori and was well organized. I and the other beginning students quickly learned the fundamentals of Controlled Remote Viewing. At the end of the three days, I was able to do basic CRV sessions successfully; I could not believe it! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

As a result of that experience, I took her next class, Intermediate CRV and soon thereafter, Advanced CRV. I was then able to do serious, complicated CRV targets. By that time I was hooked! Since then I have taken Lori’s Beyond Advanced class and other specialty CRV classes.

Every day that I do a CRV session (2 or three times a week) I continue to be amazed at the nature and rich detail of the information that I can find on virtually any topic I can imagine. My CRV research experience has also helped me to extend my knowledge of scientific areas that I would have never thought possible.

All I can say is “This stuff really, really works.” You have a once in a lifetime chance to learn CRV from a truly knowledgeable expert who has herself been taught CRV by one of the original members of the DIA/CIA Project Stargate program. If you do nothing else, do not miss this opportunity.

Andy Raum

My name is Steve. I have a degree in aerospace engineering from the United States Naval Academy. I served 8 years as a naval aviator and 7 years as an engineer and manager in a fortune 500 company. Then I went to law school, and for the last 25 years I've been a patent attorney.

As a scientist/engineer, I had developed a world view where I believed the universe consisted only of what we could perceive with our five physical senses. My mind was opened to the possibility that there was more to it than that when I performed a successful ESP experiment with a couple of friends. So I decided to take Lori’s CRV course even though I was still skeptical. (It isn't easy to break a lifetime of beliefs!)

My perception really started to change when I saw in Basic CRV that almost everyone, including me, were getting very accurate results viewing targets that were unknown to the viewers and were located, in some cases, thousands of miles away and separated in time by many years. The only thing we knew when we started a “session” was a reference number called a “coordinate”. Yet, the ability to perceive things beyond the range of our physical senses seemed to be an innate human capability. If you believe you can do it, you can!

In Basic CRV, we learned to use ideograms. While they look like a mere squiggle on a piece of paper, they are actually a message from your subconscious mind telling you the different types of things (referred to as “gestalts”) that are located at the target. These would indicate whether, for example, there is land, water, or man-made structures or objects at the target site. The subconscious mind does not communicate in English or any other known language – it communicates using symbology. I learned in Basic CRV that my conscious mind and my subconscious mind could communicate with each other using ideograms to translate. That's a cool thing just on its own!

Now, as a scientist/engineer, I see CRV as a tool to research a new frontier. I’m really excited about it! Somehow, our subconscious minds are able to gather information from anywhere in the universe, at any time. While CRV provides you with the tools to bring that information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, no one knows how the subconscious mind collects that information or even how it knows what information to collect. That's really fascinating! And I know it's a new frontier because mainstream scientists pooh-pooh it, just like they have with every advance throughout history.

I sometimes think about what my reaction would have been to Galileo's ideas about the earth and other planets going around the sun if I had lived in his time. I'm pretty sure, with my scientific mindset, I would have thought he was a nut! After all, all you have to do is look up and you can see that everything goes around the earth! That's the same mindset that mainstream scientists have today about remote viewing. But as we learned from Galileo, everything is not as it seems.

If you can't perceive something, it doesn't exist to you, even if it's there. Why limit yourself? If you want to expand your view of the universe and your place in it, take Lori's course!

Steve S.-- Attorney, Texas

Hi, My name is Dino Russo, and I am a student.

Before signing up to take CRV with Lori, I wondered, “Will I actually learn something from this class? Is my money going to be spent well?”

After I enrolled, I learned that Lori Williams had an extensive background with CRV and deep insights into the inner workings of it as well. I learned that the CRV process that Lori teaches is a step by step process without any wishy-washy Voodoo nonsense. It is practical and you get out of it what you put into it.

For me, my money was well spent because I learned many useful things that I do now use in my life.

Learning the structure was the biggest takeaway because before this class I had no idea of what I was doing. I had no foundation/direction. The structure was the most important aspect because without a foundation, there is nothing to build upon.

Since taking Lori’s classes, I have a new found confidence in myself and I now look at the world differently. The new confidence comes from first-hand knowledge that there is something more to life that I was not aware of before this class.  My confidence also comes from knowing that I have the ability to look at something without the normal senses. I’ve been able to use CRV to answer questions that I have in my personal life.

Throughout my short experience with CRV, I have heard many times, practice, practice, and practice more. If you take a CRV class, your success depends on how much you follow the procedures/steps involved and how often you practice and actively try to improve your own techniques. This definitely works but it depends on how much you are willing to put into it.

It is just like any other developed skill, it doesn’t happen overnight and you have to practice to get better. The results are a direction reflection of your work.

Lori is warm hearted, fun, gifted and a pleasure to be around. I am extremely fortunate that I am able to take classes offered by Lori because of the level of care and patience that goes into her classes. She is extremely patient and kind when conducting reviews of students’ progress which is fantastic because no one wants to learn from somebody that doesn’t actually want to teach. Lori is the best, thank you very much Lori!

Lori, I wanted to take time and express my thankfulness for you and your mission.  Your self-mastery has resonated with me from my first class.  My perceptions to life have changed, and helped improve my methods of investigation and data collection.  The side effects of CRV methodology spill over into the data collection structure of Cyber Intel.  The ability to maneuver across time and space for motives and interests play a huge part in meta-data collection.  From my personal experience, I have been in various situations where Internet is unplugged and tools are no longer available.

You have taught me how to extend my perceivable intel through the methods of CRV and leverage observables for preemptive data.  I have tested these methods across both business and practice.  Not only have these anomalies presented positive feedback, I have discovered hidden abilities from my new sub-conscious relationships.

Anthony Arrington, Cyber Security Expert


Learning CRV has confirmed a belief that the "Source" exists, and has made a huge difference in my life. I am using it for historical research.

Bernard A Raum, Attorney, Judge, Consultant, Forensic Scientist.  (Testimonial written right after Basic Class. Bernard is now a post-advanced remote viewer, working on professional, operational remote viewing projects.)


CRV has helped me with such things as Lucid Dreaming: I now see things prior to them happening in reality.  CRV has helped me perceive possible future outcomes in the workplace; I have used CRV successfully to increase my client base.  By understanding the language of my subconscious, I know to whom I am speaking and who is speaking to me.  CRV has also heightened all of my senses.  This course taught me that we clearly do not see with our eyes -- we see with our minds and our eyes only validate the data.

K. Blaylock - Health Official, Louisiana


That was amazing!!!  I don't know how Lori has the stamina and focus to do 3 days of teaching and stay fresh and engaged right to the last minute!  Everything she says is so focused and intentional.  She is a true role model in so many ways.  I am so amazed at all the talent and intuition in the classroom! Synchronistic stuff seemed to result from us all tuning in.  I know every time I have contact with Lori, I experience crazy synchronicities.

You are the best, Lori!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

C. Kempner, Attorney in NYC.


"Lori's class was the best class I have ever taken. I expected to receive competent instruction as well as the ability to answer any and all of the many questions I had about CRV before attending the class. Obviously, Lori knows what she is talking about. She is an expert in what she does with some 20 years of experience, which comes in handy when dealing with the little nuances that make remote viewing what it is. However, more importantly, she provided the kind of class room experience that pushed my understanding of reality and CRV to another level through her monitoring, exercises, and individualized attention. The class really turned out to be a lot more than I bargained for. It was a jolt to my intuition and a transformative experience. This, I believe, has to do with two basic things. She is a warm, amicable teacher. She is great at connecting with her students and reading them. She cares. She listens. She hears what you are saying. In fact, many times during the class, she is already answering the next question in our minds before we get to say it out loud. A big point which I also did not realize to play a role was the fact that Lori provides what we might describe as a "PSI conducive" class room climate. This is very intangible, but very crucial. I found the ambience of her class ideal for learning and exploration that allowed her class to make me grow as a person and as a student of CRV. I will be back for more!"
- R.M, Long Beach



Are you interested in learning Controlled Remote Viewing? Take my advice and quit procrastinating. Lori Williams is an instructor without equal. For me, she has made the complexities of CRV easy to practice and understand. Learning anything new is not without effort and an instructor plays a pivoitable role in learning. Lori is a great instructor and has a unique ability to understand a student’s weaknesses and strengths; leading to a deeper and richer learning experience than one could imagine.

- Jed J Bendix, Minnesota


"I just graduated from the Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course with my favorite teacher, Lori Williams. She came out to California. Otherwise, she's located in Amarillo and you can go there or arrange a class where you live. She attracts really good people and I'm particularly impressed by Lori. She's a really strong viewer, herself, which has been substantiated, but she also actively teaches her class and relates to the students. She's a wonderful monitor for me because she's so astute on what she picks up on, without giving anything way/losing monitor neutrality.  My biggest impediment is perfectionism, which is why it helps to have a mentor that can see through that and support my talent, even or especially in those times when I don't feel I have it. It's funny how the viewing works out and you get the right impressions when all is said and done. It's a different way from how I work since I've not worked with so much structure. Lori makes it fun."
- Lorrie Kazan, Professional Intuitive, Redondo Beach, CA


"I recently completed the Basic CRV course offered by Intuitive Specialists and clearly made the right decision to do so. The course was three days long and the information was presented in a clear, concise manner peppered with humor and valuable insight from both Lori and Jim. Class size was small so detailed, personal attention was given to each student with no constraints on time. At the end of the three days I had a new perspective on the functioning of CRV, a full understanding of the methodology used as well as having completed several personal sessions of my own. I hope you find as I did that the course material is indispensable, that Lori and Jim are warm, inviting souls with an amazing ability to deliver this information and lastly, that the bowl of M & M's will be finished on the second day."
- Edward Albano, New York City


“Several of Lori’s students have worked as viewers on operational projects that I have managed. In each case, the student’s work was professional, structured, demonstrated a strong grasp of the CRV protocols, and provided important intelligence about the target under consideration. If a teacher can be judged by the quality of work produced by her students after training, then I must say that Lori is an excellent teacher. I can recommend Lori wholeheartedly, and I look forward to future opportunities to work with her students.
- Gail Husick, Founder, The Voluspa Group LLC”

I took CRV classes from Lori Williams, partly out of curiosity and partly out of a desire to learn new skills that might help my freelance writing career.  The classes have made a huge difference for me!   My writing style unexpectedly changed right off the bat.  Within one month of taking Basic CRV, my online critique group commented on how much my writing had improved.   CRV has helped me find topics that editors just happen to want to see covered in their magazines.  Ideas flow when I write proposal letters and I have been receiving high paying assignments.  This was always a struggle for me before taking the CRV class.  I recommend CRV classes taught by Lori Williams to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and how to utilize CRV in their daily lives and careers."
- Gilda V. Bryant, Writer, Amarillo, Texas


I took the Basic CRV course from Lori in 2010.  I had taken a lot of classes with another remote viewing program and had learned to Remote View but lacked the ability to get good results consistently and to work in "normal" conditions – for example, sitting around a table with other Remote Viewers.  I was pleasantly surprised at how focused and grounded the course was.  Lori was especially good at identifying my weaknesses and coaching me on how to become better.  My results have been much better since returning home from the course and the post-course support, both online and via e-mail, has been excellent.  The small class size, the focused class structure, and follow-up support made this class well worth the money.”
- Jeff D. - Texas


Not only can Lori teach you in ways that you will 'get it', but she has the patience of a saint while you are working to 'get it'! Take her courses and you will totally 'get' what I am saying. She is a fantastic teacher with an incredible loving, kind, heart and soul! Your life will change."
- C. Willis, Kentucky


Lori and Jim Williams have an excellent program going.  When you figure they teach one of the best (if not the best) programs in the United States and have turned out some of the finest remote viewers that are out there, it is really hard to want to go to someplace else when you want the best. But this is no fire-and-brimstone program. They teach with great sensitivity towards their students and do a lot of one-on-one training and which helps them tailor the training to the student. If you have the chance to take a class at their place in Texas, then you will be in for a treat as they are gracious hosts and admittedly, I had the time of my life when I went.  If they are coming to an area near you, then again, you are in for a treat.
- Dan C., Connecticut


Lori and Jim have a deep and wide-working knowledge that goes far beyond just Controlled Remote Viewing.  Their insights become very valuable and as the class ends, the learning doesn't.  They are only a call away to help with assistance and offer encouragement. The program does not end with the class alone.  The program has built-in support systems. A CRV Yahoo Group List is offered free and within it is a community of fellow Controlled Remote Viewers.  Of this list, everyone stays in touch.  Community events, projects, CRV topics, and general remote viewing get mentioned and up dated. More importantly, students get to ask questions and they receive answers.  It is a great learning environment. There are also study groups, mentoring, topic discussions and so much more.

Lori and Jim are very easy going, warm, and down-to-earth folks.  When you see them, it is like finding that long lost friend and you will hit it off right away. This is very important as learning CRV is a personal journey and trust will go a long way in your success. Personally, when I went out to see them, I had already tried an at-home-training-course from another school.  I was not very successful with it and was very confused to say the least.  If Lori and Jim had not unscrambled my brain and retrained me, I would not be working with some of the finest remote viewers today.

Today, I do work with a scientist and investigate mysteries of the unexplained. I also work with a group that works real world targeting. I host a mentoring class on the CRV group list. And finally I will be opening a business soon doing fieldwork. Without Lori and Jim, I would never have had one of the finest educations that is available in the remote viewing world. Thanks Lori and Jim.”

Dan C. -- Massachusetts


Lori's Basic CRV class opened up an amazing new world for me.  I had read about CRV and knew about it intellectually, but that is nothing like truly experiencing it for yourself -- which is what Lori so skillfully helped me to do.  I have continued to practice since the class and gain new insights from each new session.  In addition to a surprisingly accurate description of the target, each CRV session gives me a fascinating look into the workings of my own mind.  Learning CRV has greatly enhanced my intuitive abilities.  The CRV structure gives me a way to get more in touch with whatever I am trying to intuit about, and the continued process of doing it has opened up the lines of communication.  The atmosphere of the class was very relaxed and personalized, allowing each student to progress at their own rate.  Lori's passion for teaching CRV was apparent.  I left the class feeling very excited about CRV and glad I had taken the class. That was 2 years ago and that feeling remains.  I would highly recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest."
- Pat in California


I could not have wished for a better introduction to CRV than Lori’s Basic CRV class. First of all, the set up of the class is ideal for learning and gaining confidence. The classes are small and there is plenty of one-on-one time with Lori. Students begin viewing the first day of class, and they have opportunities to view after learning each of the three stages of Basic. Students also learn by watching Lori interact with other students in the class."
- Moselle from Australia


Lori is a wonderful instructor. She has the ability to “read” her students and know how best to lead them to those “aha moments.”  She can tie a student’s personality characteristics to their CRV experience, and suggest ways to avoid letting those characteristics block certain types of information we might gain during our CRV sessions. For example, one student had a job that involved dealing with difficult people. During CRV sessions, that student had difficulty “perceiving” people at targets and Lori suggested it might be because the student’s subconscious mind wanted to avoid people as a way to “decompress” from the daily grind of the job experience. Other students were “people persons” and gravitated toward one gender or the other. Lori gave each student advice on how to work with his/her own subconscious mind."

Lori’s love for CRV is infectious. She is so enthusiastic about her own experiences and what CRV has brought to her life that her students can’t help but want to share that experience. After class she is very available to her students to answer questions, encourage them when they get stuck and provide ideas for how they can use CRV in their daily lives. I would recommend CRV training to anyone who wants to explore the power of their mind, and I would highly recommend taking CRV from Lori.”

Connie Willis, Monthly Guest Host of Coast to Coast A.M. and Host of Blue Rock Talk Radio


I first met Lori when I took Basic CRV from her and she surely was such a delightful person to learn from."
- Patsy from Maryland


About Lori's Mentoring

Recommendation for Intuitive Specialists' Online Mentoring Club:

I would like to share with everyone my experience with Lori Williams' CRV mentoring club.

I have been a student of CRV since end of 2011. The classes are amazing and expensive at the same time.

Like anything worthwhile, they require a lot of time and practice to get a good understanding of the material and move forward.

I love Lori's classes, but even more her Online Mentoring Club, which I have been participating in since September of 2013.

After coming back from Lori's classes, I am always excited, but when I get back to my busy everyday routine, after a while, the excitement would fade. I see no sense in investing time and money in classes and not doing everything to anchor it all in. As a Basic student I was struggling with the structure a lot until I got that right. Lori and the group helped me so far a lot with the learning process at the intermediate level. This was what I needed to take my viewing to the next level. I consider mentoring club a great opportunity to get things right quickly and create a strong foundation to build your viewing skills on. Now I have just finished the Advanced class and I am looking forward to implement the Phase/Stage 6 tools into my CRV practice quickly with Lori’s help.

The group I am part of is for Advanced Viewers. What do we do?

We do exercises that improve specific areas. These exercises may not always seem to be “advanced” but they worked for me great! We are focused on strengthening our weaknesses. Recently, my participation in the group led to the opportunity to work as a professional viewer on a few operational projects that I learned A LOT from.

Last month, the group agreed to do projects for each other. For our first project, I am taking the role as the project manager. I am working with Jim and Lori to learn about Project Management, when other viewers and viewers/monitor teams are working their sessions. The project is a great learning experience for all involved. I love it. We will switch roles the following month, so that every one will have the opportunity to learn different roles within the team.

So far we have worked on technology targets, people targets, complex event targets; we have learned about retasking; we had a two week "marathon", doing quick sessions everyday for 14 days (getting feedback and new coordinates from Lori on daily basis). It was fun! By doing quick sessions everyday, I found out which targets I do well and which need improvement. We also worked on viewing people and animals, which takes time and practice to master. At two of our meetings, we had the opportunity to talk and listen to both Mel Riley and Lyn Buchanan.

Lori is there for us, giving her time to help us to become more and more advanced viewers. We sometimes go over our sessions online. Lori is able to share her screen with us, and the sessions are a great teaching tool for us. People who do not feel comfortable sharing their sessions publicly are not required to do it. We always have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute with our opinions.

I feel that I have learned SO MUCH and have moved my skills to the next level. I feel confident with my (CRV) work and I feel like my RV skills keep improving faster than I was expecting. It requires a lot of practice, practice and practice.

For this month we will be doing a few things simultaneously:

A. Student Operational Project.
B. Tech Targets
C. Person Targets.
D. Occasional other practice exercises and targets.

The cost to join the Online Mentoring Club is $80 per month by check (or $85 via Credit Card). We meet twice a month. Meetings are about 2 hours long. I can choose which months I want to participate and which I want to skip, but so far I participated in all of the meetings!

Lori is a great and dedicated teacher and we have an amazing group with a very unique vibe. Time spent online with Lori and other students is priceless. I highly recommend her mentoring club to anyone who is thinking about moving to the next (operational) level or to get a solid foundation of the basics on which to build professional CRV skills. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions related to my experience with the mentoring club.

- Pawel Trela


CRV, I am beginning to realize, is a never-ending learning process. After four workshops with Lyn Buchanan, I wanted some one-on-one help from an expert to make sure I was following the protocols, to better corral those "stray cats," and help me better evaluate my session summaries. My once a week mentoring sessions via Skype with Lori have been invaluable, as my understanding and appreciation of the CRV protocols have taken another big leap. I am so appreciative of Lori's experience, patience, encouragement, and attention to detail. It is an honor to be able to work with her.”
- C., from Palo Alto


Lori has been my mentor for only a short time and it has been a great way to make sure I am staying in structure, and to learn tips for finding more information at the target. Lori is an invaluable source for helping me learn how to decode the information my subconscious is telling me. I’ve learned to trust myself more, broken through a plateau in my viewing and am learning more about how to ensure that I “describe, don’t identify” when I view.. Lori is patient, supportive and a natural teacher. In short, she can get you to where you want to be in CRV.”
- Moselle from Australia


Because Lori is a natural teacher, it is so very helpful to have her mentor me.  She is perfect at teaching and keeping you on track with your CRV structure. I find my time with her very valuable and am learning more constantly. She takes her time and explains everything very thoroughly, even when I might ask the same questions repeatedly. As a teacher of CRV, her knowledge is what makes her mentoring much better than others. She will give you the session to do and after you feel you have finished it, you can meet with her on Skype and talk face-to-face with her as she guides you through your session, giving you guidance about what you can do to make it better and how to get more information. She then writes her comments on paper and emails them to me. She also sent me an audio recording of the entire Skype mentoring class. It was truly helpful. And of course, whenever you have questions you can very easily email or call her. She makes learning fun and easy and she is very patient. Thanks Lori for all your continued help. You are a joy to work with."
- Patsy from Maryland


I just wanted to let you know that the way you have structured the course by presenting both the course and access to the PRV Forums actually works well for me.. When I thought it was just too advanced and I was afraid of seeing answers before I was ready to see anything because I was too much of a beginner.. actually if you start using it from Module 3 and onwards it works really well. I am almost completing the module 3, and I am doing a remote viewing session per day (also practice every day with the automated idiogram exercise you have which really works so well.. ), and have only been introduced to the descriptions but instinctively have been including descriptions and other stuff under the stray cats, lots of stray cats for me... and now by watching one of Lori's online sessions and reviewing a bunch of other people's work, it gives me a ton more information and learning on how this flows.. and with descriptors, I am going to start incorporating those in my practical view of a target starting tomorrow, since I see how those are working on the examples that Lori presents there on that online.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know since I initially expressed concern about being introduced so early on to the PRV forums but those are excellent, so they do work from the beginning, .. just need to make sure that the person who is watching them is really already doing the work and not just watching the videos.

Absolutely loving this course, it is awesome and amazing!

- Lynn


Thank you so much for an amazing class and experience!

The Advanced Class was extraordinary! So many fun tools to incorporate into the CRV structure! It will take me some time to absorb it all.

I’ve learned so much in the last year thanks to both of you. I feel so grateful that I have such great mentors in this learning experience. All the tips and advice have been so helpful.

Using the CRV structure has given me a “safe place” to explore my subconscious and then report. I still need a lot more discipline in learning how to control my emotions when connecting with biologicals, but with patience and time, I’m positive that I can accomplish this. Also reminding myself to detox regularly is important.

Learning CRV with you has been life-changing for me. It’s been a great self-discovery tool. The biggest gift or “aha” is that I feel like I’m gaining more confidence somehow, and I’m starting to feel it’s “safe” to be intuitive, which I haven’t felt in the past.

I appreciate all the stories you tell of all your experiences as I find those help me greatly.

You have created a great community space of like-minded individuals, and I’m so happy to be part of this.

So much gratitude for you both! Thanks again!
- Tara

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FREE Masterclass Series: Intuition and Remote Viewing as the Ultimate Survival Skill in Life and Business

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