How to Remote View

These days, more and more people are wondering How to Remote View. They look for books or articles or web pages -- anything that will allow them an idea of how they can do it themselves.

Remote Viewing
A mountain man (Jim) attempts to get a better view.

And what does “Remote View” even mean? Is it closing your eyes and imagining? Is it guided meditation? Is it gazing into a crystal ball or reading Tarot cards?

Depending on who you ask, Remote Viewing is ALL of these things. So it can get confusing when you want to learn something, and there are so many definitions of what it means to DO that thing.

To me, the term “remote viewing” is like the term “martial arts.” How do you learn martial arts? Well, first you have to look into it, do a little research. When you do, you find that there are many types or styles within the term “martial arts.” Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Karate… just to name a few!

The same is true of Remote Viewing!

How to Do Remote Viewing

Three Simple Rules

People frequently ask me: How do you do Remote Viewing?

Now that wording may sound a bit awkward -- but I want to address the question anyway!

While each type of Remote Viewing has its own set of techniques, there are certain things they all have in common that I'd like to share with you here:

1. Describe, Don't Identify

Remember the remote viewing mantra is Describe, Don't Identify. The subconscious mind does not communicate in language. Viewers often get quick bits of information, much like the aperture of a camera that opens and closes so quickly, you almost don't notice it!

It is those subtle flashes of color, a smell, a taste, an idea or even a quick picture in your mind that you should notice. So set aside all the naming words, words that identify. Write them down off to the right side of your page. Words that describe can be written on the left.

2. Write Everything Down

If you are doing ERV, then try recording, using your smartphone headset while you lie down and describe the Target. Be sure to transcribe the recording later.

3. Pay Attention to the Sensory and Dimensional Information in Your Mental Images

When images come to mind, a) write down what you see, and then b) try taking just the colors, textures, smells, sounds, tastes, shapes, patterns, positions, sizes, etc. from the image that came to mind. Write those down, too.

You will be amazed at how just following these three simple rules will really help you as you sift through the many thoughts that come to mind and simply focus on describing what comes to you as you allow yourself to Remote View the target site.

The Three Main Remote Viewing Techniques

Associative Remote Viewing - ARV

You can choose to learn Associative Remote Viewing, which allows you to increase your odds at the casino, the race track, the lottery and helps you make better decisions. This type of Remote Viewing is done by associating something easy to view with something more difficult to view.

ARV Viewing
ARV makes Roulette more fun!

Numbers and letters tend to be much more difficult for Remote Viewers to view, mainly because they are man made constructs from the left-brain. Remote Viewing is a right-brained activity, for the most part.

Extended Remote Viewing - ERV

Extended Remote Viewing is a popular type of remote viewing. The Viewer lies down on a bed, couch or recliner while a skilled hypnotist or monitor interviews the Viewer about the Target.

The word “Target” is whatever the Viewer is supposed to view. If the Viewer is fortunate enough to have a skilled hypnotist as his/her monitor, he or she can be guided through many levels of consciousness while exploring the Target site.

Controlled Remote Viewing - CRV

Controlled Remote Viewing is my favorite of all the types of Remote Viewing. Why? Because it can encompass all the other types within its structure.

“Structure? There is a structure to this?” you ask. Yes. If you ever have a chance to study the history of Remote Viewing, you will find that the military hired Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to research Clairvoyance, Telepathy and other forms of ESP.

Two physicists at SRI, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, eventually ended up working with an amazingly gifted psychic artist named Ingo Swann. Swann developed a written set of protocols to be worked on paper within a structure he called Coordinate Remote Viewing, which we now call Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV.

CRV Viewing
Controlled Remote Viewing is a method designed to help the Viewer separate true psychic perceptions from imagination. I liken it to a drawer organizer for your mind. Thoughts pour in, and CRV allows you to organize them on the page. This technique also introduces and utilizes Ideograms, which are symbols that the Viewer develops to connect him or her to various aspects of the Target site.

Remote Viewing Training

Is it necessary to take formal training to learn to become a Remote Viewer?

That depends. What are your goals?

For some people, playing with various psychic toys is fun, and they are content to do that and no more.

Others would like to put in the work and discipline required to become a remote viewing “ninja.”

What are your dreams? And what are you willing to do to achieve them?

Cost of Remote Viewing Training

And what about the cost of training? Is it worth it?

Today’s qualified remote viewing trainers are few and far between. There are only a handful of us on the entire planet! Each of us has put in decades of dedicated work to become really knowledgeable and good at this.

No one expects physicians to work for free, because we all know how much work it takes to go through medical school and become a doctor.

To become an accomplished remote viewer and/or a remote viewing instructor takes many years of sacrifice and hard work. And we left our day jobs so that we could dedicate ourselves to bringing this amazing knowledge to you. We have to charge in order to keep teaching. This is how we earn our living, like any other profession.

Golfers spend thousands in equipment, outfits, accessories, course fees and training. And what do those who wish to become concert pianists do? Hours of practice and dedication and time spent with their piano teachers.

What Kind of Remote Viewing Training Do You Offer?

I’ve been a Remote Viewer since 1996, and began teaching in 2001. With years of experience to share, I offer courses that cover ARV, ERV and CRV.

Check out the calendar on my website to find a course and a time that works for you.

Each course is a 3-day workshop.

For Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, I offer five workshops, each building on the one before it, in order for students to get to the “black belt” or advanced level and beyond! Many of my students have become professional viewers, getting paid for their work.

Remote Viewing Test

There are those who would really love to test their natural abilities.

Here is some advice on how to do your own little test. First, remember "Describe don’t identify".

You can pick photos on my website at our Target Pool page and then see what you get in terms of sensory information: colors, textures, sounds, tastes, smells and ambiances.

Then see what you get in the way of dimensional information: Sizes, shapes, patterns and positions.

When you feel like you are done, open up the picture and see what you got right and score your perceptions based on whether you got something right, whether you got something wrong, or whether you are unable to determine accuracy. An example of that would be if you picked up on a smell at the target. The smell might be there, but it is impossible to tell from the photo.
We will be coming out with a Remote Viewing test soon, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can stay informed about the latest from Intuitive Specialists!

Final Words about How to Remote View

Almost everyone has had at least one experience when something was known before it occurred. You think of someone and they contact you shortly after. You have a gut feeling that you should do something, or that you shouldn’t. Experience proves you right.

What if you could control those instincts? What if you had the ability to get information at will, whenever you need it most?

How would that ability affect your relationships? Your finances? Your career? Your LIFE?

Anyone can become a remote viewer. Regardless of the method you choose, diligent practice will make all the difference in a mediocre remote viewer and a good one.

But how does someone become a world-class remote viewer?

Curiosity. Discipline. Dedication. Training.

You can do it! Contact us today at Find out how you can become an accomplished remote viewer! And you can check out our convenient and easy payment plans at our remote viewing registration page

To find out practical uses of Remote Viewing, examples of remote viewing results, and other fascinating remote viewing articles, be sure to check out the videos on our media page and the blogs!
CRV BasicCRV basic Sheet

CRV DatasheetCRV machine

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