How have you been doing? It has been a while since I have sat myself down to write a “soul letter” to you. So here I am! I miss having that deep connection.

This morning, Jim and I were attending a meditation class. A lot of people ask me if meditation has any effect on remote viewing. That is a really good question! I have not kept data, nor have I looked for any research on the subject. The only answer I can give is based on my personal experience.

The Two Things I Find Helpful Before My CRV Sessions

Personally, there are two things that I find helpful in preparing to do a CRV session. Exercise is the first thing. When I have been too sedentary and not moving enough, my sessions can be rather blah. Getting up and going for a vigorous walk or taking a bike ride or dancing to energizing music or rowing on the rowing machine... Any one of those is a good prelude to my remote viewing session. Once I have done that, I am ready to sit and view.

Before I begin my session, I like to get quiet and do a short meditation. I don’t want to get sleepy before I begin, but I like to take a few slow deep breaths and let go of all the busy thoughts.

ADHD and Meditation

If you happen to have ADHD, you know that meditation can be challenging. It is challenging for all humans, but ADHD creates that monkey-mind effect, with my thoughts bouncing all over the place! It can just about drive you nuts!

So I wanted to share something with you that has really helped me: Sound meditation. The practice of this meditation will greatly enhance your remote viewing skills, too!

How to Use Sound as a Meditation Tool – Great for ADHD and Monkey Mind!

Are you ready to try it? Even without meditating, you can try this. Sit down and close your eyes and just listen.

Listen to any sounds around you. Anything you notice. Depending on your environment, you may hear a lot of sounds or almost pure silence. But we never experience true silence. Even if all you hear is the ringing in your ears or the sound of your own breath, sound is always there.

And the cool thing about sound is that sound is always in the present moment. When you hear a sound, it pulls you into the Now. That is the first benefit.

Next, see if you can notice the sounds without naming them. I found this part a bit challenging, because my brain automatically wanted to know, Where is that sound coming from? Is that the heater or the refrigerator?

Meditation Tool

See if you can listen and notice the sound without trying to label it or name it.

Thoughts will naturally come up. That’s ok. I heard a terrific quote today: “Let your thoughts come and go without indulgence or suppression.” So you notice the thought and let it go. Then focus back on what you can hear. You’ll find yourself going back and forth, back and forth, between listening and thinking, releasing the thoughts into that restful place of meditation, and then listening again.

We tend to have emotional responses to the information we take in with our senses, don’t we? We find we are attached to certain ideas and we become triggered when those ideas are challenged. We discover we have aversion to certain sounds, or we react with hope or fear or sadness or laughter.

As you continue to listen, see if you can listen without a reaction. The sounds may be loud, unpleasant, or irritating. See if you can hear them as just sounds, with no judgment – no good sounds or bad sounds. Just sounds.

What is the Purpose?

Sound meditation, practiced regularly, teaches you to listen without responding emotionally to the content. You will really benefit from this as you train your brain and grow accustomed to noticing sound as just sound.

Over time, you will discover that you can listen to criticism without feeling hurt, and listen to praise without getting carried away by your ego. Imagine how this one thing alone could improve your relationships! Fewer arguments! More time for love.

How does this apply to your remote viewing practice?

Noticing sound at the target can provide a great deal of information. This exercise can help to lessen the “Stray Cats” or Analytic Overlay (AOL’s) you have once you develop the habit of listening without labeling or judging.

Give this a try for a few minutes a day and let me know how it goes.

Big hug,

PS - A few years ago, I wrote an article called,Gasp! Shriek! The Role of Sound in Remote Viewing which you can check out when you have time.

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