In these Times of Uncertainty,
Learn to Access and Control Your Intuition to Improve and Protect Your Life, Career or Business!

A Six-Week Controlled Remote Viewing Program for Busy People

(This is The Program designed for and used by U.S. Military Intelligence for 20 years!)

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Lori Williams, Founder of Intuitive Specialists

Finally… A top training class that can fit into any schedule!

Hand Easy step-by-step process that anyone can learn.

tools Useful tools and practices to incorporate intuition in your daily life and decisions.

intelligence Taught by a world renowned expert with 23 years’ experience.

YOU can learn Controlled Remote Viewing -- Even if:

You have no previous experience


You’ve had no psychic experiences in your life


Your mind is full of chatter


You don’t have enough time

physchic ability

You don’t have any psychic ability

You don’t have an advanced education


You are skeptical

icon alien

You don’t believe in the paranormal

"If you can't perceive something, it doesn't exist to you, even if it's there. Why limit yourself? If you want to expand your view of the universe and your place in it, take Lori's course!"

Steve Smith

Aerospace Engineer

How CRV Transformed My Life

A few weeks after turning 14, my parents moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. It was summertime of 1971 and I was lonely. Sitting in a park with nothing to do, I watched as hippies milled around, chatting as a band played in the background.

That day among the hippies, I met the Jesus people and had a profound spiritual experience -- which led to me spending the next 20 years as a missionary -- in what has since become known as a cult.

The word ‘cult’ wasn’t widely used back then, of course. Most of us lived lives of sincere innocence, inspired by our faith, doing our best to help others.

While those experiences taught me so very much -- for which I am grateful -- I came back to “the real world” in 1991 carrying a lot of fears.

Fear of heights. Fear of displeasing God. Fear of the future. Fear of the unknown. How would I survive outside the protected confines of the group? I had gone in at 14 and come out at 34.

Venturing from a rather cloistered experience to living a more conventional lifestyle, I began a search to understand who I was in these new surroundings.

In 1996, I was very fortunate to meet Lyn and Linda Buchanan, who became like second parents to me. Lyn, a former “Psychic Spy” for the U.S. military, spent several years teaching me the step-by-step method developed for military intelligence.


Patiently working with me in spite of my fearful nature, Lyn showed me how to use this technique to overcome my fears. One by one, I lost those fears and became more and more confident.

I learned that all human beings have intuition -- it is inherent in who we are. There is nothing evil or fearful about it, I am happy to say!

Controlled Remote Viewing has allowed me (and most of my students!) to find the right path, the perfect career, and -- best of all -- Self Love, which I was sorely lacking. As a self-discovery tool, I couldn’t have found anything more useful than CRV.

My student and friend, Pam Coronado, once exclaimed, “CRV has increased my psychic ability 400%!”

After I used CRV to desensitize and cure my fear of heights, I began discovering other amazing ways this technique could improve my life. As CRV allowed me to hone and develop my intuitive skills, I have used these skills to increase my ability to make better decisions, to find the perfect life partner, to be a better parent, and to choose an amazing place to live.

Many of my students have used CRV to overcome depression, to find a sense of purpose, and to obtain answers they have been seeking to life’s greatest mysteries.

Controlled Remote Viewing transformed my life and allowed me to experience a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment, just as it has for so many of my students.

What are you seeking in your life right now?

As one of the foremost instructors of Controlled Remote Viewing in the world today, I’ve found that my CRV classes seem to attract true heart-centered Seekers.

Nothing gives me greater happiness than helping my students achieve their life goals and find true contentment.

Lori Williams Signature

CRV has transformed the lives of people at all stages in life, including those who…

Felt they had NO intuitive ability…

Like my student Levi, who said, “I wish someone would have told me that you don’t need to have had prior strange experiences, you don’t need to have had encounters with ghosts or angels, you don’t have to have had precognitive dreams… because if I had known, I would have taken this CRV course much sooner!

But now, I’ve taken the plunge, I’ve done several of your courses, and I am GOOD at this!”

Thought they might be too old to learn…

Like my student Arthur. Arthur began his CRV journey with me in his late 70’s. Now 85, he is as ardent and interested as ever -- and still learning and practicing. I think it is keeping him young!

Or Harvey (not his real name) -- a mogul who built his fortune after running away to join the merchant marines at 15 -- took his first CRV class at 77. Within a few months, he was doing perfectly-executed sessions with a very high degree of accuracy!

Had been punished as children for their abilities…

Like my student Mike, who’s natural psychic abilities frightened his parents, causing them to put him into counseling and psychiatric care for his first 20 years of life. This led to a dependence on drugs.

Now sober for the past two years, Mike has found his solution in CRV. He feels that CRV has validated him, given credibility to his natural talents, and has allowed him to be himself for the first time in his life.



You get access to Module 1 when you register and a new Module every week.

Each week of the six week course, you will receive a new Module.

Each Module contains a series of short, easy-to-watch video chapters that are yours to watch at your convenience, on your schedule. You can take it as fast or slow as you want.

Once you have purchased the course, the videos are yours to watch as long as the Internet still exists and we are alive to maintain our website!

I will be offering Live Q&A on Zoom just for my students in this course. I will do live Q&A’s periodically throughout the course. Q&A’s will be saved and archived so you can refer to them whenever you need to.

We are also creating a special e-group forum just for the students of this course. Many of my students prefer not to use Facebook, so we have a safe place for you to write emails to each other, get to know each other, and to ask me questions directly. By asking on the Forum, my answers get seen by and benefit everyone!

Occasionally, I will be assigning special target practice sessions, where you can post links to your scanned sessions for me to critique during a live Zoom.

Everyone benefits when I go over a student’s session. Remember, we are working on learning the structure… so I critique the structure, not the accuracy. Once you learn the structure, the accuracy comes naturally as you practice.

When you join this 6-Week Program, you will

Woman Teaching


Your Controlled Remote Viewing Foundation

Learn how to discern true intuitive information from imagination and random thoughts.

Learn to remote view a variety of targets, including locations, events, activities, people, objects, and situations.

Learn techniques to protect your home, family and business

Learn to view targets that are distant from you in both time and space.

Honing Your Skills

Deepen your understanding of yourself and others

Discover and learn the fundamentals of controlling your psychic abilities

Learn to access your intuition on demand

Learn to recognize and trust your “gut instincts”

You will also learn the first three phases of the Remote Viewing process, including:

Phase 1 - Ideograms

Get more comfortable with the secret language of ideograms and Phase 1.

Learn how to use ideograms to keep you safe and give you warnings ahead of time.

Phase 2 - Describing

Dive much deeper into Phase 2 where you will learn how to describe the aspects of a hidden photographic target using sensory and dimensional information.

Phase 3 - Sketching!

Even if you can’t draw a straight line, I will teach you a variety of ways to graphically depict the target.

What Happy Students Have to Say About Lori’s CRV Courses

Andy Raum, Retired Attorney
Nina Smith


You get access to Module 1 when you register and a new Module every week.


$ 997 (Save 12.5%)

One-time payment


$ 297

4 monthly payments


$ 220

6 monthly payments

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What Happy Students Have to Say About Lori’s CRV Courses

Nathalie Bentolila, Writer and Theater Director
Michael Totaro, Jr.

You know that you have an incredible sense of sight….
It is a gift, isn’t it? 


But what if you walked around in extremely dark sunglasses day and night? What would you miss?

The sight of children playing with joy. Colorful sunrises and sunsets. So much beauty is all around us, if we only open our eyes.

What if you wore earplugs all day? What would you miss?

The sounds of birds in the morning, water burbling in the creek nearby, the wind in the trees, the sweet voice of a loved one…

Yes, your sense of hearing is a gift, too.

Just like your sense of sight and hearing, you were given a natural sense of intuition at birth.

But like those sunglasses and earplugs, self-doubt, skepticism and fear can cause us to suppress or deny that gift.

Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, allows you to open up and develop that precious and powerful ability.
It removes the obstacles that are like sunglasses and earplugs to your mind.

Most of us have considerations…. Like time and money…. And perhaps even bigger…Fear.

Those considerations keep us from having, being or doing what we really want.

Everybody knows that staying in your comfort zone can seem easy and safe.

But moving outside the familiar, cushy places in our lives can open doors to adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

Is this the opportunity you’ve been seeking? Is CRV for you? Is it finally your turn to invest in yourself?

If so, I would be honored to be your trainer and guide on this new journey through Consciousness.

Sign up below, and the adventure begins…



$ 997 (Save 12.5%)

One-time payment


$ 297

4 monthly payments


$ 220

6 monthly payment

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Who is Lori Williams?
What is CRV?
CRV stands for Controlled Remote Viewing, a step-by-step written process designed and utilized by the U.S. military to allow anyone, anywhere, to access and control his or her intuition -- CRV provides a technique and a platform that allows the Viewer how to separate true intuitive perceptions from imagination and random thoughts.
How long does it take to complete the program?
The program is set up to complete within six weeks. But you can take as long as you like.

But don’t think of the program like a college course that you complete and then you’re done. I recommend that you watch the videos multiple times and take notes in your own words to help you master the information.

And like any skill, the more your practice, the better your results will be. So think of Controlled Remote Viewing like a muscle that needs to be exercised to make it strong, accurate, and useful.

How can I tell whether I have any intuitive ability?
As you focus on learning the structure, the accuracy will come. You will be surprised at how intuitive you are! These abilities will continue to surface as you practice.

Let’s face it. Some people poke fun at things like psychic powers, intuition and remote viewing. But some of the earliest writings from ancient times indicate that human beings have been studying and cultivating intuitive techniques for thousands of years.

The techniques were so powerful that rulers often reserved the knowledge for themselves, explaining it as a special gift that only they possessed. But the truth is that everyone has intuitive ability, just as everyone has the ability to think. Some develop their power of thought to master vast stores of knowledge. Others use their brain only to get by.

So, don’t be afraid to explore your intuitive capabilities and develop your skills. Your intuition may turn out to be just a practical skill you can use in your daily life. Or it may be turn out to be an amazing gift. You’ll never know until you try.

Doesn’t intuition seem too good to be true?
It sure does. But to me, eyesight seems too good to be true. Likewise hearing, the senses of touch, the ability to taste — all miraculous. And think of the miracle that happens when you hold a flower near your nose — what a divine experience.

And what about my ability to know that 2 + 2 = 4? Someone whose name we will never know figured out the basics of arithmetic and taught her friends how to add. Genius! Now we can calculate the distance to the stars or the space between two molecules.

The techniques in this program may seem like science fiction — until you begin to use them. Then, in time, the skills of CRV will become a very natural part of how you experience the world.

Can CRV be practiced in groups of people?
Certainly! I encourage you to visit our private Yahoo e-group and get to know other members of the program. You are free to partner with like-minded people from all over the world to make valuable friendships as you explore the mysteries of CRV.
How long do I get to use the program?
When you enroll, your membership includes “lifetime” access (as long as the Internet exists, and we have the ability to keep it up!) to all the program materials and to the CRV private Yahoo e-group.
How do I enroll in the program?
For instant access, click the link below to go to the secure enrollment site. You’ll be able to select your method of payment and enter your basic profile information. And you’ll be ready to dive right in!
What if I have no time to practice?
When I began my study of CRV, I had a house full of children, my husband was gone on the road for his job 90% of the time, and I had a crazy full-time job running a refugee resettlement program. I can’t imagine anyone being busier than I was. So, I developed a number of ways to squeeze in my practice time. Practicing with my ideogram program takes 3 minutes per day. Phase 1 target practice (once you become familiarized and comfortable with the structure) takes about 5 minutes per day. Then set up a schedule to practice your Phase 1 and 2 skills, including summarizing your results, weekly. Depending on your schedule, you can practice once a week, or three times a week. I used to carry a clipboard with paper, a pen, and a photo in an envelope with me everywhere! I would practice while waiting at the dentist’s office, on a bus, in the airport, and during breaks at work. I practiced at the park while my kids played on the jungle gym. When developing your intuitive skills is a priority, believe me, you find the time, just as you find the time for anything else that is a priority in your life. You’ve got this! I know you can do it!
What if I am no good at this?
Give it some time. Everything worth something, costs something. You will go through ups and downs. Some people are really good at certain types of targets, and really suck at other types of targets. That is normal. No one is good at everything. Can you be kind and patient with yourself while you are learning? Give yourself and this process a chance.
What if I need help or I have questions?
You can post questions in the Yahoo e-group and I will go in at least once or twice a week to answer. My answers to you will benefit everyone, so you are doing a service to the whole group when you ask. I will also be doing periodic Live Q&A for you and my other students, via Zoom.
How much will the CRV Membership cost after the free month?
$49 per month. The CRV Membership is optional and you can cancel anytime at the click of a button.
How do I continue my studies after the six weeks?
As a bonus, you will receive one free month in my CRV Membership program, The CRVers Club! In the club, you will receive weekly content that will bring you along a “progress path” where you can continue to grow and learn as a remote viewer. The weekly content includes a combination of live and recorded lessons with me, monthly assignments, instructional pdfs and emails.
How do I separate my imagination from real psychic information?
The CRV structure helps you do that. Practice, experience and post-session analysis (which I teach you how to do) also puts you on the path to greater accuracy. We work on this continually throughout the Progress Path.
Can anyone learn this?
This is a step-by-step process, and anyone can learn it. At first, the structure feels awkward. Then it becomes second nature, just like driving a stick shift car! The first time I tried to learn to drive a car with a manual transmission, I cried, because I couldn’t remember which foot did what! But a month later, I was driving without even thinking about it. The structure of CRV is the same. It was created to give the Conscious mind something to keep it busy, so that the Subconscious mind can speak. It requires two things from you: Patience and Practice -- the two P’s.
How hard or easy is this?
That depends on your own perception. There are people who wake up every day, convinced that everything is difficult. There are those who wake up knowing that today will be an amazing day. Attitude is everything. Any time we learn something new -- something that takes us out of our routine and out of that which feels comfy and familiar -- we feel challenged. It feels uncomfortable at first! But then, the brain forms new neuro-pathways and it becomes easier.
How do I know when I am at the Target?
Often, you don’t. You just keep gathering information as it pours in from the Subconscious, writing it down within the CRV structure, and trusting the process. Along the way, nouns will pop in. Set them aside and keep going. Pictures and stories may form in your mind. Set them aside and keep trusting the process. Don’t worry about whether you are at the target. Then, summarize what you got in session. Once you have summarized, you can see your target photo/feedback. How did you do?
How much time and how often do I need to practice?
That depends on your schedule and your life. I would suggest practicing once a week at a minimum. You can also break up your practice. For example, 15 to 30 minutes a day, taking a break and resuming the next day. One target can be spread out over a week. There are so many ways to practice!
How do I do this with a busy schedule and how much time does this program take?
For the six-week course, the videos are deliberately kept “short and sweet” so you can watch one while cleaning up the kitchen, for example. Watch another while you in the bathroom shaving or brushing your teeth. You don’t have to complete the program in six weeks if you don’t want to. I love learning and always have a course going in my life. But I am busier than anyone I know. That is how I do it -- I turn on a video while I am doing my usual rote activities that I have to do anyway. Watch one while you put on your makeup or while you are dressing.
How long does it take the average person to develop the ability to do remote viewing?
There is no such thing as the average person. Anyone can remote view from the first day! But how long it takes to become dependably accurate depends on the remote viewer, how much he or she practices, the type(s) of targets being viewed, personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as any personal fears or resistances any one person may be carrying.
Are you going to have videos and repetitious exercises as part of the six-week program?
The six-week program is the same information that I teach in my very popular, always-sold-out three-day Basic CRV workshop, except that it is spread out over 6 weeks, and contains short, easy-to-follow videos. There are accompanying pdf handouts, exercises and homework assignments.
How do I learn Controlled Remote Viewing without an Instructor?
Teachers are a shortcut to learning. Some people try to learn this without a teacher, but only can get so far in their development. Everyone needs support and a community.
Is CRV really for me, and why?
I can’t answer that. Only you can. I have created this free video series to help you understand what CRV is, specifically so that you can determine if CRV is for you… and why. If you haven’t yet watched the series, I suggest that you do so you can get a feel if CRV is the path for you.
If I take your course, as a remote viewer, what level of confidence can I expect to reach?
Again, that depends on you, how often you practice, whether you adhere to the structure, and how determined you are to stick with it and succeed. Those who do best are those who stick with it and keep practicing.
What is the refund policy?
We like to keep things simple and focus on customer satisfaction. The Practical Remote Viewing program is protected by our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee! Simply send us an email at within 14 days of the program start date of August 19th 2019 or your purchase date, whichever is latest, and we'll be happy to refund your entire purchase.
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In these Times of Uncertainty,
Learn to Access and Control Your Intuition to Improve and Protect Your Life, Career or Business!