Great Remote Viewing Books

Looking for Some Great Remote Viewing Books?

What a great time to be catching up on your reading! 

And why waste time on frivolous pursuits when you can be expanding your mind and learning to travel on the wings of Consciousness?


First, I am thrilled to tell you that my 2nd book, Boundless:  Your How-To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing - Phase 1 is now available in Paperback!  YAY!  (Geez, it feels like it took forever...  but I am glad it is finally here!)

This book is a true labor of love, and a test.  Why a test?  All my mentors told me that CRV (and/or PRV) cannot be taught from a book.

I looked over so many books on remote viewing, and none of them truly teach how to do it.

Could this be taught in a way that is simple, fun, and easy-to-comprehend?


This first book on PRV teaches everything I cover in the first day of my 3-day CRV workshop.

That is the equivalent of eight hours of teaching!

Here is the blurb from the book jacket:

Boundless: Your How-To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing — Phase One is the first in a series of easy-learning manuals; each one designed to take you through an exciting odyssey into the far reaches of time and space via the best of all vehicles: the subconscious mind. Join author Lori Williams as she shares her own journey from missionary and social worker to professional Remote Viewer, and discover how easily you, too, can use your innate abilities to improve your relationships, your career, and your life.

My goal is to eventually write up all six phases or stages of the military remote viewing process in this same, simple-to-understand style.  Let's have FUN!

Stay tuned for that!  (They may eventually be available as a boxed set!)

Why would you want to read about remote viewing?

Boundless teaches the fundamentals of how the whole process works, so you can understand the mechanics of left/right brain functions and the interaction of the Conscious mind with the Subconscious mind.

Believe me, it isn't boring!  Not if you find the concept of Time Travel fascinating!  Remote viewing is the ultimate time travel machine!  What an amazing vehicle to allow you to go anywhere in all of Time and Space!

Once you are trained as a Remote Viewer, you'll want to learn how to train someone to monitor you!  You can do that through my book, Monitoring: A Guide for Remote Viewing and Professional Intuitive Teams.


What others say: 

"I sure wish we had had this book when I was viewing for the military.  It would have helped tremendously." -- Melvin Riley, former military remote viewer.

Lori Williams is one of our greatest remote viewers and this book is truly a gem. As a psychic detective who uses tools from remote viewing, being monitored and monitoring colleagues, is an important aspect of the work, especially when helping to identify locations of living and deceased people and landmarks. The wisdom and tips in Lori's book are very helpful, so much so that I am sending a copy to my monitor. Highly recommend for anyone doing professional work with their intuitive system, including those who are new to the skill of monitoring.  - Amazon verified purchase

Other Remote Viewing books I love:

The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan

One of my favorite books is The Seventh Sense by my mentor, Lyn Buchanan.  It is one of the easiest, pleasant reads you can find on remote viewing.  While the book doesn't teach remote viewing, it gives enough information that you can easily understand how the military program came to be, and a lot of the concepts that govern the process.  Plus, it tells Lyn's own story in a very entertaining, exciting way!

Joe McMoneagle's books...

When I first began my remote viewing studies, I was fascinated by Joe McMoneagle's books.  He just had one out at the time:  Mind Trek.  While it has been years (24 to be exact) since I have read it, I remember that I was very motivated to learn CRV after reading it.

Joe went on to write a number of books on remote viewing.  We don't agree on everything, Joe and I -- but he is a wonderful man and I love him.  The main thing that I want to emphasize is that Joe doesn't really believe in the written process of CRV.  After several near-death experiences, Joe is a natural psychic and doesn't need anything to enhance that.  Yet, by his own admission, he is only right about 50% of the time.

The written process of CRV is designed to take anyone (and I mean anyone) and allow them to use the method to extract a LOT of accurate information and detail about anything in all of Time and Space.

Do You See What I See? by Russell Targ

This is a very funny book written by my old friend, Russell Targ.  What a sense of humor!  The book is the tale of Russ's life as a blind biker!  Yes.  A blind biker.  But it gives a lot of insight into the raw beginnings of the remote viewing program.

Remote Viewers:  The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies by Jim Schnabel

This was one of my first reads about remote viewing, and it is terrific.  Great for history buffs.

PSI Spies by Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs handed me one of his books, called Rule by Secrecy.  "You don't know who I am, do you?" he asked.  "No sir, I am sorry, but I don't," I confessed. This was 20 years ago, and I was assisting Lyn Buchanan teach a remote viewing class in his home.  Young and rather innocent, all I knew was that Lyn asked me to talk with Jim so he could be freed up to teach at that moment.  "I'm the guy who wrote the book that Oliver Stone based the movie JFK on!"  Well, I had seen that movie!  Now I knew that the man standing in front of me was a serious journalist.

Jim addressed remote viewing in several of his books, most prominently in PSI Spies, but also in the famous Alien Agenda.  All of Jim's books are tremendously informative and really good reads!

A Final Word

Using this time to enhance our understanding of this amazing reality in which we live is a good investment of our most precious commodity:  Time.  Life is short!  Let's learn all we can while we are here.  Make the most of who you are:  Go for the gusto!  YOU are AMAZING.  Your mind has the ability to traverse the Cosmos and explore this dimension and more.

What will you do with the time you have left on this planet?  I encourage you to develop your own skills and become all you can be.

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