You Are the Universe

Lately, I have been reading a book called You Are the Universe by Deepak Chopra, MD and MenasKafatos, PhD.

Reading this paperback version of this amazing book, written by an MD and a physicist, can be daunting in the light of day. I’ve found, however, that if I listen while I sleep, profound AHA moments burst into my consciousness, waking me up with revelations of a cosmic nature.

The question being pondered was “What came before the Big Bang?” The answer, filtered down by my subconscious mind to a granular level, is “information.”

The example used was something like this: My name is Lori. It was Lori when I was born and it is Lori when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night. That information is unchanging.

However, I feel that the name example is a poor one, simply because a name is a label and labels do change. They come and go. I could go to court today and change my name.

But the point is well taken that Information requires no space, time or matter.

Consciousness, Truth and Information


Rather than “information”, I prefer to use the term, Consciousness. Consciousness existed before Time, Space, Matter, Gravity.
Consciousness encompasses information and more. Truth is another option. Truth is truth.

You could argue that I may have one truth and you may have another, but that is not truth, it is perception. It is opinion. Real “truth” is immutable. Unchangeable.

I am no scholar, but I think of information as facts learned in school. For example, we may study information that shows us the way water is formed when hydrogen and oxygen mix in the correct percentages or how fire comes to be, or what life is on a molecular level. That is information! The nightly news informs us of new laws passed by Congress today. That is information.

I may read something that seems factual but turns out to be a lie. At the moment I was told that piece of information, it was incorrect, but I still perceive it as information. It is not factual, but it is considered to be “information.”

On the other hand -- Truth is indisputable. It does not depend on dogma, religion, belief or labels.

I think that what the authors are alluding to (and I have to say “I think” because I only listen to the book while I am sleeping) is that maybe there was no “Big Bang”. They bring up a variety of theories, and each has its own name. Rather than getting into that weighty material, let’s keep things simple.

Let’s play “What If”.

“What if Truth, Consciousness and Love are the same? Jesus said, “God is Love.” That is Truth. If God is Love, than Love is far more than mere emotion. Love is a power stronger than anything!

What if matter, space and time come into existence “as needed?” You drive to the edge of the Universe and discover that there is no end because the closer you get to the edge, stars and planets and the space between them form ahead of you? You think they have always been there, but perhaps they are coming into existence as you approach them.

“If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound?” Maybe not.

If – as physics seems to indicate – we are all connected on a cosmic level, than perhaps Consciousness creates reality as perception requires.

When we reach the edge of the Universe, we may never reach the edge of the Universe – simply because it (the Universe) expands on and on and on as we drive through it, manifesting itself along the way, coming into existence through the threads of information/truth that tie reality together.

Love and Imagination


If, as Jesus said, “God is Love” – than Love creates Matter and Time and Space through Information or truth... WHEN it is need. (Keeping in mind that “when” is a time-related word.) Let’s change that to “AS it is needed.”

Reality manifests because Information, Truth and Love are constant and unchangeable, and have always existed – before Space or Time or Matter or Gravity.

The authors comment that Einstein did not use math to come up with the theories of relativity. (Yes, there are more than one.)
E = MC2 came up because he loved to imagine a problem and then imagine a solution.

I find it fascinating that he used his imagination, and I can’t help but ponder – what if Einstein’s “imaginings” were actually his way of tapping into the information that exists all around us?

How Remote Viewing Works

Tesla proved – by lighting up a hill in Colorado Springs – that we are surrounded by electricity. Electricity is power. He was able to tap into it and lit up a huge area without wires! Free electricity!

What if Truth is like that? It exists all around us, and when we tap into it, we are unlimited in our ability to transcend Space/Time and Matter! What if THAT is WHY we are able to remote view?

Maybe... that is why CRV works. Maybe THAT is why “There are no secrets.”

Perhaps reality is a mesh or a net in which we live, the threads of which are what connects us all. We are not only connected to each other, we are also all connected to every moment of Time and through all Space.

The Past, Present and Future exist all around us, and all we have to do is tap in... much like Tesla, tapping into electricity. We gather that information through the portal we recognize as The Subconscious Mind.

Controlled Remote Viewing provides us a written, step-by-step technique that allows us to access the Subconscious Mind, which is essentially plugged into this field of information – Truth – or whatever you want to call it. Remote Viewers are like the Nikola Tesla of Consciousness.

Our minds are the vehicle through which we traverse this amazing, multi-dimensional reality. Our minds are the invisible wires that connect us – the lights on Tesla’s hill –so that we can experience anything in all of Time and Space... and discover -- perhaps even create -- new realities.

Your mind is powerful. With it, you could be creating a new reality. What will you choose to tap into today?

Big hug,

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