Exactly what is the relationship between meditation and remote viewing? Read this blog to find out.

Do I Need to Meditate to Remote View?


Often, I am asked, “Is it necessary to meditate before doing a remote viewing session?” Or, “Will it improve my remote viewing results if I meditate first?”
There is very limited data on how meditation (or failing to meditate) affects remote viewers.  I believe it depends on the remote viewer.

But the short answer is: No.  You don’t have to meditate before you do a session.  Will it improve your accuracy?  Maybe.  Keep some data by clearly logging those sessions done right after meditating versus those sessions done without meditation.


What Do Meditation and Remote Viewing Have in Common?

The Border

Meditation and remote viewing have a lot in common.  During both meditation and often in a remote viewing session, we reach the border of Consciousness within ourselves, and just as we are about to fall off the edge, another horizon appears.  


Both meditation and remote viewing require discipline.  It takes discipline to practice and it takes discipline to control ourselves during the practice.  And both meditation and remote viewing require honesty.  We have to be honest with ourselves.


Courage -- to Learn About Yourself

In meditation, when sitting in silence without the distractions we normally have all around us, we have nothing to do but face ourselves.  We must come to terms with whatever reveals itself.  That takes an enormous amount of courage.  

In a similar way, remote viewing teaches us a lot about ourselves – both the overt, loud parts we simply never recognized, and the more subtle things we avoided seeing.  As an example of something more overt,  I had never realized that I had a horrible fear of heights until it became very apparent that I would stop viewing whenever a target involved something very high up.  

After a number of failed remote viewing sessions involving heights, my mentor pointed out the obvious by asking, “Do you have a fear of heights?”  A cascade of memories flashed through my mind of the many times I felt terror and panic because I was somewhere up high: A tree house.  The roof of a tall building. Looking over a cliff during a hike. How had I never realized that before?

The more subtle parts of us reveal themselves when we discover our hidden prejudices and the erroneous judgements we make on a regular basis.  During our day to day lives, we may not notice these things, but when we look at our feedback after a remote viewing session, we can easily see where we jumped to a conclusion based on circumstantial evidence – meaning the perceptions that came to us while viewing.  The perceptions were accurate; the conclusions were not.

The Difference between Meditation and Remote Viewing

There have been many times during a remote viewing session when I feel myself slipping deeper and deeper into the target.  The sensation doesn’t have the same emptiness of meditation, because I don’t feel that vast open expanse that I feel during meditation.  There is a sense of surprise, of anticipation – what’s coming next?  The surprise comes because nothing is what I expected it to be.  


The Expectations We Don’t Expect

Often, I don’t realize beforehand that I have any expectations at all.  But the sense of surprise reveals that I did indeed have an expectation that only becomes apparent when whatever appears in my mind’s eye leaves me filled with wonder.  

Then, like a hound dog on the trail, I eagerly follow the glowing breadcrumbs that light a path before me.


Reporting Your Findings While Bi-Locating

Words fail me when I try to describe what it is like to slip deeply into a remote viewing session.  The goal of Controlled remote viewing (as opposed to other types of remote viewing) is to report your findings. That can be tricky if you allow yourself to become very, very relaxed.  How can you allow yourself to become so deeply immersed in the target that you feel you are barely awake anymore – and yet continue to write?  


Surfing the Quantum Wave

To my students, I describe it as “surfing the Quantum Wave”.  It is a balancing act between staying upright on the wave, feeling somewhat in control, and falling deep into the water, where you could drown in the sensations, emotions, and visuals that overwhelm you.  


Reaching the “Edge”

This morning. I was listening to a talk by Adyashanti, who explained how -- during meditation --one reaches an “edge” within.  An ah-ha moment, or a new discovery is revealed and you learn something about yourself or about life.  And with each new revelation you are moving to a new level. 


Level Up!

As I listened, I thought about my grandkids playing video games that are all about conquering this level so that the next level will open up.  The goal is to successfully get through all the levels and win the game.

Life often feels like that:  We are constantly battling one problem or one issue – sometimes several all at once!  And years later, in retrospect, we realize that we did get past those levels.  And as soon as we did, new ones opened up.  While we are in the thick of it, we can’t see the forest for the trees!  We can’t imagine how we will get past a certain issue, or how we will solve this new dilemma.  

But then the clouds open and a tiny bit of blue sky shows itself, and you realize it won’t be storming forever.  At some point, things will become sunny again. 

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