The day before yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well. I have Celiac’s disease, which is a genetic intolerance to the chain protein (called Gluten) found primarily in wheat, barley and rye grains. We had eaten at a restaurant the day before, and whatever it was didn’t agree with me.

Have you ever noticed how, when you don’t feel well, everything can look bleak?

While feeling sick, I read an inspirational passage in my current favorite book, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, and guess what? It meant nothing to me. Didn’t move me at all.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling great! I re-read that passage and I was blown away with the meaning and how it affected me.

Has that ever happened to you?

Do you ever see something a certain way one minute, and then see it totally different a few days later? Often, just taking a walk outside makes my whole demeanor improve.

Memories of Happier Times

The dark times of our lives can be brightened by our knowledge and memories of happier times. The same is true of friendships.

Do you have one of those friends that you only see once in a great while, but when you do, it is as if you have never been apart? You just take up right where you left off. Whenever you think of that friend, you feel close to him or her, even if you haven’t seen that person in 5 years! We hold them in our hearts!

And like friendships, many of us have lifelong experiences with Truth or Love or God. I saw how, at time, I despair because I am feeling “disconnected” from that wonderful Spirit that burns like a flame within.

Do You Ever Feel “Disconnected”?

Do you ever feel disconnected? As if you are adrift alone at sea? I definitely experience moments like these. I think everyone does. A feeling that you have somehow become separated from God, The Universe, or even your children or another loved one.

But like you, I have also definitely also experienced many wonderful moments of connection, where I felt amazingly and lovingly connected to God, the Universe and my children and loved ones. Moments where I have immersed myself in deep truths.

These Moments are Not Constant

These moments are not constant, just like any relationship. It is unrealistic to expect constant “enlightenment” or a constant connection to God or “Truth” or the Universe. Even the relationships closest to us ebb and flow.

I am closer to my husband, Jim, than I have ever been to another human being in my entire life. We have days in which we are like ships passing in the night, saying hi and hugging once in a while throughout the day, but both of us mostly busy with our own To Do lists. Then we climb in bed. We either fall asleep right away, or we cuddle and connect. Other days, we are inseparable and spend the entire day in deep, fulfilling conversations.

Nothing in our World is Constant

Nothing in our world is constant and permanent and unchanging. We always hear “Everything Changes” – but I used to think of that in a bigger way, like the way children become adults, or the way water created the Grand Canyon. Things change over time, I thought.

But now I see that things change from minute to minute. One moment, you may be embraced in a moment of passion with your partner and the next moment, you are hanging laundry or washing dishes. That moment of passion lights up your heart and stays with you while you do your chores. It is no longer happening, but the memory of it glows forever within.

“Always” in the Spirit?

Throughout my life, I have had unrealistic expectations of walking around always “in the Spirit” – always loving, always joyful, always wise, always connected. But that would not be LIFE. Life just isn’t like that!

Some days we feel great and we have energy. Some days, we feel sick and we need to stay in bed. Some days, we have a lot to give, and some days, we just don’t and it takes all we have to just go through the motions and carry on the best that we can.

We are Always Connected

What I have learned is that we are always learning and growing, regardless. And I think on some level, we are always connected. Just not always in the way we want to be. Or maybe it’s that our subconscious minds are always plugged in, but we are not always consciously aware of it. We long for that magical feeling. We want that exhilaration. When we have days of sadness, we think we are broken or failing.

No. We are simply humans, getting through life as best we can. You don’t have to feel like an unworthy, terrible person when you are going through something. The fact that you have experienced love, joy, truth, connection... at any time in your life – can light you up and see you through when you are not at your best.

You can love yourself when you are at your ugliest.

You can love yourself when you are at your ugliest. Just as you know you love your kids, or your pets, or your parents or spouse or friends... even when you are not with them. Love is there, regardless. God is there, regardless. The Universe has your back, regardless. The Universe has ALL of our backs.

When Our World is Falling Apart...

While the planet is going through changes and storms, fires, floods, war, pestilence, disease, and death abound... When the future is uncertain – remember that the bigger picture is that Consciousness never dies. We will all be okay in the long run.

Our Notions about Happiness Entrap Us

Thich Nhat Hanh said, Our notions about happiness entrap us. We forget that they are just ideas. Our idea of happiness can prevent us from actually being happy. We fail to see the opportunity for joy that is right in front of us when we are caught in a belief that happiness should take a particular form.

Do Not Lose Yourself in the Past

And he offered this last piece of advice: Do not lose yourself in the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. Do not get caught in your anger, worries or fears. Come back to the present moment, and touch life deeply.

Love is the Most Powerful Force

I love you and am so grateful that you are part of this circle of love. Thank you for being you and for being here with me as we explore the amazing realms of Consciousness.

Happy Viewing!

Much love,

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