Getting tired while remote viewing?

I have been getting really tired during crv sessions.

It happens when I read through my old ones as well. I have fallen asleep during a couple of sessions and I barely remember anything I wrote down. I have a really hard time doing my analysis too because I just want to pass out. Is this normal? Does it pass or is it just something I have to get used to and plan for?

/I’ve gone through stages like that, too. Try varying your viewing times.  In the Admin section where you normally write your viewing location, put a note about your circumstances. For example, let’s say you are viewing at your dining table on a Sunday afternoon, right after lunch. Make a note of all that. The next time you view, try doing it right after a work out or a walk, and be sure to note that in the Admin section.

The next time, try doing it first thing in the morning. The next time, try it right after you meditate. Etc. Then, look over all those sessions and note which ones had the most accuracy. Which ones were you the most awake for? See if a pattern develops. You might discover that you fall asleep right after a meal, and stay awake right after a workout.  Try viewing outdoors, as opposed to the bedroom. I found that I do much better sitting at a picnic table in a park, rather than at my desk in my home office.  Just vary things up, keep data, and do what works best for you.

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