SUBJECT: A New Year of Exploration

I know you have faced challenges this past year, and yet – here you are, still alive and kickin’!

Exploring the Mystery

While out on a walk this evening, I was thinking about how we are all here, exploring the Mystery. I used to think of the Mystery as something so far off, so mystical. Now I realize that we are all immersed in the Mystery every day, with each breath we take. Just living day to day requires such courage. It takes a deep sense of wonder to make us open our eyes and see how we fit into the matrix of this reality that surrounds us.

If 2020 has been hard on you, if you have felt at times as though you have fallen and life pressed down on you like a steam roller, keeping you from getting back up – know that you are not alone. Many feel as though we are all in some sort of strange futuristic sci-fi adventure. 

Energies and Frequencies

Sometimes, sad feelings just come. They are a normal part of life, especially when things are so uncertain – as they are now. I am learning to embrace the full range of emotions, accepting that they are a part of life and of our current reality. I remind myself that nothing is permanent, and this is just a moment in time along the path.

We are all being affected by the energies and frequencies that are vibrating all over the globe. Whether you lie awake in the middle of the night feeling some intangible sense of unease, or whether you are pulling at the bit to do more, go more places and just to BE more – know that this moment in history is very important – and you are a part of it.

Stop the World! I Want to Get Off!

Many souls are departing the planet right now. I imagine them saying, “Stop the world! I want to get off!” as events play out that seem almost surreal. And while those who have left us fulfilled their time here, we who remain know that we have stayed for a reason.

You Make a Difference

The role you play right now in the history is crucial. Never doubt what a difference one person can make – and you are that person.

“What can I do?” you may ask. I ask myself that, too. So many people will be alone over the holidays. This is the first Christmas that we won’t be with our huge family. Thinking about many of our friends living nearby who will be alone over the holidays, we wondered if there was a way we could cheer them up and so something safe to encourage them.

All Our Chickens are Roosters…

 The other day, we took a drive up into the mountains, stopping at a feed store to buy chicken scratch. (Yes, we have chickens. I think they are all roosters…) 

The feed store had cozy soft socks on sale. We decided to buy a bunch to wrap and drop off to our neighbors, along with a cheery note of love and companionship. That isn’t much, to be sure, but we know some of them sure could use a bit of encouragement. 

2021, Here We Come!

As we turn our faces toward the new year just ahead, I like to ponder the year that has just passed:

  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What is your greatest desire or wish for the coming year, in both your own life and for the world at large?
  • Is there a quote or lyric or poem or scripture that captures your desire or prayer for the coming year that you could post on your fridge or hang from your mirror?

That is how Jim and I will be bringing in the New Year. We spend the afternoon on December 31st writing these things down in our journals. Then, close to midnight, we light a large candle that represents God, Jesus, the Universe… We take turns stating what we are most grateful for, and our wish for the coming year. Taking a small candle in our hands, we light it from the large candle as the clock strikes midnight.

You are My Reason…

You are source of motivation and encouragement to me. Each day, I think of you and know that you are my reason to be here. Sharing this journey and exploring the mystery with you is such an honor and a joy.

Jim and my team and I look forward to providing you with more classes, more live webinars, and more FUN in 2021. See you there!

Big hug,


Lori Williams Signature

PS – I have procrastinated about putting up my class calendar for 2021, but keep an eye on the website, as it will be going up soon. I will start with a sort of skeleton calendar and add to it as the year progresses. Live three-day workshops to look for: Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing, CRV Medical Application (Med Apps), and Beyond Advanced: CRV for Professional Viewers. You can read all about these classes on my website:

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