How Important is it for a Remote Viewer to be able to Visualize?

Many new remote viewers fear that they are unable to visualize. That is a discouraging thought for some who are new at remote viewing and working on building their remote viewing skills!

While it is true that some people are more naturally "visual" while others may be more auditory or kinesthetic, anyone can learn to improve their visualization abilities.

Bring All Your Talents to the Table...

Before I jump into how to improve your visualization abilities, first let me reassure you about something: World class remote viewers come in all shapes and sizes. And each one has his or her own gifts that he or she brings to the table, much like superheroes each have a role to play in saving the world, right?

Can Visualization be a Hindrance to Remote Viewing?

People who have a very vivid imagination and visualize super-easily often find themselves being led astray by the visuals that constantly pop into their heads while viewing. They build a million castles each time they attempt a remote viewing session.

Alternatives to Visualization

If you are one of the people lamenting that you have difficulty visualizing things, take heart: Some excellent remote viewers are just like you. Instead of focusing on trying to "see" the target verbatim, they focus on other sensory information they can pick up at the target.

They note the smells, sounds, tastes and textures there, and are very good at that.

They may be great at noting the dimensions of things at the target: How big is it? How wide? How tall?

They may be great at sensing how various gestalts relate to each other at the target: "The large manmade object is floating above the water..." is an example.

How Important is Imagination?

I love the idea of being unlimited. And I really enjoy my imagination. They say that reading a good fictional novel is good for you, because it causes you to create a sort of movie in your mind as you imagine the characters acting out the story. Supposedly, the act of imagining and fantasizing can even stave off Alzheimer's disease.

While castle building can be a problem for those with very active imaginations, a good remote viewer will eventually -- with consistent practice -- learn how to overcome the obstacles that get in every remote viewer's way.

So, let's go ahead and look at some ways (other than reading an exciting novel!) that you can improve your own ability to visualize.

Some Easy Exercises:


When you park in a parking lot, as you walk away, look back at your car and take a mental photograph of where it is and how it looks there. Then, turn your back on it, close your eyes, and see that mental snapshot in your mind's eye. After shopping, as you come out of the store, again visualize your mental snapshot and feel where the car is parked in relation to where you are standing. This is helpful to realize that you definitely can visualize.


Go look at your living room. Take a mental photograph. Go into another room, sit down, and pull up that mental photograph of your living room. Now imagine that it is painted a different color.

  • Try red walls.
  • Now try blue walls.
  • Now yellow walls.
  • Etc.


Go for a walk outside. As you pass each house around you, notice the ambience change. Take note of all the colors you see. Notice all the smells. The sounds. When you do this, really dive deep into each sensory individually. You'll notice all the obvious stuff first. Then move to the less obvious.

For example, when you notice sounds, the noisiest are most noticeable at first. Traffic. Wind. Then you notice there is someone yelling at his dog down the street. There is someone starting a car in his garage. There is the crunching sound of your feet on the pavement.

With smells, they change as you walk. Fresh air. Then diesel fumes from a truck that just passed by. Then dryer sheets from a house you are in front of. As you continue down the street, you notice the smell of chicken frying from one house, the smell of steaks grilling from another house.

These exercises will greatly enhance your observation skills.

What Will These Exercises Do for Me?

You may be wondering why these exercises would matter if enhancing your visualization skills may increase your ability to build castles. Well, believe it or not, the benefits far outweigh the detriments. People who cannot visualize build castles, too! A Viewer who picks up the smell of bread baking at the target may become convinced that the target is a bakery, for example. Visualizing is not the only path to castle-building.

Visualization Benefits:

Improve Brain Health

Enhancing your imagination has a lot of benefits, including increasing your brain acuity, making you able to think faster and smarter, but as I mentioned before, it is really good for brain health and staving off Alzheimer's as you age.

But as a remote viewer, one of the most important skills to develop are observation skills.

Stay Alive and Alert

The ability to be truly observant and to really notice what is going on around you is crucial to your survival as we head into even more challenging days ahead. I've frequently said that remote viewing (especially CRV/PRV) is a survival skill for the future. That future is here!

Solve the Mystery

Most of us really want to make a difference in this lifetime. We want our lives to matter. We want the fact that we existed on the planet during this crucial time to mean something.

Observation skills play a role in world-class remote viewing. By being observant at the target, you pick up a lot of details other viewers may miss. And you never know when a tiny detail might be the key to solving the mystery, finding the missing person, discovering the answer to cold fusion, and much more.


Just reading this, just being here, being willing to learn and grow and DO something outside the box -- You deserve to be applauded! You may become one of the greatest heroes in the days to come.

I thank you for being a part of my world. And know that I am honored to be a part of yours!

Big hug,


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