A lot of people have been writing lately, asking why we moved to New Mexico. How did we make that decision? They want to know if we know something they don’t: “What is going to happen next?” “Where should we go?” “What should we do?” Etc.

To help answer these questions, I have written up two techniques that Jim and I use to determine what we should do and where we should go. We use this information as a supplement to solid methods for decision-making, which I also outline below.

Our Story

My husband, Jim, grew up on an apple farm in Southern NM. We met in Amarillo, Texas in 2001. In 2013, we began renovating a huge 7-bedroom, 3 living room, 4 full bathroom home. That took 4 years. The house was gorgeous when we finished, and we kept saying we would live there for the rest of our lives. We also used the place as a training center for my students.

Jim and I spent a lot of time in the evenings seeking guidance. I would do the remote viewing and Jim monitored me. We sensed various “energy shifts” from time to time that seemed to indicate coming changes, either politically, climactically, or in other ways.

Jim and I have always had a sense that we needed to be living off grid. We have 9 kids and 21 grandkids, and there was always a sense that we, personally, needed to do something to live in a more “earth-friendly” way. Our huge home had two central heat and air units, two water heaters, etc. We used a lot of water on a daily basis. We were living in comparative luxury, but it didn’t feel right.

In June of 2016, coming home from a short vacation in Colorado, we drove past the Earthship community near Taos, NM. We stopped at the Visitor’s Center there and learned all about Earthships. (I have a blog coming out on my website about Earthships in a few days, by the way). We were enthralled. It felt like “the answer” — and we wanted to learn more. We began binge-watching YouTube videos about Earthships whenever we had the chance.

Manifesting What We Need


One day, I said, “You know what we need? We need a big property with several already-built Earthships on them!” The very next day, searching on a website called greenhomesforsale.com, we found this property: 80 acres. Three Earthships. It was as if I put in my order to the Universe and BOOM! There it was!

We arranged for a visit. Over the next few months, we visited the property twice and stayed for 4 days each time. It looked rustic, primitive and like a lot of work.

My initial reaction was: “Yuk!!! NOOOOO!!!!”

But every couple of weeks, we would awaken in the middle of the night, thinking about the property. I joked, “It’s like when you meet someone you just know is bad for you, but you can’t stop thinking about them!” Jim was especially smitten with the place — even more than I was.

We decided to use a personal technique that we developed for our own personal use when we need answers. We were specifically wanting to know whether this property was where we needed to be. Our technique – which I may have to get into in a later blog – indicated that we were meant to live on this property -- that living here would allow our hearts to begin to “beat in time with the Earth” — as though the Earth has a heart, too, and we needed to get in sync with it. … if that makes any sense!

We made an offer on the property, much less than the original asking price, due to the amount of work the place needed after four years of abandonment. It took the owners four months – but they finally accepted. We sold our Texas home within one month of putting it on the market, allowing us to pay outright for the New Mexico property, and voila! Here we are, four years later.

Now we are spoiled. We don’t know if we could ever get used to living anywhere else. Gorgeous views, wide open spaces, and generally-speaking… wonderful weather. There is a windy season, which is not so pleasant. There are times of cold, but they are brief and normally not too extreme. There are times of heat - but again, not too extreme. Most of the time, it is absolutely wonderful here.

The Coming Global Superstorm


Living off-grid is more physically demanding than our previous lifestyles, but while Texas is currently having millions of people without power, heat or water, we are grateful to be snug, safe and warm in our Earthships, with full power, comfortable temps, and running water.

The current strange freezing situation in the southern states of the US is a situation that was predicted a while back in the book by Whitley Strieber and Art Bell called The Coming Global Superstorm. I recommend reading it.

The Strange winter storms that have over-taxed the power grid and caused the entire infrastructure of the mighty state of Texas to collapse show that we cannot depend on current systems. We need to become more independent — able to protect ourselves from extremes of temperature, grow our own food, and collect rain water.

“But What If People Try to Steal What I Have???”

Nowadays, those of us in the Western Hemisphere have all been taught to think “What is best for ME and MY family?” We may even think, “I have RIGHTS!”

But over time, Jim and I have fallen more in line with the Native American way of thinking, which – instead of “I have rights” -- is more like, “I have obligations — to my neighbors, to my people and especially to future generations.”

Instead of fearing those who might invade our property and steal what we have, we feel the solution is to be focusing on, "How can we ALL survive, together?”

Some ideas include saving and sharing seeds, helping each other build catchment systems and self-sufficient earth homes, teaching each other a variety of methods for growing food, and sharing with those who need help. This is how our ancestors survived. If we all work together to make sure no one goes hungry or thirsty, that no one is cold — that will eliminate the threat of those who have nothing taking from those who do.

Where to Live? Choose Your Poison...


I research possibilities for living all the time — something I do as a way to relax.  It seems everywhere has something. For example, I truly LOVE Ecuador and lived there for six years.  Ecuador has areas that are like Springtime all year around — in the 70’s! But Ecuador is prone to earthquakes and has active volcanos that are overdue for a big eruption.

In New Mexico, it is the lack of water. Most of the Southwest, including New Mexico, is in the midst of the worst drought in 100 years. Other places have hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, unstable governments, fires (California!) etc.

So, when it comes to deciding on where to live... it is almost like “choose your poison.”

How to Determine Your Ideal Location

As I mentioned above, I receive a lot of letters from people asking what we know, where to live, what is going to happen, etc.  You don’t have to be a remote viewer to see the handwriting on the wall.  The huge, unprecedented storms are just one thing that indicate we are heading for a big change.  The current political climate is very strange — and not just in the USA, either.  It is odd in many countries right now - very divisive and weird.

So the best advice I can give you is to seek your own counsel.  Meditate on a question, like “where should we live?” and see what comes up for you.

First, Determine Your Criteria:

What are you seeking?  Do you want to find the place in which you will be the happiest?  Do you want to find the place where you will be safest? Do you want to find the place where you will find the greatest level of prosperity and abundance?

What are your time frames? For example, you could ask, “I would like to know the ideal location where (my partner, spouse, children, etc. and) I will be the happiest and safest over the next 10 years.”

Once You Have Established Your Criteria:

Have someone mark the edges of a world map on a big piece of drafting paper.  Be sure they put an N on it so you know where North is on the map.  But you don’t have to keep it right-side up.  You can flip it over, turn it sideways, any way you like. By using just the drafting paper instead of the actual map itself, you keep yourself from being too distracted by the countries on the map.

State Your Question and FEEL for the Answer

Next, try stating your question — for example, “I would like to know the ideal location where (my partner, spouse, and) I will be the happiest and safest over the next 10 years" -- and then say out loud to yourself, “The ideal location will feel warm when I pass my hand over it.”  Or, if you prefer, say “I will see a flash of light when I pass my hand over the ideal location.”  Or, “I will hear a bell ring when I pass my hand over it.”  Or, “I will smell roses when I pass my hand over it.”   You get the idea.  Remember, the body is the link between the Conscious and the SubConscious minds, which is why we use our body — often via the 5 main senses -- to get answers.

Do It Quickly – Don’t Second-Guess!

The key is to do this quickly. If you second-guess it, if you take too long or linger… your conscious mind has taken over.  Do it FAST, and then go with the first thing that you get.  So again, quickly, mark the map with a colored marker on the spot that felt warmest, or smelled like roses or whatever.

Once you have a place marked on the giant piece of drafting paper, then you can lay the drafting paper right-side up on the actual map to see where you marked.  I have a big pad of onion-skin type paper that I purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

A Supplement to Common Sense

Do not make a huge change in your circumstances the very first time you try this technique!!! It should be a supplement to other, common-sense methods - like making a list of pro’s and con’s, another list of absolute must-haves of any place you live, etc.

Develop a Track Record of Accuracy

One way to practice and develop a track record of accuracy is to have someone choose an event — say, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, for example — and then, without telling you what has been chosen, have you “find the location of the chosen event on the map.”  You can practice this way for a few weeks with multiple events, and see how close you come to finding the correct location.  Once you are consistently accurate, you are ready to try your hand at determining the location that is best for you.

The Envelope Method

Ok, last tip:  Determine your criteria (happiness, abundance, fulfillment, weather, safety, whatever…) and then choose several locations where you think you would love to live.  Once you have done that, cut up several squares of paper — all identical — and write one location on each piece of paper.  So, if you have 3 chosen locations, you will have 3 pieces of paper with one location written on each piece.  Get 3 envelopes. Put one piece of paper into each envelope.

Mix up the envelopes so you have no idea which location is in which envelope.  Then, use one of the methods above to choose one of the envelopes.  “The location that is (safest, happiest, or whatever criteria you chose) will (feel hotter, or smell like roses, or flash brightly, or whatever) when I pass my hand over it.”  Then simply open the envelope that feels warmest, or smells like roses, etc.  Voila!  You have an answer.

Again, this is a supplement to intelligent, common sense methods for decision-making.

One Last Piece of Advice:

Always be open to the possibility that you are already exactly where you need to be.  When you are asking, “Which of these options is best for me?” the answer may be “None of them.”

It is obvious to most people that things are probably going to get worse before they get better.  We are facing some of the greatest challenges most of us have ever experienced.

Intuition is the key to surviving the days ahead.  Practice using your intuition on a regular basis to obtain the guidance you need for your life.  The more you use it, the more dependable it becomes!

Big hugs from our house to yours,


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