Are you hanging in there ok?

And most importantly, how are you feeling?

Emotions seem to be all over the place these days.  In this letter, I will share the latest from my "neck of the woods," along with the techniques I am using to stay sane during these challenging times.


How do we stay balanced when the entire world is in chaos?

How do we stay balanced when we are cut off from human contact in the ways to which we are accustomed?

The Pandemic, along with all of the other turmoil that has accompanied it, is like the perfect storm of adversity.  It has barged into our lives without permission -- and stolen our peace.



Red Flower


Balance and Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Today, I want to talk to you about maintaining your balance -- keeping your equilibrium when everything around you is just the opposite!

Recently, I found myself slipping down the rabbit hole.  I was waking up in the morning feeling depressed, sad, discouraged and ... for me, worst of all, is that I felt angry.

The anger surrounding us right now is palpable, and for many of us, because we are so empathic, we just tend to absorb other people's energies.  It isn't intentional.  It just happens.

Does that happen to you?  You can be in a great mood, and suddenly you aren't.  Then you realize that someone has come in downstairs, maybe your spouse or your teenager.  That person is in a foul mood.  And you picked up on that somehow and took it on.

The Importance of Detoxing

When I teach remote viewing classes, we always talk about the important task of detoxing after doing an rv session.  Why?  Because it is easy to inadvertently pick up something -- an attitude, a mood, an emotion -- from someone at the target.

Just as you know you need a shower to wash off the grime of the day, you need to detox to wash off any spiritual grime you may have taken on from someone at the target site you are viewing.

Even non-remote viewers need to do this.  Just going on social media... ugh.  You know what I mean...  If you spend any time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media sites, you know.  They are so filled with negativity!

It is important to detox from that, too!  How can you do that?  Keep reading.  It's coming...

Be Proactive

When I had gone about 3 or 4 days, feeling really bad -- just non-productive, uninspired, unhappy and (as I mentioned) angry, I realized I needed to be proactive.  I needed to take responsibility for my thoughts and my emotions, and I needed to DO something.

So, I made a shift.

Claim Your Day

In the mornings now, I make sure to claim my day.  I get up, stretch and flex to work out the kinks from being in bed all night, and then I listen to something inspiring and motivational while I do the normal morning duties, like making breakfast.  Often, I take advantage of the cool morning temperatures to get in a fast walk in the golden rays of the early sun.  Physical activity helps to ward off the blues.  (Remember:  The Body is the Link!)

Then I sit down and meditate quietly on my priorities.  What do I need to do today to fulfill my mission, to help others, to do that which is most important?

Inspiring Others

My mission in life is to inspire others.  How can I do that?

To inspire another person, I can't be indulging in my own misery.  When I reach past that and look for ways to encourage someone else, I find myself getting inspired, too.

Are you a leader?  You may not think so, but I believe you can be if you want to be.

To truly lead, we have to lift others up; we can't lower ourselves down into the morass of society and look at things from that lower angle.  We have to rise up above the crowd and get a bird's eye view.

Lifting ourselves up isn't always easy, but it is essential.

Rise Above the Visible to Reach the Invisible

Why do I love to teach remote viewing?

Because it teaches that we humans are far more than we ever imagined.  We do not have to be stuck here, trapped in our homes, trapped in our city, our state, our country.  Yes, we are here, and we can't leave.  But the mind is the vehicle we need to travel to distant locations in Time and Space.  We truly are Boundless!

Have you ever had a flying dream?

If so, you know what I am talking about.  Maybe you felt you were free as a bird, soaring above the treetops, gazing in wonder at streams and meadows below you, and it felt exhilarating! 

When you awoke, you may have had a wonderful feeling of restfulness... a fresh, new perspective.   That is what happens when you escape the bounds of this physical reality to remote view a distant time or place.

Ride the Wings of Consciousness

Now, I want to clarify that I am not talking about imagination or fantasy.  I am talking about a proven scientific method that can be learned, developed and utilized to access the ultimate of all travel techniques:  Consciousness.   The results of the "trip" can often be corroborated and backed up with historic data.

As this technique was used (and from what we can ascertain, continues to be used) as a supplement to military intelligence, it carries the prestige of being a time-tested and proven methodology.

PRV is Changing Lives

But it is more than that.  My students tell me how Practical Remote Viewing is changing their lives, improving their communication skills, helping them to overcome addictions and giving them a new lease on life, even during these scary times.

Finding Clarity

When things around you are really confusing, and you are receiving conflicting messages from every direction, it is time to step back and just breathe.

One of the benefits of PRV is being able to rise above the rhetoric you see and the cleverly designed manipulations -- created to affect both your emotions and your opinions -- to find your own truth.

Now don't misinterpret what I am saying here.  I am all for wearing masks!  This is not about masks, or politics or even good causes.  This is about managing this current reality.

This is about not drowning in negativity or appearances.  This is about taking back your autonomy and your power by accessing your own intuition.

You have the ability within you to develop your intuition to the point where you have clarity -- Clarity to guide you in the coming weeks, months and years.


 7 Steps to Detox from all the Confusion and Negativity

  1. Ground yourself in your own reality. Focus on what you know to be true. What is important to you?
  1. Ask yourself: What is my life like right now, and how can I make it even better?
  1. Notice your surroundings. Our outer state is often a manifestation of our inner, mental state.

Do you need to clear space and declutter?

  1. Look up an old friend and spread some cheer!
  1. Is there a relationship in your life that could use more energy from you?
  1. Take baby steps to focus forward and do one thing per day to make your life better. It could be as simple as cleaning your junk drawer or listening to music as you work in the garden. It could be helping a neighbor mow his lawn or taking excess clothing to a women's shelter.
  1. I teach my students to ground themselves in their own reality by doing things like getting a massage, going for a walk and immersing themselves in nature, playing music, dancing, painting, making sound therapy with chimes, drums and the like, and even watching a favorite movie.

Movement is Crucial

Whether you are a remote viewer or not, movement is crucial.  There are times I get so immersed in my writing, answering student questions, and other "head" stuff, I don't move for hours.  I am sitting cross-legged in my recliner, writing away, deep inside my own mind.

While that can be an engaging place to hang out, it can also be hard on the body.  We must MOVE to get those neurons growing in our brains!

The body is the link between conscious and subconscious minds.  Even I forget that from time to time.

So...  get up, dance, move, groove!!! Put on your favorite music while you clean up the kitchen and do your chores.  I found a program I love called Body Groove with Misty Tripoli.

Just fyi -- I am not an affiliate of Body Groove, and I am not gaining anything by sharing this with you.  It is just something I have found to be really delightful.

I hope this letter helps you to know that you are not alone.  This community is amazing, and we are all here to support you, as you gain strength to support others with your love and encouragement.


Big hug,


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PS -- I'll be teaching Advanced CRV next weekend, August 7 - 9.  If you have taken the Intermediate course and feel ready to move on and learn some mind-blowing techniques, check out this link:  All about Advanced.

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