Advanced CRV Classes

The Advanced CRV course teaches Phase 6 of the CRV Structure.  Phase 6 provides you with a set of advanced tools that not only allow you, the Viewer, the opportunity to get amazing detail while in session, but can also be used as ways to get information while “out and about” in your daily life.

CRV has been said to be deficient in the area of alpha-numerics.  Phase 6 introduces tools that overcome this deficiency, allowing the Viewer to achieve fantastic amounts of detail.

The Advanced CRV course will teach you, the Viewer, obtain the following information:

  • Scalar Determinations — such as distance (How many miles away is it?), value (How much will this cost?), and even time (When will this event occur?).
  • Detailed Physical Attributes of the target site, such as how tall something is, how wide, what the specific dimensions are, etc.
  • Detailed Physical Relationships — such as how one object relates to another at the target site.
  • 3-D Perceptions — The student learns to create the target in a 3-dimensional model, using modeling clay.  The clay becomes a way to obtain greater information about the target.
  • Physical and Non-Physical Connections in Time and Space
  • Advanced Concepts, such as
    • the implications of an event or an act;
    • the ramifications of something that has occurred or may occur;
    • exploring possible versus probable futures
    • keeping the viewing process clean of imagination and logical reasoning
  • Detailed Drawing and Mapping Techniques

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