Why do we set aside nouns during a CRV session?

One of our primary "mantras" of CRV is "Describe, don't identify."  The left side of the brain is what we refer to as the "NAG" -- the Namer and Guesser.  It is the part of your brain that just has to know what everything is. That is what allowed us to survive as a species!  When the cavemen heard a twig snap behind them, it was the NAG screaming, "Saber-toothed tiger!" that made them run.  (Thanks to Lyn Buchanan's analogies!  See http://www.crviewer.com/Analogies/aIndex.asp )  However, when you are trying to remote view anything, it is the nouns that will lead you off track much of the time.  For example, I can lift up my glass and say, "This is a glass."  But in using the word, "glass" -- I've completely left out all of the details!  The color of the glass, the shape, the size, the weight, the texture, etc.  By using the word "glass," all the individuality of the glass is lost.  "Yes, but" you say, "sometimes my nouns are right. What about when they are right??"  We don't discourage the use of nouns because they are always wrong.  We discourage them because any time a Viewer or a psychic uses a noun, they stop viewing.   If the Viewer tells the policeman, "The missing child is under a bridge" and there are 50 bridges in the city, what good is that?  It may be accurate, but they won't find the child quickly.  However, if the Viewer avoids the noun "bridge" and instead tells the policeman that the child is "under something that is large, grey, arched.  Along the edges of the arched grey structure are 10 tall thin cylindrical objects that have red, white and blue wavy cloth-like items on top of them..." this kind of description will allow the policeman to exclaim, "That's the Fifth Street Bridge!  Get some men over there NOW!"

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