When You Can't Pick Up Your Pen to View...

In a recent online meeting with my students, we began talking about slumps. You know what I mean: those horrible times when you lack energy and enthusiasm – those times when you feel too weak to pick up the pen to view!

Hitting The Wall

Recently, my husband and I spent a delightful afternoon with Lyn Buchanan at his home in New Mexico. As I work with a lot of my students very closely, I’ve noticed that occasionally, some students --- who began their study of remote viewing with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and energy – suddenly experience a life change and come to a “wall” in their viewing. It isn’t just that their accuracy drops… they suddenly experience an emotional block to remote viewing that won’t allow them to do a session at all.

Lyn, too, had seen this with several of his students. He shared with us that he believes this occurs when the conscious and subconscious minds “agree to disagree.”   The more I thought about it, the more sense it made:

If the conscious and subconscious minds cannot get along, they may reach a point where it is easier to simply ignore each other than try to work things out. So, by not viewing at all, they effectively avoid “passing in the hall” and can pretend the other doesn’t exist.

It's OK!

Our personal lives bleed into everything, and can sap our enthusiasm for anything having to do with remote viewing.

If this is happening to you, know that it’s OK! Life happens… and we learn from everything.

Remember that we are affected emotionally by so many factors: phases of the moon, hormones, exercise (or lack thereof), relationships, finances and health issues… As well as the news reports we are constantly exposed to via social media, television and the Internet, which subjects us to constant negativity: Ebola, climate change, ISIS, etc.

Just be gentle with yourself and know that “this too shall pass.” Nothing is permanent.

You have Two Choices:

  1. You can take a break and get away from everything “RV” for a while and focus on other areas of your life. The danger of this choice is that you may never return to RV, and your efforts and investments thus far will be wasted.
  2. You can push through the slump and keep plugging away and see if something happens that will re-ignite your enthusiasm.

My Story:

"Hitting the Wall" happened to me about 15 years ago.   I had been working for a company that was researching precognition. As a paid contract person, I did targets daily – but they were ARV targets. They were boring and tedious. Day after day, month after month, I did these targets. My success levels dropped steadily.

Meanwhile, my home life was stressful, my job was stressful, and my marriage was stressful. Everything in my life felt… tenuous at best.

Finally, I stopped doing the ARV targets. I stopped viewing completely for a while. The very idea of picking up a pen and viewing literally caused my stomach to knot up.

But I stayed in touch with Lyn Buchanan and my remote viewing friends. I attended CRV conferences and continued to mentor with Lyn. But I didn’t view for several months – I believe it may even have been a year or more.

I began a steady practice of getting up early, meditating, exercising, journaling and reading inspiring material. I also would “pull a card” from my accumulated decks of spiritual cards. They weren’t Tarot cards, but more like angel-and-wisdom type cards from authors such as Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Cheryl Richardson.

During my quiet mornings, while everyone else in my house slept, I would “tune in” and get guidance for the day and for my life.   These “guided mornings” eventually led me to make major life changes and got me to where I am today.

One day, an opportunity to do a remote viewing came up. I did the session and turned it in. The session turned out to be very accurate, which was encouraging. Before I knew it, my passion and enthusiasm for CRV returned and I was back in the game. I began to view with better skills than ever! It was as though I had improved during my “break.”

The important thing to remember is that I didn’t abandon ship. I stopped viewing for a while, but I kept in contact with my RV peers and my RV mentor -- and I continued attending conferences and classes.

Is This You?

So if this describes what you are going through in your own life right now, don’t despair. Just as your brain needs sleep to rest and recuperate, we may discover that there are those of us who need to rest our “psychic senses” from time to time and give ourselves an opportunity to adjust to whatever life happens to be handing us at the moment.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make a Deal -- Try making a deal with your subconscious mind: “I’ll give you a rest for the next x-amount of days/weeks/months. Then we get back to work, ok?”   Be specific. Pick a date when you will return to remote viewing and/or the other intuitive work you are involved with. Mark that date on the calendar. Then, give yourself permission to take a break. What is the first rule of taking a break? TAKE A BREAK! Which means, don’t even think about anything having to do with remote viewing or psychic work.
  1. Disassociate -- At the beginning of your break, you may find you need a week or more of total disassociation with anything “woo woo” or of an intuitive nature.
  1. Dip Your Toe In – Once you’ve taken a true break for however long, it may be time to gradually work in some RV-related reading. You could read a post or two from the Yahoo CRV e-groups, Facebook RV groups, or RV-blogs (such as the ones I have on my webpage at intuitivespecialists.com/blog/ or from Eight Martinis magazine.)
  1. Reconnect -- If an opportunity arises for you to attend an online or face-to-face RV workshop or conference, pay attention to your solar plexus. When you think of the workshop or conference, how does your body react? Remember that the body is the link between conscious and subconscious, and it is the primary way that the subconscious communicates. If you feel a tightening in your stomach or solar plexus upon considering the class or the conference, or if an anxious feeling is present, you haven’t waited long enough.   On the other hand, if the opportunity piques your interest -- by all means GO!
  1. Jump Back In! -- Whenever the time is right, the best opportunity will present itself and you will know that you are ready to jump back into the fray!

woman in the field

Reach Out

When you feel isolated, don't hesitate to write an email or call someone you trust -- someone you know will understand.  All of us have stood where you are standing at one time or another.  We are all in the soup together!  So reach out -- call or write to me or to Jim or to another CRV or psychic colleague.  Get help.  You are not alone.  We are here for you.

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