Does Intuition Guide Your Life?

Here are Three Easy Steps to Improve Your Life with Controlled Remote Viewing.

What draws people to Controlled Remote Viewing?  Many of us simply want to improve our lives in some way.  Perhaps we hope it will allow us to make better decisions.  Some people want to be able to control their psychic abilities.

When I first discovered Controlled Remote Viewing, the idea that I could learn a scientific method that would allow me to access my intuition and be able to gain information about anything in time or space absolutely fascinated me!  It felt mysterious, magical and mystical in some way... yet at the same time, CRV was very well-grounded.

So my desire to learn Controlled Remote Viewing was two-fold:  First, I hoped it would improve my struggling marriage by giving my then-husband and me something to talk about (besides the kids). Second, I wanted to understand the uncontrolled and unexplainable events that had been occurring to me my whole life.

Unfortunately, CRV could not save my marriage, and I now understand why.  Had I stayed in that marriage, I would never have left my "day job", I would never have become a CRV instructor, and my entire life would be on a different course.  My then-husband and I had reached a point where we had taught each other everything we could teach each other and it was time to turn that page in our lives.

But Controlled Remote Viewing has certainly fulfilled my other objective -- and many more!  I have traveled to other worlds, answered long-held questions, solved untold mysteries, and allowed many life-long fears to dissipate.

Too many remote viewers keep their remote viewing abilities locked away in a treasure box, very separate from their day-to-day lives. Controlled Remote Viewing is not a hobby.  It is a tool, to be used on a regular basis.

There are so many ways to use this process to improve your life, I could write a 700-page treatise on the subject!  But this is a mini-class, not a book, so let's boil it down to cliff notes!

So here are the Three Ways to Use Controlled Remote Viewing in Your Daily Life:

Step 1:  USE IDEOGRAMS -- Learned on the first day of Basic CRV class, Ideograms are a written physical language that you create to get instant information from the subconscious mind.  When used and practiced regularly, you have instant answers to life's questions.  Used properly, ideograms can provide amazing information to benefit you in your life, from making wiser decisions to knowing about (and therefore avoiding) impending danger.

Here is how to use "life" ideograms:

a)  Think about your life.  What would be useful to you to know?  For example, a policeman could really use an ideogram for "danger" or "armed" so that he/she would have advanced warning when coming upon someone who might harm him/her.  A property investor or car collector could use an ideogram for "hidden damage" to avoid buying tainted goods.  You get the idea.

b)   Create one ideogram at a time and practice that one until it becomes second nature to you.  You can use the Ideogram Practice Program on my website here:  Ideogram Practice

c) When a situation arises and you need to know something, without thinking about it, use the palm of your hand to do a quick ideogram. You may want to ask a question first, such as "What am I about to get into when I go on that assignment." If the ideogram for "danger" comes up, be sure not to go alone -- or perhaps you shouldn't go at all!

Step 2:  LEARN ABOUT YOUR "CASTLES" --  A remote viewer will often perceive something about the target that is accurate, but will take that perception and build an imaginary castle around it.  For example, you might accurately perceive that there is something white, tall and cylindrical at the target, but then you decide that this object is part of a goal post.

Instantly, you create a soccer game with the team, the uniforms, the crowd cheering, etc. when in reality, the object you perceived is one of the pillars holding up a bridge.

When you learn how and why you created the castles in your sessions, you can begin to see how and why you create imaginary scenarios in your own life.  Often, we get caught up in an emotional tangle that leads to creating situations that are not real... like the husband who gets in trouble for something he did in his wife's dream last night!

Have you ever heard the story, "Keep Your Damn Jack!" ?  As I remember it, old Farmer John needed a jack to fix up the flat tire on his old truck.  He has to walk about a mile to get to Farmer Bill's house, and on the way there, he begins to grumble.  "That ol' Bill is a stingy ol' cuss!  He'll probably ask me why I ain't returned that hammer I borrowed last year...  He's not gonna loan me his jack.  I just knows it!"

Farmer John works himself into quite a lather about the jack, so that by the time he reaches Farmer Bill's house, he is so mad!  When Farmer Bill opens the door, Farmer John yells in his face, "Oh, KEEP YOUR DAMN JACK!!!"

Yes, Farmer John built a castle in his mind, and believed it so much, he didn't even give poor Farmer Bill a chance to show his grace and generosity.

How often do we build castles in our lives?  I believe that all of us can benefit by understanding how our minds work and learning what causes us to build "castles" in our relationships.

Step 3:  MINI-MENTAL SESSIONS -- Becoming a remote viewer opens channels to the subconscious with some unusual and interesting results.

About a year after I took my first CRV course, I was out for a walk in my neighborhood when I suddenly felt an abrupt change in the ambience around me.  I had a sudden sense of danger and fear for no reason.  I glanced over at the house to my right and for a split second, I saw yellow "Do Not Cross" police tape everywhere!

Then, just as quickly, everything was back to normal.

Several hours later, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by loud sirens and multi-colored lights flashing on the ceiling above me.  I leapt out of bed and ran into the street.

A car was being chased by 11 police cars, all converging on my street.  They cornered the fleeing car, forcing it to screech to a halt, the driver leaping out to run.  The police grabbed him -- in the very spot I had experienced the sudden "fear" feeling and saw the police tape!

The next day, I called my CRV instructor, Lyn Buchanan, to tell him what had happened.  "Oh, if you had just done a mini-session, you could have found out what was going to happen," he said nonchalantly.

At that early stage in my training, I didn't understand what he meant by a "mini-session."  Now I do.

Once you have learned the CRV structure, it becomes second nature to you, and you no longer even think about it when you are doing a session.  When you have reached that point, it's easy to utilize your skills during the day when you need information.

For example, let's say you arrive at your office one morning and you discover that your boss is in very bad mood. You don't know if he is in a bad mood because of you, or for some other reason.
Simply imagine a blank piece of paper in your mind's eye as you think to yourself, " The target is the reason my boss is in such a foul mood. Describe the reason."  Then allow descriptive words to flow uninhibited along the left side of the page.  In a matter of seconds, you will get a lot of very helpful information.  You could use this method to ask how you can help remedy or relieve the situation!

I hope this short mini-class on how to use CRV in your daily life has helped all the CRV'ers out there use their skills in ways that may not have occurred to them before now.

And if you are not yet a Controlled Remote Viewer and would like to learn this wonderful skill, you can sign up for one of our classes right on this website!

See you soon!

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