When Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre, discovered radium and polonium, their discoveries defied the current science of the day… things that had been believed for centuries.

As a result, many of the scientists at that time met their discoveries with tremendous reserve. Chemists ridiculed them! Nobody got excited. People were reluctant to believe it.

In the same way, many of the discoveries of today are defying some of the laws of physics, as they are currently known. Studies involving time, space, matter and consciousness are beginning to demonstrate that consciousness can affect matter. These investigations are opening a door to discovery that is turning the world of standard physics upside down.

Over the years, I’ve spent many a late night immersed in discussions with people I love — intelligent people; people who think very pragmatically. I have heard several of these people state that they blatantly refuse to believe anything that isn’t accepted by “current day science”.

By thinking this way, they have thrown the baby out with the bath water. The baby, in this case, is The Great Mystery. The baby can be considered to be our inherently human need to satisfy curiosity and our sense of discovery.

If everyone refused to accept anything that is not part of currently established scientific law, we would still be living in the Dark Ages. The Renaissance would never have occurred! We would still believe that the Earth is the center of the Universe and that the world is flat.

Today, a few radical scientists are rebelling against the status quo. They are the pioneers of consciousness. The results of their studies are challenging our current views of reality. These brave souls continue to push the envelope of what most of us are ready to accept.

It can be frightening to see cracks appearing in the walls of our accepted reality. It is human nature to fear that which we do not understand.

My deepest desire as a teacher is to be a messenger, bringing the possibility of all the wonders that could exist out there to those who are ready to consider them.

Consciousness is the new frontier.   There is so much more to Life than any of us realize!

Let’s bring the baby back inside the warm and welcoming home of our hearts, and create a new world of hope, health, beauty and abundance for all.


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