Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Martin Luther

The ability to remote view is amazing, wonderful and mysterious.  No one truly understands it fully, including me.  I've dedicated much of my life to study and teach various forms of remote viewing and yet, it still mystifies the most experienced among us.

Shortly after the events of 9/11, an article came out entitled something like, "Remote Viewer predicted 9/11."  The article related an experiment conducted in the military remote viewing unit during the early 1980's. The viewers were instructed to do an open search, psychically looking for the biggest news item coming up in following week's newspaper.  In other words, they were asked to look in to the future and see what they would find.

One of those viewers, Lyn Buchanan, described planes crashing into sky scrapers and those buildings exploding and collapsing.  However, that event did not occur the following week as predicted, and Lyn's was told that he had "missed the target."  In other words, he had failed.

It wasn't until around 20 years later, on September 11, 2001, that Lyn discovered he had accurately predicted a future event -- it just didn't happen quite as soon as he expected.

In all the years that I have been remote viewing, in all the classes that I have taught, and with all the professional viewers I have worked, the most glaringly consistent errors have always been in the area of accurately predicting the timing of future events.

Yes, even when remote viewers describe an event that has not yet occurred with stunning accuracy, the ability to pinpoint exactly when the event will occur seems to be irritatingly elusive, and I have seen the best viewers (myself included) be terribly "off" when determining the date some future disaster would occur.

This is frustrating, because we want to use remote viewing as a way to save lives.  And it still can, because if people are informed that an impending disaster is going to happen at some point, they can prepare for it. The key is to stay prepared, so that when the expected event does occur, life-saving action can be taken.

The future is not set, so predicting the timing of a future event is like trying to shoot at a moving target.  To understand why predicting both future events and the timing of when they will occur is so difficult, read Lyn's analogy entitled, "A Bug on the Pond of Time."   http://crviewer.com/analogies/analogy002.php

Even the famously-accurate psychic, Edgar Cayce, inaccurately predicted that the Second Coming of Christ would occur in the year 2000.  The history of the Millerites, Second Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses all contain stories of extreme disappointment, in which members made drastic life changes based on a dire prediction -- some even selling their homes, quitting their jobs, and sitting for days on rooftops, waiting for an event that never occurred.

So when something dire and scary has been predicted by a large pool of excellent remote viewers, what should you do to prepare?  How should you prepare?  When should you prepare?  Should you sell everything and move to a safer place?  Should you drop all of your life plans and take refuge in the nearest cave?  The answer depends on you.

Take reasonable precautions, but do not take such drastic measures that you ruin your life should the event not occur within the expected time frame.  For example, put together a "flee bag" -- a bag of your essential goods and valuables that can be grabbed at a moment's notice.  Keep your vehicles filled with fuel so they are ready to take off and drive a long way before running out of gas.  Download apps on your phone that will notify you of impending storms or disasters as they occur around the world.   Keep a month's worth of food and water in your home.  You get the idea.

Last but not least, remember that life for all of us ends at some point.  We are not here permanently.  But there is a part of you that never dies, a part of you that is eternal.  Think of yourself like a steadfast pillar, connected to a large bridge.  You are one of many pillars supporting the bridge.  You are standing in the River of Time, and all sorts of events and debris flow past as you remain unmoving.  You may take on different bodies, which are born, grow old, and die.  You slough them off like a pair of old pants, and you may put on new ones.  And you remain connected to the Bridge, which contains all the knowledge, all the events, all that ever has been or ever will be in the Grand Scheme.

Don't despair and don't allow fear to paralyze you.  We cannot control or always avoid that which befalls us, but we can control how we choose to react.  So stay calm and be wise.  Take time to connect to The Bridge, whatever that is for you.  Pray, meditate, and seek within to find the course of action that is best for you and your situation.  And know that no matter how bad things get, ultimately you and everyone else will be fine... because we are eternal beings.  This current life is a blip... a tiny moment of time...

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.    (James 4:14, KJV)

So all that to say yes, remote viewing is marvelous, amazing, and can be extremely accurate.  I've seen it do wonders for people using it to make better life and business decisions, for archeological projects, for helping to solve crimes and much more.  But it is not foolproof.  The art and skill of remote viewing (and all psychic functioning for that matter) has areas of weakness that we have not yet been able to conquer.

May you and your loved ones be safe and protected in the days ahead, and may you always know that you are held in the hands of Love at all times, regardless of what is happening around you.  Stay strong and be invincible! The Universe has your back.

Much love,

Lori Williams

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