Is it ok for me to add a new ideogram to the 7 gestalts I was taught in Basic?

The ideogrammic language is meant to be developed and individualized to meet the needs of the viewer. A policeman, for example, can develop very specific ideograms to meet his/her needs -- "weapon" and/or"danger". Lyn even suggested to me this weekend that I develop an ideogram for each of my children! So an ideogram can't be too specific, really. The TRICK is... practicing a new ideogram until it is completely integrated into your subconscious mind. One mistake a lot of new viewers make is to add a whole bunch of new nouns into their "ideogram vocabulary" all at once. That doesn't work. You have to add one word at a time and then practice that one new word until it is a part of your subconscious, and you can write it unconsciously while you are wondering if you remembered to pay the gas bill... 😉 Remember that when you practice ideogram drills, you practice for a few minutes until you realize that your conscious mind has wandered off and you have written a few lines of ideograms without being aware of them -- you were busy thinking about something else.

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