You sure can!   A lot of good viewers are not good artists.  Many viewers create what I refer to as “Ideogram sketches,” meaning that they use symbols to indicate where things are at the target.  Sketches range from amazingly simple to extraordinarily complex.  Whether you draw stick figures or are a Van Gogh is not important.  As a viewer, you will learn to connect to your assigned target and obtain information.  Like a team of Super Heroes, the combined skills of various viewers allow them to collectively provide a very complete picture of the needed information.

If you are working alone, and/or only need information for yourself or a friend, the ability to draw or sketch well is still not a necessary talent in order to be a good viewer.  You may be someone who is not good at drawing, but are excellent at communicating your perceptions in a clear and consistent manner.  Or perhaps you are the viewer who is 98% accurate at describing manmade objects.  You will be the one to call when the police need a description of the kidnapper’s vehicle.

So you see, everyone is good at some thing(s) and not so good at others.  Your talent will manifest itself as you practice and form a track record.

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