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Happy Thanksgiving!

Catching Up...

It has been 6 months since our last newsletter!!!

Every time I sat down to write a newsletter, something I was writing about would change.  It is very much like trying to shoot a moving target!  We thank you for sticking with us in spite of the delay.

Here is a quick overview of the highlights of the last 6 months:

FREE STUFF!!!!   We now have Free Stuff added to our website!  You can now practice your ideograms via our Ideogram Practice program!  And check out our free Mini Classes!  We will be adding to the Free Mini Classes periodically.   Soon to come:  The Virtual Monitor Program!

We are so excited to announce that the world-famous dowserRaymon Grace, will be teaching a 2-day workshop, followed by a 1 day class, at our Center, May 16-18.  You can read more about that below or click this link:  RAYMON GRACE IS COMING TO AMARILLO! (PDF)

MAY 1 - 3:  CHICAGO, HERE WE COME!!!  Check out the details on our home page or click this link:
CRV in Chicago (PDF)

Renovations: We have completely replaced and re-routed all the sewer lines in the teaching wing of the center!  We've also replaced ALL 21 windows!  We've added a Sound Room and Meditation Room very close to the upstairs Work Out Room.  We've held a LOT of classes, and added some great meditation moments in our Recliner Room after lunch when everyone tends to feel a bit sleepy anyway!  (We have a total of seven recliners!)

Online Classes:  Although I have taught several people individually online, we held our first online group class, Beyond Advanced, via WizIQ.  The students loved it, and I enjoyed teaching it!  While I still believe a face-to-face class is superior to online learning, it is wonderful to have the ability to share this amazing skill with people all over the world who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn it.

The success of that course convinced me that we can teach a lot of classes online.  The Basic Course is the most challenging, because it is so often completely new and paradigm-shattering to the uninitiated student.  But I continue to work on the curriculum and will keep you posted as to my progress.  Meanwhile, keep checking out website at to see what new classes we are offering!

But Wait!  There's MORE!  To find out about Jim's tangle with the table saw and our "new baby" (!) keep reading below!

Raymon Grace is coming to the RV Training Center in Amarillo, Texas May 16 - 18 to teach his unique brand of Dowsing and Detoxing!  A frequent instructor at The Monroe Institute, Raymon has been a guest on Coast to Coast numerous times.  Several of my students recommended that we meet.  We've now had several long phone conversations, and I like this guy!  Why would I invite him to teach at our center?  Because I believe what he is offering will add tools to your CRV tool belt, allowing you to dowse with more accuracy, as well as providing new ways to detox, read and change energy in any location -- even the most remote.  So join us May 16 - 18.  Class size is limited, so sign up soon!  See the flyer on our home page:  RAYMON GRACE IS COMING TO AMARILLO! (PDF)

 DON'T MISS US IN CHICAGO!!!  May 1 - 3 at the Equilibrium Energy and Education center, 47th W. Polk (at Dearborn).
Are you interested in getting the most out of YOUR intuitive abilities?  Controlled Remote Viewing may be just what you've been waiting for! Read more here:   CRV in Chicago (PDF)

 Lori Williams will be presenting at IRVA again this year! Join us for a fun discussion about the magic of Ideograms and how you can use them to improve your life and keep you safer… every day! See you in New Orleans!

Learning to Love a Life

How do you cope when you must sometimes experience a side of life you would rather not see?  Read some early morning musings from my journal.

The dawn is so beautiful.  I want to sit in the darkness here for a moment in order to appreciate the shades of salmon and turquoise creeping across the sky.  The trees still appearing somewhat barren from winter's influence spread their black silhouettes like a collage of webs across the sky's canvas.  Dark on light, good and bad, contrasts… Nothing is as it appears.

(To read more, click here:  Learning to Love a Life )

Why is Jim laughing?  Partly because he is in shock, and partly because he is holding down his middle finger as though it no longer exists.  Thankfully, he still has all his digits after getting into a fist-fight with the table saw!  His glove got caught in the blade and chopped into two of his fingers.  "I'll never be able to pick my nose like I used to," he quipped.  Ha ha.  Very funny!  This man is bound and determined to scare me to death!  He is now very much on the mend, and ready to get off "light-duty" so he can continue with his renovations.  Many thanks to friend and student Ray McClure in Ireland for recommending SawStop.  We've ordered one so that this can never happen again!

Jim and I had a baby! (Now, that IS news!) Late one night, I was perusing Facebook (not a good idea, especially late at night) when I came across the Texas Panhandle Pet Savers page.  They had had a rash of puppy abandonments, and had over 40 puppies needing adoption.  We were adamant:  no dogs!  But then, right before I dozed off, a tiny thumbnail photo leapt off the screen and in to my heart.  The next day, TPPS was showing the pups at a local farm and feed store.  I went by, just to look!  The next thing I knew, this pup was in my arms, licking my face, and I was besotted.  I felt a presence at my elbow.  Looking down at the two of us was my soulmate: Jim.  "I can see I'm in trouble" he sighed.  We named the pup Molly, and she has brought a lot of joy into our already-full lives.  Now when you come to our center, you can meet both Molly and Bart.  And for those of you who have allergies, we keep an entire wing of the center animal-free just for you.