Can a remote viewer accurately view something in the past?

Yes, you can view the past with remote viewing! The problem I see most often is that someone thinks that "remote viewing" means to just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild, and then take what you just imagined and believe it is 100% true.

The key to being able to believe what you get in your viewing session is to practice on a lot of prove-able targets first.

For example, let's say that I have 40 photographs placed in 40 envelopes. You view one per day, and then score each one, seeing what your accuracy rate is on various things (colors, textures, temperatures, sounds, smells, etc.) After viewing all 40 targets, you now have a "track record" showing how accurate you are.

You may discover that you are 90% accurate at determining the color of something, but only 40% accurate with sounds, for example.

Once you know your own strengths and weaknesses as a viewer, you can then know how much faith to put in to a remote viewing of a past event for which there are no witnesses.

Or let's say that you decide to remote view a distant planet in another galaxy. If you have a 90% accuracy rate with colors, you can be 90% sure that if you perceive that distant planet to be purple, it is purple.

So it is important to keep data and get to know how accurate you are in the various areas. And that requires practice and keeping track of how well you do in each area. We have a data base for that purpose.

Remote viewing, especially Controlled Remote Viewing is a martial art. If done correctly and practiced regularly, anyone can master it.

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