Controlled Remote Viewing

We Are Coming Back to Los Angeles, California!

January 18-23, 2014

We will be offering our popular course:

Six-Day CRV Intensive - Intermediate and Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing in the Los Angeles area.  

CRV Medical Applications will be offered January 13th through 15th.

January 4 - 11 is a special class being taught in English and Russian (through an Interpreter) that covers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced CRV.

We will announce the venue for these classes through our newsletters and blogs, so please stay tuned!

To learn more about our class schedule, visit our calendar here:

 Coming in September:

Intuitive Specialist's Online Mentoring Club!

Remote Viewing Students: Have you been looking for a way to improve your remote viewing skills, but can't afford to pay $40 per hour for one-on-one mentoring?  Join our Online Mentoring Group!



New Pendulums are Available!

Do you have a favorite stone that you would like on the end of your pendulum?  Or a favorite aunt for whom you would like a special pendulum made?

Write to Jim and let him know what you need -

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Photo Gallery

After our April teaching trip to Moscow, we had a wonderful visit from our Russian host, Yury and his 11-year old son, Pavel. Two of my grandchildren joined us for a fun-filled trip to Wonderland Amusement park in Amarillo, Texas. (Photo by Pavel.)


Lori, helping Russian student Leah learn the protocols of Controlled Remote Viewing.


Remote Viewing Center Under Construction

Jim says, "What have I gotten myself into??!!!" (This is the "before" photo of the kitchen -- after Jim completely gutted and re-wired it!)

Here is the "after" photo of the kitchen. I know, too many appliances! But please drop in and we will make you an awesome smoothie & some fresh green juice!