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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

from Lori & Jim Williams at Intuitive Specialists

The year began with a bang as we spent the month of January in Venice Beach, California. We taught at the Center in February, and March found me recuperating from being bucked off a horse! Thanks to everyone's healing work and prayers, in April, we were teaching in New York -- just 6 weeks later! In June, we taught and presented at the IRVA conference in Vegas. In July and August, we taught in Wisconsin and Chicago, spiced up with a visit to Mel Riley in between classes. We rushed home in August with just barely 4 weeks to renovate an entire section of the house in time to greet the September class of new students! In this photo, the Chicago class enjoys a graduation celebration at a local restaurant in downtown Chicago.

Do Remote Viewers Need to Sketch Like Leonardo DaVinci?

New Remote Viewers often ask me, "Do I need to take an art course in order to be a good remote viewer?"  That's a great question!  And my answer is: No. Although there are artists and graphic artists among the many students I have taught, most of us can barely draw stick figures.

In the past, the ability to draw the target was essential, especially when remote viewing was being used as an intelligence-gathering tool.  "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards was required reading.  And while the ability to draw well is still considered a very valuable skill, there are many excellent remote viewers out there, producing professional-level sessions, who are unable to draw.

Some of my students laugh when I compare this newest professional cadre of remote viewers to a team of "Super Heroes"!   One Viewer may surpass all others in his or her ability to describe mechanical objects.  Another Viewer is able to describe and even communicate with people to an uncanny degree.  Yet another is able to describe and sketch a location very accurately.  By combining these skills, today's professional remote viewing teams are able to cover the gamut when it comes to fully describing a target.  What one lacks, the other has.

Read the full article here:  Do You Have to Sketch Like DaVinci to Be a Good Remote Viewer?

Sketch by Student Viewer Jed Bendix

Graduates of the September 2014 Basic (Level 1) CRV course.  

The September Basic (Level 1) CRV course was a smashing success!
Held in the new "East Wing" of our center, students found the classroom -- with its adjoining bathroom and nearby kitchen -- to be a great learning environment.
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November 7 - 9, 2014:  CRV Medical Applications Class -- Healing Applications
November 21 - 25, 2014:  Intermediate/Advanced 5-Day Intensive
December 12 - 14, 2014: Basic CRV Classes
January 17-19, 2015: ARV: Associative Remote Viewing
January 31 - February 2, 2015: Beyond Advanced: CRV/ERV for Professional Viewers
February 20 - 22, 2015:Intermediate CRV Classes
March 20 - 22, 2015:  Basic CRV Classes
April 17 - 19, 2015:  CRV Medical Applications Class / Healing Applications
May 22 - 24, 2015:  Intermediate/Advanced 5-Day Intensive


These are the "Before and After" photos of an area we refer to as the "East Wing" -- which contains the living room/classroom, two bedroom and a bathroom. Many thanks to our volunteers and helpers: Grandkids Ava and John Aiden, daughter Keana and her husband John, & friends Levi, Sue, and Jennifer!      

This bathroom was so "out of square" no one had been able to fix it.
Jim tore out the walls, floors and ceiling to fix it, including rewiring and replumbing.  What a renaissance man!  Lori's job was interior decorating, design, and installing mosaic work.   


We now have 4 bathrooms and 4 guestrooms, along with an extensive library, a fully-stocked kitchen, and plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy discussing the mysteries of the Universe around a crackling fire...   

Jim says "Come on over and sit by the fire! Let's swap some stories about our adventures in Remote Viewing!"

My son needed some photos, so the other day, we dug out boxes of old photos and began to sort through them.  Three days later, I found a stash of treasures:  Photos documenting the past 18 years of remote viewing friendships and training!  Here is a photo of Lyn Buchanan, Mel Riley and Lori Williams at the Inn of the Mountain Gods during the very first conference of the then newly-created International Remote Viewing Association in … was it 1999?

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Left Photo:  Teaching at the Equilibrium Energy and Education Center in Chicago.
Right Photo:  Teaching in one of our new classrooms at the
Remote Viewing Training Center, Amarillo, Texas


Much love to all,
Lori Williams

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