Oh boy… here it comes again.  A new year!  And we are all seeing articles and promotions geared toward the famous “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Arghhh! 

Do you make resolutions aimed at making you a better version of yourself?

Striving for Perfection

All of us strive for perfection in our own minds, but each of us has a different idea of what perfection actually is. 

And the funny thing is that, regardless of how my idea of perfection differs from yours, none of us ever truly measures up in our own eyes.  What a conundrum!

Not “measuring up” causes suffering, and we all want to avoid suffering at all costs!

Looking for pleasure and avoiding suffering is inherent in all living beings. 

And in our quest to seek pleasure and avoid pain, what do many people do?

We often become addicted.


Why We Become Addicted

Addictions create a buffer -- a place to avoid feeling our feelings.

Whether it is alcohol or cigarettes or drugs or food or sugar -- addictions allow a way to escape.

Or, we think we escape to avoid feeling the core of whatever it is we so desperately wish to avoid.


Is this “The Year”?

Now that a new year is just around the corner, many of us approach our quest for perfection with new resolve: 

“Maybe this year will the “The Year” when I attain my goals of __________, __________, or __________.  You fill in the blanks.

Yet, we never do, because we are so very human.


The Perfect Person

And then there are those who are never tempted by common addictions. They never overeat or take drugs or get drunk. 

But… they may be addicted to gossip, or judgement, or self-righteousness, or criticism. 

When it comes to human flaws, it seems there is something for everyone!  Plenty to go around.

Can we ever “get perfect”?  Does anyone ever achieve true perfection?



Focus on Love

So… why try?  Let’s stop the madness of perfection-seeking and instead focus on something much more attainable:  Love.

What if, in 2020, instead of vowing to become more perfect in some way, we all just focus on being more loving, joyful, compassionate and kind?


Finding Solutions

I used to think that, using Controlled Remote Viewing, we could do things like find a cure for cancer, or discover the solution for zero-point energy, or cold fusion.  That as remote viewers, we could solve global warming, or help to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and find solutions to end poverty.


Roadblocks to Success

There are two problems with this ambition. 

For one thing, if you -- as a remote viewer -- found the solution for the problems listed above, would you do with that information?

We lack the proper channels through which to deliver this information; someone with the clout, both politically and monetarily, to act on it.

The second roadblock to solving the world’s problems is that many of the solutions to the most serious issues we face are already known, according to some of the most eminent people in the highest echelons of world government. 

If that is true, why aren’t those solutions in place?

The answer is known by most of you. 

We’ve all heard the stories…

Whether those stories are true or not, progress and planetary solutions are hindered by those who are so powerful that anyone who truly threatens the status quo can easily be eliminated.


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Once the reality of the current situation became clear to me, my vision drastically changed.

The letters and communications I receive daily show me that many of the people who are now learning to remote view are discovering solutions in their own lives.  They are learning self-love, forgiveness and are gaining insights that are improving their relationships with others. 

Yes, a rising tide does lift all boats!

Perhaps, by teaching Controlled Remote Viewing (aka: Practical Remote Viewing) to the masses, we are raising Consciousness -- one heart at a time.


Critical Mass

Eventually, we may reach critical mass, in which -- all at once -- everyone (even those in power and those who have never heard of CRV) is suddenly thinking differently, more compassionately, more universally.

In 2020, my goal is not perfection.  I may not be perfect in my own eye’s or in anyone else’s, but I will strive to be more loving and more compassionate to those who cross my path.


The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

This is our chance; this is our time!  You and me!  It is time for the meek to inherit the earth.

We are meek because our weapons are not loud or forceful.  Like Jesus Christ, Thich Nhat Hahn, Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama, our weapons are love, kindness and knowledge.  And using these, we will change the world, because we understand that we are all connected -- through Consciousness.

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