Traveling Through Time and Space

How exciting is it to be able to travel through Time and Space and obtain information about anything?

Pretty darned exciting!

This is the breathtaking brilliance of Controlled Remote Viewing.

Sliding Down the Tuba

As a young new viewer, I was working on a practice target. Unbeknownst to me, the target was a brass marching band.

The kids asked me to take them to a nearby park, so I took a break in my session, packed up my clipboard, paper and pen, and herded the children to the park.

Once there, I pulled out my work and continued viewing while walking slowly behind a gaggle of giggly children.

I could hear “oompah, oompah” sounds. I saw something that looked like a shiny, golden metallic fluted flower.

Suddenly, the grass under my feet began to swirl. Like toilet water spinning in one direction, I found myself being sucked down a sort of vortex, as though I was being flushed down that shiny metallic flower!

Once I saw the feedback photo of the brass marching band, I realized that I slid down the tuba!

“Wow!” I thought. “I just slid down a TUBA! Whoever gets to do THAT?!” I was so excited!

So… What WAS that?

That, my friends, was known as The Aesthetic Impact.

Taking You Deeper…

In this article, I want to go a bit deeper, and share with you a bit more about how the process of CRV works.

Best of all, I want to tell you about the mysterious “turning point” in every session.

Controlled Remote Viewers are taught to use the structure of the CRV process to allow information to flow without editing.

As the words tumble on to the page, the viewer is supposed to say everything out loud. Why?

CRV is a physical discipline. In other words, your body is the link between your conscious mind and your subconscious.


That is why you sometimes do something on ‘auto-pilot’ -- without thinking -- and when you realize what is happening, you wonder how you managed to do that!

Sometimes, I can drive a few miles to my house and be thinking about something else. When I pull in the driveway, I wonder, “How the heck did I get here?!!”

My conscious mind took a vacation and was deep in thought, while my subconscious mind took over and made sure I got home safely.

The subconscious mind can control the body!

And so can the conscious mind.

How cool is that?!

Physical Engagement

Because of this, we engage as much as we can with the assigned remote viewing target in a physical way.

That means we say everything that comes to mind out loud while we write. This means that the hand is moving to write, the mouth is moving to talk, and the ears are listening.

In the later stages of CRV, we even move our bodies and use our hands to build 3-D models of the target!

The Shift…

In the very early stages of CRV, the Viewer is randomly saying and writing words as they come to mind.

If you were watching a CRV session, at some point, you would notice that the Viewer sort of shifts. Perhaps the voice changes tone. Maybe the Viewer’s eyes are moving from paper to something above him or her and back to the paper again.


Why is that happening? What is the focus of the Viewer’s attention?

The Viewer may even say something like, “Oh! It is so TALL! Much taller than me.”

The Viewer has gone from simply saying random words that describe the target to having perceptions that include both him/her AND the target.

This moment is called The Aesthetic Impact.

If you have ever seen a movie or a TV show with a psychic or a medium in it, they always have the intuitive person freak out when he or she touches something belonging to the victim. It is always very dramatic! Movies and TV have to have a lot of drama, right?

In CRV, the Aesthetic Impact happens when a Viewer begins having perceptions that include both the Viewer and the target. This perception often involves a spatial relationship.

Structurally, in Stage or Phases 1 through 3, we always note the Aesthetic Impact off to the right side of the page, along with any accompanying emotion.

Examples include:

AI: “It’s above me!”
Emotion: I feel excited.

AI: “There is something off to my right.”
Emotion: I feel curious.

AI: “Wow, this thing is HUGE!” (while pointing or looking up)
Emotion: I feel surprised.
AI: “Ewww. It feels kinda creepy here.
Emotion: I feel creeped out!

AI: “I’m outdoors!”
Emotion: I love it here!

Your Cloak of Invisibility

The Aesthetic Impact is like having Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility. Once you experience the Aesthetic Impact at a target, you want to do your best to stay in the AI.

By maintaining that feeling of experiencing the target on a personal level or as a spatial relationship, you can begin describing the target in much greater detail.

This is just a “quick dip” into what the Aesthetic Impact is and how it acts as a crossroads -- a true turning point -- in every session.

Are You Ready?

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