Can you remember life before screens?

I do.

I remember a life before cell phones and times in my life when we had no television.

Each day, when I would get out of bed, the first thing I would do would be to ask for guidance for the day. Becoming very still, very quiet, and listening.

You may say, “Oh, that is meditation. I do that.”

Wonderful! I love to meditate, too.

But what I did back then was somewhat different. Granted, my belief system has changed a bit since those days. But I still know that if I take the time to actually listen, there is that Voice -- that still, small Voice within me -- that answers.

That Voice has saved my life many times.

Saved by a Voice

flower nature

In 1974, I was in Houston, Texas. Two friends and I were hitchhiking to get home that day. We were picked up by two young guys in a small two-door car. My friends and I climbed in the back seat, and the two men were in front. We pulled out onto the mega-highway, which had five lanes of traffic moving along at high speeds.

As I settled back into my seat, that inner Voice suddenly spoke: “There is going to be an accident.” I immediately tensed up.

“No one will be hurt” said the Voice. So, I relaxed.

Then, “As soon as the accident occurs, you and your friends must get out of the car and get away as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate!”

Now I was very awake and alert. Just then, the man driving cursed at the car in front of us and sped up, hitting that car! He lost control and began careening left across the five lanes of traffic, hitting multiple cars. He jerked the wheel. We careened back to the right, hitting more cars along the way, and finally smashed into the guardrail.

Banged up cars began pulling over. The driver and his friend jumped out. I looked at my friends and said, “We need to get out NOW, and RUN!”

We ran down the embankment and into the ghetto. Miraculously, we made it home, where we all sat down to pray, asking why this had happened -- and then we listened for a response.

Just before the accident, one of my friends noticed that there was a pair of sawed-off shotguns under the front seats.

In our listening, all of us heard that these two men planned to take us somewhere and kill us.

We were saved by the Still Small Voice.

Addicted to Distraction

Our attachment to all things electronic has greatly diminished our listening to that inner Voice.

Call it what you will: God, Jesus, Higher Self, the Universe, Angel, Guide.

That Voice allowed our native ancestors to discover which herbs healed and which could harm.

Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to the practice and teaching of Remote Viewing. You can’t remote view while on a cell phone, or while watching a movie, or texting, or scrolling through social media.

Remote Viewing as a Spiritual Practice

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To do any form of remote viewing means getting quiet, becoming still, and reaching deep within to access that still, small Voice of guidance.

Granted, when it comes to remote viewing, the Voice isn’t always a “voice”.  But remote viewing is the accessing of information, which comes in many forms: visuals, sounds, smells, tastes, the understanding of concepts, shapes, sizes, patterns, and sometimes, just a knowing.

For that reason -- dare I say it -- regardless of belief systems, remote viewing is a type of spiritual practice.  Anyone can learn the process.  But to become really good -- to reach deep levels of profound wisdom and knowledge -- requires going into a place within you that few want to access.

How to Become a World Class Remote Viewer

As I said, anyone can become a remote viewer. And that term is a broad, general term. We are facing some very challenging times, with more to come - guaranteed.

Going to the depths I am speaking of in this letter to you means having the courage to embark on a long journey. This journey won’t be easy, and the path is strewn with obstacles. But the rewards are immense.

First, you have to put down your phone…

Get quiet.

Be willing to go within.

In this journey, you will learn many things. Some easy, some very hard. The truth can be hard to face.

When you go within, you will encounter the scariest of Beings: Yourself.

Are you willing? Are you ready? Now is the time.

Regardless of whether you want to learn remote viewing, whether you already are a remote viewer, or not… ALL of us must go deeper to access that Still Small Voice and receive the day to day guidance we need.

The Best Preparation

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Life may feel tough right now and, truthfully, it is going to get tougher.  I’ll be writing about my sense of what is coming in an upcoming letter.

Regardless of what is up the road, it is always good to be prepared. The best preparation is to walk on a solid foundation mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  When you are solid, you can withstand whatever storms life sends your way.

Thanks for reading this long missive!  May I say that I love you?  I truly do.  I care about what happens to you, and I care about your happiness.  Stay safe and well.  Keep your mind on right now. Rather than focusing on things you cannot control, focus on what you can control.

By staying centered on being the best you can be, right now, you can be open to receive the information that is being sent to guide you.  That information is always available.  All you have to do is show up to receive it.

Much love,


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FREE Masterclass Series: Intuition and Remote Viewing as the Ultimate Survival Skill in Life and Business

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