I receive hundreds of emails per day, and truthfully, I try to read every single one. I can’t answer them all, but I do my best to tune in and answer as many as I can.

Panic Attacks

One of my students recently wrote to tell me that she is having panic attacks and is very much afraid of what is to come. She -- like so many people nowadays - is fearing lack, riots and more.

I wanted to share my response to her with you all, because I think fear is a natural reaction to the strangeness that is our world right now. This response is not verbatim, as I have added some updates for the sake of this blog.

I am so sorry to hear of your panic attacks. Those are no fun at all...

You are Normal

Know that you are a normal person, having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

The thing to remember is that, live or die, we will all be ok eventually.

That may not sound very comforting, but we are only here so briefly, and when we leave, it will be like crossing over a threshold into another room.

Fear is torturous. So… let's face it.

What is the worst-case scenario? That the US economy (and therefore, that of the rest of the world) collapses. That we have another Great Depression. And that there may be civil unrest, riots, and shortages of necessary items.

Those are your fears, correct?

Those are not unreasonable fears at all. We will definitely experience a shortage of items, as the delayed ripple effect from the lull in manufacturing hits our shores.

Tell me what you need and…

When I was a missionary, we used to say, "Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it."

We may have to do without some things. Necessity is the mother of invention. As we realize the need, enterprising people with good ideas will fill the gap. Hemp is fast to grow, doesn't kill trees, and makes wonderful paper products. Maybe we will switch to hemp and stop losing thousands of trees per hour.

What Can You Control Right Now?

Ultimately, we might as well not worry about that which we cannot control. The only thing we CAN control is our reaction to everything. And sometimes, it feels as though we have no control over that, either! Fear surges up and grabs us by the throat, right?

Nature reminds us that we are not in control, but Someone is.

Just know that there is a plan to all of this. Just as generations before us have survived plagues, civil wars, demagogues, dictators and economic ruin, we will survive, too.

Are you asking about 5G?

A lot of people are writing to me about a possible connection between 5G and COVID. From my research, 5G is not good for humanity, animals or the planet. I have to say that again, here and now: I believe that 5G is a very BAD THING. Regarding the COVID connection: of that, I am not sure.

What can we do? In some countries, like Nigeria, people are setting fire to the towers and destroying them. As a plan of action, I must admit, that never occurred to me. And with things the way they are, the Nigerians’ plan may be more effective than attempting to vote in level-headed leaders.

Whatever it is - conspiracy or just greed -- it is global, just as the pandemic is global. This cannot be solved just by changing the politics of one country. As a species, humans must stand up and demand that we will not allow the 5G network to take over.

Obviously, I don’t have all the answers. Not yet. But let’s keep the discussion open.

Fear of Suffering

I think what many of us fear most is suffering. No one wants to suffer. But maybe we can look beyond that fear and say, "Ok, so... do I absolutely have to suffer?" Even if you had to do without, you can choose to not suffer. Just choose to be stalwart. Resilient. Tell yourself, "I am strong, and I can handle whatever comes my way. I'll focus on helping those around me, and it will take away my fear."

Fear of the Unknown

We fear the unknown. We fear uncertainty. We may fear dying a miserable death, starving, being murdered. But why should we fear what hasn't happened yet? I know that I have wasted too many hours of my life being afraid when nothing was happening yet. Everyone does that to some extent.

Now What?

Let it go… Just let it go. Surrender to the Higher Power who knows all and is ultimately in control.

You cannot see tomorrow, but tell yourself, "Today, I am ok. Today, I have enough to eat. Today, things are calm around me. Today, I am healthy and alive."

What If?

Turn the “what if’s” into positives: What if… Everything turns out ok? What if… my life gets even better than ever? What if… I find the… man/woman of my dreams? What if… I find the perfect career? You get the idea.


The thing that I have found the most powerful, and what has given me the greatest peace is this: Immerse yourself in gratitude for what IS, today. And let tomorrow take care of itself.

You are Powerful

Remember that your body is the link: Stand up and call out to the Universe. Ask for healing for the planet, and as you do that, move your arms to embrace this beautiful blue sphere on which we live. Imagine the earth suspended in the air right in front of you, and as you see that, see an amazing healing light spreading all over the globe. As you do this, allow your arms to move around the globe in front of you. You are powerful. Your thoughts can manifest. Believe it.

Flying hot air balloon
Soar high and believe.

Be Comforted

Thanks for reaching out to me. I hope this helps. I've been where you are, and it really is miserable, which is why I stopped everything I was doing to write you back.

Big hug,


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