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Summer 2014

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Is This Your "CRV Summer"?


If you have been waiting to learn Controlled Remote Viewing, there has never been a better time than now. We are traveling to Kenosha, Wisconsin and Chicago, IL to teach for consecutive weekends:  July 25 - 27 and August 1 - 3.  Avoid the hassles of travel, and sign up today.  Save $300 by registering and paying for the class prior to the end of the Early Bird discount!

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For those of you who have already taken the first two levels (Basic and Intermediate), you may be ready for the class everyone is talking about:  CRV Medical Applications.  No prior medical knowledge needed.  This class is my favorite class to teach, and will absolutely amaze you!   I will be teaching this class right after the IRVA conference, June 30 - July 2 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.  The rooms are very affordable!

For more information, click here:      CRV Medical Applications Class

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Six Tips to Avoid Psychic Displacement

What is “Psychic Displacement”?

A few years ago, I attended a workshop led by a well-known medium.  She divided us into 10 groups; seven people in each group were blindfolded and instructed to read for each other.  No one was allowed to speak, other than the person doing the reading.

Instantly, a woman in our group protested: “I can’t do this!  You see, I am so psychic, I will end up reading for everyone in our circle at once!  If I am supposed to be reading you,” she said (pointing to me), “I may end up reading for you!” (pointing to the woman sitting next to me).

What she is describing is known as displacement, and it occurs frequently, especially to those to who are just beginning the intuitive path.

For more, click here:  Six Tips to Help You Avoid Psychic Displacement

We were very honored to teach at the Eileen J. Garrett library of the Parapsychology Foundation in Greenport, NY. It was a fascinating location!  Over 16,000 volumes, dealing with every aspect of parapsychology and the subconscious mind. Some of the books there dated back several centuries.  The students were equally amazing! What a group of intelligent and fun students!

Returning from our New York teaching adventure, we found ourselves stuck in Dallas for two days due to tornadoes!  Luckily for us, my son and his wife took us in and even loaned us clothing, as our luggage was who-knows-where.  As fate would have it, our daughter (who also lives in the area with her husband and family) gave birth to our 20th grandson, Samual Cole, while we were there!  What a treat!

Do You Need Any Special Skills to Learn CRV?

After teaching hundreds of students, I’ve come to the conclusion that learning to read and write is the only essential skill that a controlled remote viewer must have.  Other than that, anyone can learn it.

A few of my students who have experienced a closed-head injury in the past find that the written structure can be challenging to remember, as they have trouble with memory in general.

However, I have created templates for my students so that those who have difficulty in remembering the structure can simply fill out the template as the perceptions come in to their minds.  This has become a very successful strategy.

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Do You Need Any Special Skills to Learn CRV?

The Zen of Remote Viewing

Every intuitive person experiences frustration at finding that "sweet spot" while viewing. Why can't we just be right all of the time?
This article explores the pathway to peace with yourself and your subconscious mind, leading to happier viewing and greater accuracy.  Read it here:
The Zen of Remote Viewing

The Dark Night of the Soul

You've been a remote viewer for several years… or perhaps only months.  But you've really been working hard at it, sacrificing time at the office or with family, to practice.  Up until now, your enthusiasm and fascination with remote viewing seemed boundless.

Then suddenly, you hit a wall.  It now feels pointless.  "What was this, an expensive hobby?  Am I just going to throw it all away?" you wonder.  The very thought of doing another session throws you into a tailspin.  Believe it or not, this pivotal moment is when you finally start to "get it."  Although your emotions tell you, "You're done, this is it, no more!" -- the fact is that by studying remote viewing, you have opened a door to the subconscious mind.

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