After teaching hundreds of students, I’ve come to the conclusion that learning to read and write is the only essential skill that a controlled remote viewer must have.  Other than that, anyone can learn it.  A few of my students who have experienced a closed-head injury in the past find that the written structure can be challenging to remember, as they have trouble with memory in general.  However, I have created templates for my students so that those who have difficulty in remembering the structure can simply fill out the template as the perceptions come in to their minds.  This has become a very successful strategy.  With practice, every part of the Controlled Remote Viewing protocol becomes second nature.  

I have one student who is an amazing sketch artist, but has difficulty describing the target verbally.  Another student cannot draw to save his life, but uses adjectives well and describes the target vividly and in great detail.  Everyone’s talents are needed, and anyone can learn to remote view.

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