Do you ever have unique moments from your distant past come to mind?

The other day, a random moment from my childhood bubbled up in vivid detail.

A Close Brush with Death

It was June of 1971. I was about to turn 14 years old. Some neighborhood teens invited my older sister and I to go swimming with them in the Smoky Mountains near our new home in Tennessee.

The mountains were gorgeous, and the river looked so inviting. We horsed around, laughing and splashing.

Then, I decided to float on my back. I heard sounds -- people shouting -- but my ears were under water, and I ignored them, assuming they were just the sounds of teenagers playing.

Suddenly, I found myself being violently tossed around in the water.

Rapids! I had floated into rapids!

Totally inexperienced with swimming in rivers, I had never seen rapids, much less swam in them.

Unbeknownst to me, eleven people died in those rapids only months earlier.

Huge, frightening boulders surrounded me, threatening me with their unyielding mass.

Then -- a quiet, calm inner voice spoke to me.

“Just relax. Let the river carry you. You’ll be alright.”

So, I did. I relaxed and allowed the current to move me between the rocks.

Eventually, the rapids subsided, and I floated into still water.

To my surprise, along both banks of the river, big crowds had formed -- everyone visiting the river that day had gathered, waiting to see my limp body come out on the other end.

But I wasn’t limp. I was alive, and unharmed. I swam to shore and climbed out to a big hubbub of unwanted attention.

Uncanny Timing

The timing of this vivid flashback was uncanny.

Here I am, 48 years later, putting sacred knowledge - how to Remote View - out on the Internet for the masses to experience, in the form of my practical Controlled Remote Viewing courses.

And for me, this experience is very much like going through those rapids. It is new, unchartered territory.

The Rapids of Your Life…

Life is like that for all of us at various times, isn’t it?

We enter into the stream of life, and sometimes we hit the rapids. They can be violent, rough, and full of obstacles. Danger abounds!

And then that familiar still small voice speaks:

“Just relax. Allow the current to carry you. You’ll be alright.”

Can You Trust?

Can you do that now? Can you trust that there is Someone behind the wheel of this great big Universe, steering things through the rapids?

I find great comfort in waking up every day and just turning my day over to a Higher Power. While I try not to define what that means -- as in “God” or “Source” or “Universe” or “Christ” --
I do feel loved and protected and guided.

A Force of Nature…

Years ago, I had a revelation. Jesus said, “God is Love.” Though I hadn’t given that much thought previously, it suddenly had deep meaning. Love, I realized, isn’t just an emotion. Love is a very powerful Force -- like gravity.

Soon after having this private revelation, I began reading this very thought, in my exact words, everywhere. It showed up in books, in talks with major thought readings, and in guided meditations.

There is No Size?

Similarly, I was out on a walk a few days ago, just bubbling over with gratitude. So many miracles of healing have taken place in my life in the past year. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that these miracles were engineered by the Universe to instigate healing within me -- in order to remove those obstructions to allow me to do the things I am destined to accomplish for the higher good.

“But,” I wondered, “How can this massive Universe, or God, be aware of me and my needs?” After all, I am less than a speck on a tiny blue ball, in the midst of a massive swarm of stars! Then I heard it -- that still, small voice again: “Just as there is no Time, there is no size.”

What? There is no SIZE??? What does that mean?

Love and Consciousness are Bound Together

Consciousness is everywhere. We are all connected within it, all One. It is bound together -- WE are bound together -- by the Force known as Love.

Last night, in a Zoom meeting with my most advanced students, I shared this revelation. “How interesting,” said one student, “Dr. Eben Alexander spoke at my church last night, and he said exactly what you just shared, word for word.”

We live in a holographic universe, where thoughts and ideas pour in to those who are attuned to that frequency.

For example, did you know that several inventors invented the telephone at the same time, all over the world? Alexander Graham Bell just made it to the patent office first.

Just Breathe…

My friend, when you feel drained and exhausted from fighting the rapids of life, go sit and breathe for a bit. Just breathe. Think of all the things for which you are truly grateful. Then relax, take a nap, and know that you are loved by the Universe. I love you, too.

Big hugs,

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