Wow, it feels so good to be writing you again!

Each day when I wake up and find that Jim and I are still healthy, the sun is shining, and I have the energy to get up and do something on this planet of ours, I feel filled with gratitude.


Jim holding a puppy
Jim is loving on the new puppy, Patchy O’Hoolihan.


Gratitude is a very healing emotion. We are all boosting our immune systems nowadays. Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberries, chicken soup … all good. Don’t forget laughter, joy and gratitude. They are also terrific immune-system builders!

The Latest from our Off-Grid Lair…

At our place, Jim is preparing to build a greenhouse. I’ve been getting lots of plants ready to put in there as soon as it is built. I love having my own fresh herbs, flowers, edible greens and veggies!


Lettuce from Lori
Fresh lettuce is so yummy!


And we finally put an old Montgomery Ward wringer-washing machine to use to do our laundry at home! Sun-powered, we wash, wring, rinse, wring, and hang on the line to dry -- once a week.


Wash Clothes
Yup, this is how we wash our clothes out here in the boonies…


Crazy Mom…

Our choice to move ‘way up into the mountains in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico, generating our own electricity (thank you, Sun!), growing food and collecting rainwater, doesn’t seem quite as crazy. (To my kids: See, kids? Maybe Mom isn’t as nutty as you thought!)

Your Emotions and Remote Viewing

Everyone reacts to stress in a different way. It is easy to fall prey to sadness, terror and depression.

Here is something to ponder: You were drawn to remote viewing and to my mailing list for a reason.

Think back to when you first learned about RV, or when you first realized that there is something…MORE.

Do you remember how you felt?

What was your primary emotion?

Excitement? Fear? Determination? Happiness? Or maybe you were filled with wonder, or skepticism or amazement?

Why am I asking you to think back to that moment or those moments in your life?

Because we have to regain that.

We are Here for a Reason…

THIS TIME, right now -- this moment -- is why we are here. What we are all experiencing as a species is why you are one of the incredibly FEW people on earth who is curious and learning about Remote Viewing.

Please -- regardless of what you are going through right now -- don’t throw that away.

Now, more than ever, we need to be present.

We Need to Shine.


My son is a Nurse Practitioner at a major hospital emergency room,
taking care of COVID-19 patients on the front lines.


What does it mean to “shine”? It means that we set aside our own problems long enough to reach out and do something for someone else.

You may not feel very shiny, and I get that. You may feel upset, or weighed down with loneliness, hopelessness, depression, worry, fear, terror, or… you may not even know what the heck you are feeling.

You are Normal!

All of that is normal. It is normal to have fitful sleep, changes in appetite, crying for “no reason” - etc. All of that is totally to be expected under the circumstances. Things are scary and uncertain. In these times, you may even feel grief for all that has changed.

That is why I want you to look back and remember what you felt when you first started your journey into spiritual awareness and remote viewing.

You may have Questions.

I get it -- You may say, “But Lori, I am… floundering. I’m not doing so hot. How long is this gonna LAST? When will this be OVER???”

You may have even wondered, “Why is this happening?

I could pontificate on the why’s of the Corona Virus, self-isolation, social distancing. Every cloud has a silver lining, and this one does, too. Yup, there is a lot of bad stuff happening… But there will be some good to come of all this, mark my words. People are doing extraordinary things to help others! Goodness is seeping out of the woodwork!

I Have My Days, Too!

As your mentor, I have been absent a lot in the past couple of months -- with good reason, of course, but still -- not as present for you as I would have liked, and not there as much you may have needed.

The recent death in the family and my mother’s current situation as she prepares to “shed this mortal coil” have kept me away for a while.

Scary Movie, Anyone?

You know that point in every scary movie when the hero or heroine -- who must save the day -- gets a slap from someone, who tells him/her to “snap out of it!” so he/she will stop crying hysterically and start thinking outside of his/her own head?

That is where we are at right now.

It is easy to get wrapped around your own axle. You can become so tied up and mixed up that you begin to feel paralysis setting in. Let’s face it:

Fear is Paralyzing!

But one thing we don’t need right now is to become paralyzed.

The world needs you.

Your Destiny Awaits.

And the good news is, you don’t even have to leave your house! You can be a huge help to others, from the comfort of your living room -- in your pajamas, if you want!

These are just My 10 Top Suggestions:

  1. Don’t give up. Keep fighting.
  2. Hang in there!
  3. Listen to some inspiring meditations.
  4. Read anything that encourages, inspires, motivates.
  5. Avoid watching the news too much! 5 minutes, twice a day, at most.
  6. Get outside! Even if it is on your balcony! If you can go for a safe walk in nature, be sure to do that. It is so essential not to be stuck in the dark, indoors, with no sunshine. You need fresh air and exercise.
  7. Dance to your favorite music! That will really lift your spirits!
  8. Reach out to others to give them some inspiration or to get some inspiration. We are all in this together, so don’t hesitate to call a friend, relative, loved one, or me!
  9. Try doing something wonderful or challenging that you have never done before. Sewing or de-cluttering or dog training or learning the Samba….
  10. Practice remote viewing! Regardless of your level of training, you can test your psychic ability. You’ll find plenty of free targets on my website here: or on Lyn’s website here:


Molly waits in the shade of a tree so we can continue our nature walk.


Be Kind to YOU!

Most importantly, have some self-compassion. You are doing the best you can in the current situation, so give yourself kudos for that.

Thanks for reading all of this! If you made it this far, wow, you’re amazing!

I’ll be writing again soon. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy! As always, I love love love hearing from you!

Much love,


Lori Williams Signature

PS -- I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be re-releasing the Free Introduction to Practical Remote Viewing Masterclass again on April 21 - 24 with all-new LIVE Q&A’s after each one. The last day, April 24, the whole thing will be live as I lead attendees through a full Phase 1-3 remote viewing session! I really enjoy getting to meet people, even online, and I would so love to see you there!

PPSS - I am a couple of weeks behind on sending out Your PRV Moment weekly videos. Please forgive me. To make it up to you, I will be recording several, and we will make sure that you have access to the missed weeks, all at once. That way, you can binge watch and catch up. Thanks for your patience!

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