Controlled Remote Viewing

Are you facing changes?

It’s me again! I am late writing to you. Yes, I must confess -- we’ve had some challenges!

When we visited the kids in Amarillo for Mother’s Day, we found out that my son-in-law had been admitted into the hospital. After a lot of testing, it turns out he has a rare form of leukemia.

The news hit us like a ton of bricks! He and my daughter have three small children, so this is especially daunting.

Now, I know this is horrible, and I sure don’t want to bring you down. As my friend, you deserve my utmost in honesty and transparency. I want you to see that, like you, Jim and I face some scary things from time to time.

Does it seem to you that challenges and obstacles show up in groups? I once heard that things come in groups of three.

Yet, in spite of these hurdles, Jim and I feel encouraged. We know that life tends to throw us curve balls, and many of our closest friends are also facing grievous problems in their lives right now. Each challenge presents an opportunity for change. And change can be scary!.

How do you handle change in your life?

Well, I guess it depends on what the change is, of course. But I know people who run from change, no matter what, while others embrace it easily. Which type of person are you?

Why do certain challenges and changes seem so hard?

Well, because we fear the unknown. It is hard to just sit and wait in the dark, isn’t it? Every living, sentient being -- even the smallest bug -- feels fear. And fear is so darned uncomfortable!

But fear and illness and changes are a part of being alive. We have no choice but to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

What I am learning through our most recent confrontations with illness is that we can still have joy in spite of it all. Jim and I are celebrating our 15 th anniversary today! With all that is going on, we almost forgot it!

Long ago, Lyn Buchanan taught me a very effective technique for setting anything aside when life presents an overwhelming distraction. Would you like to learn it? It will help you when the toughest issues present themselves. You can read about it here:

Yesterday, we left the house around noon to go to the eye doctor -- when that appointment was suddenly changed. Then it dawned on us that our anniversary was today! So we threw all our plans to the wind, and drove to Santa Fe, where we ate delicious food and went sightseeing! The day couldn’t have been more wonderful if we had planned it in advance.

Our goal is to stay joyful each day, and to keep our minds in the present moment.

We continue to plan out the progressive journey that we want to offer those of you who want to study Controlled Remote Viewing. Thank you for offering some terrific advice to us as we create what we hope will be the most valuable membership club you have ever joined! We are so excited about it, nothing can dampen our mood!

It warms our hearts to hear from you and to know that you are there, cheering us on!

I'll keep you posted.

Big hug,

Lori Williams Signature

PS -- I’ll be offering a fun, interactive Associative Remote Viewing presentation next month in Las Vegas at APPfest!   I’d love to see you there!


Also -- If you feel ready to take Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Training and haven’t already done so, you can join me online or in person in July!  Here is a link to read more about that:

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