Embrace Uncertainty

Life is what it is. Even as remote viewers, we cannot anticipate every single thing that is going to happen from day to day. If we could, we wouldn’t be remote viewers; we would be God. And we are not God. We are not omniscient -- we are human!

Life IS uncertainty. Think about that weird feeling you might get if you were hanging from a ledge in the dark: Your legs are dangling above the ground and you aren’t sure if -- when you let go -- you’ll drop 2 feet or 200 feet!

Sometimes, every day feels like that, doesn’t it?

And yet, ‘wherever you go, there you are’ …. And because I love you and think of you often, I just want to share some ideas with you here.

How Do You Start Your Day?

Each morning, I like to have bit of quiet time alone. My day often goes better when I start the day reading something to lift me out of that tiny ‘hamster wheel’ of thought.

Do you ever find yourself stuck on that hamster wheel? You know what I mean. Locked into a cycle of thinking that makes you feel trapped or scared or bored or whatever….

Everyone experiences this, but it is the way you deal with it that makes all the difference between misery and happiness.

Fear of Change

So, this morning as I thought of you, I opened the book I am reading right now, called Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. As it often happens, today’s reading was exactly what I needed to hear. This is the part that affected me most:

I know that whenever the fear of change takes hold of me, it means I have created an attachment to something outside myself. In change, the world I know can disappear, forcing me to go into the uncomfortable darkness of not knowing.

But change is inevitable, and it arises time and time again throughout our lives; a relationship ends, we lose a job, leave a home, get a new wrinkle, a graying hair, or experience the death of a loved one.

If you look at all the things and ideas you have become attached to, you will find that your identity is entwined in these attachments. Fear comes when these attachments are threatened in some way, because you have interpreted these attachments as being an inherent part of yourself, when they are actually arbitrary and ephemeral.


With awareness, notice how every time you cling to an object or an idea, you are in essence defending your definition of self. Release this attachment by remembering you are far greater than any object or idea you ever encounter. Let it go with ease and grace.

The Uncomfortable Darkness of Not Knowing

When I read that passage, the uncomfortable darkness of not knowing really jumped out at me.

Every time we remote viewers start working on a new session, we step into that uncomfortable darkness of not knowing -- and it sure does feel pretty darned uncomfortable!!

A lot of new viewers feel like quitting when they first feel that uncomfortable feeling. No one enjoys feeling uncomfortable!

It is moving past that uncomfortable feeling that brings you to the heart of the target. When you let go of the need to feel secure, the need to be right, the need to succeed -- you begin discovering yourself.

Let It Go?

So how do we ‘let it go with ease and grace’? Easier said than done, right? All of us are like babies in that we can’t rush certain parts of our development.

Have you ever tried to get a baby to hurry up and start talking or walking? Babies are on their own schedule. You just can’t make it happen before it is ready!

Our subconscious minds are the same way: We can’t rush our own development! There are things I think and feel now that I could not have even imagined thinking or feeling twenty years ago!

Yet… we can make choices. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to embrace each day with enthusiasm and joy. We can choose to walk into that ‘uncomfortable darkness of not knowing’ even when we feel afraid.

This applies to both remote viewing and to life, itself.

Thought for the Day

Be patient. Be brave. Tell yourself ‘I am fearless’ and step into the Unknown, honoring the fact that you are terrified, but you choose to move forward anyway.

I believe in you. And you know what? I believe in me, too! We are in this together!

So, hang in there, and know that I love you and I am thinking of you. And may you be blessed with love for yourself today -- love that flows out of you and spills on to everyone you come in contact with today.

Until next time…

Big hug,


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