Viewing Amid Distractions

Almost every aspect of daily living is distracting...

Actually, viewing amid distractions can be beneficial, because you learn to set them aside. The distractions also keep your conscious mind occupied, which allows your subconscious to get its information unhindered.

When I was just starting out in my practice as a new remote viewer, my 11-year-old son injured his hand. We were in the hospital waiting room, which was open to the nurses’ desk. There were constant calls on the loudspeaker (“Dr. So and So, come to the nurses’ station…”), there were children playing with noisy toys, the surgeon was pregnant and it was her due date, and I was worrying about anesthesia, etc.….

My husband suggested that I try a practice session. So I did. And I nailed the target! During that time in my life, my household was full of children (13, to be exact) and dogs and adults. Every time I started a practice session, I was interrupted several times.

It would take me a week to finish one simple practice session! Yet, I grew and learned and became a professional remote viewer. So don’t allow distractions to hold you back. Learn to practice in a variety of situations. You’ll be much more versatile for it.

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