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I’ve never managed Time very well.  In fact, my “joke” is that I am never on time, but at least I am consistent!  In the very first remote viewing course I took, I realized that Time is not linear, as I had always thought of it — and that thought captivated me.  I've been fascinated with Time ever since.

Dying to be Me

Recently, I read a book called “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.


Anita tells her story of dying from Hodgkins Lymphoma, her Near Death Experience and subsequent healing. The book is really fascinating, and several parts of it have spoken to me about Controlled Remote Viewing and our need for certainty, for example.  (More about that in an upcoming blog!)

Meanwhile, there is a section of the book that talks about the author’s NDE experience with Time.  I’d like to share that here, because I believe it speaks to the question of being able to move forwards, backwards and sideways through Time.

(Starting on Page 66)

“Time felt different in that realm, too, and I felt all moments at once.  I was aware of everything that pertained to me — past, present, and future — simultaneously.  I became conscious of what seemed to be simultaneous lives playing out.  I seemed to have a younger brother in one incarnation, and I was protective of him.  But I knew that this sibling’s essence was the same as (my current older sibling) Anoop’s, only in that existence, he was younger instead of older than I was.  This life I was now perceiving with Anoop seemed to take place in an underdeveloped rural setting, in a time and location I couldn’t identify.  We were living in a sparsely furnished mud hut, and I looked after Anoop while our parents went out to work in the fields.
“As I was experiencing the sensations associated with being a protective older sister, ensuring that there was enough for us to eat and we were safe from any undesirable external elements, it didn’t feel like a PAST life.  Even though the scene appeared historical, in that realm, it still felt as though it were happening here and now.
“In other words, time didn’t run linearly the way we experience it here.  It’s as though our earthly minds convert what happens around us into a sequence; but in actuality, when we’re not expressing through our bodies, everything occurs simultaneously, whether past, present or future.
“Although being able to perceive all points of time simultaneously lent to the atmosphere of clarity in that realm, recalling it and writing about it creates confusion.  The sequence isn’t obvious when there’s no linear time, making the retelling sound clumsy.
“It seems as though our five senses limit us to focus only on one point in time at any given moment, and we string these together to create an illusion of linear reality. Our physicality also limits our perception of the space around us, confining us to only what our eyes and ears can see and hear or to what we can touch, smell, or taste.  However, without the limitations of my body, I took in all points of time and space as they pertained to me, all at once.” (End of quote)

The entire book is very uplifting and fascinating, and as I mentioned above, many parts of it relate to our experience as remote viewers, although the book in no way discusses remote viewing.  As an instructor, I am always looking for ways to help my students better relate and assimilate CRV experiences, so I find nuggets in just about everything I read!

An Analogy of Time

IMG_3046 (1)

Imagine Time as a sphere, and that you are standing in the center of the sphere in a round room with a row of windows placed horizontally on the walls surrounding you.  By simply shifting your attention from one window to another, you can stand in one place, turning slowing, and see all of Time.

To clarify, I am not saying that Time is circular or spherical.  I am simply providing an illustration of Time as occurring all at once.

Because Time is occurring all at once, we can “move” through Time depending on where we focus our attention.

Time as it Relates to Remote Viewing

Jim Williams, pondering one of the artifacts illustrating Time at the Galileo Museum in Florence, Italy

Jim Williams, pondering one of the artifacts illustrating Time at the Galileo Museum in Florence, Italy

Think about CRV:

As a controlled remote viewer, you can be all over the target, and how you describe the Target depends on where you focus your attention at the target.

Initially, we are “winking about the site” — gathering information that is just coming in all jumbled up -- bits and pieces of information from the entirety of the site, with no organization whatsoever.  Then, when we begin to get a feel for the site — the Aesthetic Impact occurs, and we come to understand that, for example, this tall thing is in front of me, this red thing is next to me, etc.

As we become part of the site, we can focus our attention wherever we want and describe that.  We are limitless, and can move 1,000 feet up in space or 1,000 years backwards or forwards in Time.  That is what makes CRV so very amazing!  As remote viewers, we can go anywhere in all of Time and Space — in THIS life – without having to die to get there.

We humans are limited by our experiences and our ability (or inability) to communicate those experiences with language.  I find that talking about Time — while thrilling -- is also frustrating, because it is difficult to explain.  How DO we explain something as abstract as “moving sideways through Time”?

Physically, as we move through Space, we are also moving through Time.  So if I go to a restaurant, and at the same time, you go to a movie theater — we are moving through Space and Time in different directions.  In other words, I am moving through Space and Time in one direction, and you are moving through Space and Time in another direction.  That is easy enough to understand.

But to me, moving sideways through time is much deeper than that.  The ability we have as Souls to expand in Time and Space is something that has to be experienced on a soul level — usually through an Out of Body Experience (OBE) or a Near Death Experience (NDE).  In addition to OBE’s, I feel as though the learned skills of Controlled Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing have also allowed me to experience things I have no words for.

When it comes down to it, though, most of us base our beliefs about these more esoteric subjects on our personal experiences or the experiences of those we respect.  You all have the opportunity to experience Time in ways you never imagined, should you choose to remote view.   If you are already a remote viewer: Dive in!  Really explore! Let your curiosity guide you. Most of all, remember that you are far more than your body. You are limitless.

Are you ready to awaken and harness your ability to access information and solutions? 

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