Here are some helpful viewing hints that Lyn B. taught me many many moons ago.

Killing the SCWERL:

First, when you feel that a Stray Cat is taking over and ruining your session, this is a technique that can save the day!  (When a Stray Cat gets out of control is when it becomes a “SCWERL” — Stray Cat Wrecking Everything, Running Loose!)

Put the entire castle you have built into a box and label it with a noun or a group of nouns.  Then write the name of your Stray Cat or AOL or Castle across the page. For example, let’s say that you have an idea that the target is a sinking ship. You would write in big letters across the page, “The target is a sinking ship!” Then you start viewing the ship (or whatever it is that you think the target is. Sinking ship is just an example.) Start describing it in detail for however many pages you need…. until a description/perception comes in that doesn’t fit…  Then write, “The target is NOT a sinking ship!” or “The Target is NOT a…(whatever)”  Then get back to viewing.  This is a technique taken from the “White Crow Principle” – All it takes is one white crow to prove that not all crows are black!

MOVE COMMANDS for when you are working without a monitor:

Let’s say you are viewing a planet far far away.  You could give yourself a move command to “Move 1000 miles back and describe” — and it would be appropriate, right?  But if your target is a molecule, and you gave yourself that command, it would take you ‘way off target!  So here are some good move commands for when you are viewing alone and you have no idea what the size of your target is:

“Move back an appropriate distance and describe.”
“Move up an appropriate distance and describe.”
“Move forward an appropriate distance and describe.”
“Move back an appropriate amount of time and describe.”  


While in session, try to notice as soon as you can whether you are indoors or outdoors.  This can lead to an aesthetic impact, and can be very helpful to the overall session.


What if you had a magical transporter that could take you anywhere in the world?  Or even out of this world?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  And when you got to this mysterious new place, would you just go, “Ho hum… Boring.  Nothing to explore here…”  Of course not!  You would want to dig into every nook and cranny!  You are invisible!  Go for it! Check out anything and everything you can.  CRV is the magical transporter.  You can go anywhere with it.  You are undetectable.  Curiosity is the difference between a decent viewer and a world-class viewer.  

These hints helped me long ago, and I hope they are as helpful to you as they have been to me!  Many thanks to my mentor, Lyn Buchanan, for his wonderful advice all these years.

Enjoy your viewing!

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