Controlled Remote Viewing

California 2017

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Monitoring:  A Guide for Remote Viewing and Professional Intuitive Teams

In Person CRV Courses?
California, Here We Come!

So many of you have written asking us to PLEASE teach a face-to-face course again!  All of our courses in the past 4 months have been online only.  We miss seeing you all face-to-face, too!  If you haven't yet taken Basic CRV, this will be a wonderful experience for you!  If you have taken Basic and want to move on to Intermediate and Advanced, you can now move your Intuitive Development to a whole new level by taking BOTH courses on two consecutive weekends!  

Left to Right: Cristina, Jim, Lori and Lance, waiting to welcome you with open arms!

Meet Eileen!

Eileen Fitzpatrick, Intuitive Specialists' new Executive Assistant!

Meet Eileen Fitzpatrick, our new Executive Assistant!

My truly terrific assistant, Moselle and her wonderful husband, Carlos, are planning some very exciting new life changes in the very near future. Sadly for me, Moselle won’t be able to continue as my Executive Assistant, but she is still attending the Mentoring Club meetings and staying involved with CRV.

I am happy to announce that Eileen Fitzpatrick is my new Executive Assitant. Eileen has been studying CRV for many years now, and has taken just about every course I have to offer! A diligent student and wonderful friend, Eileen volunteered to step in just when I needed her most!

She has already proven indispensable!

Interested in more classes?  Check out our calendar here!

We were blessed to spend an afternoon with Lyn Buchanan and his
lovely wife, Linda just the other day.  Lyn is doing wonderfully, and will
be the guest host for the four Mentoring Clubs taking place in October!
If you are a CRV student and haven't joined the Mentoring Club, there's
still time!  Details here